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Price Pages 2012 - Project Sales Corp (mailto


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Price Pages 2012 - Project Sales Corp (mailto

  1. 1.    Pric ages ce Pa 2 2 2012  Pr ct Sal Corpo rojec les C oratio on Y Your on ne-stop sourc for all Spe p ce a ecialty Turbin ne Mainntenance Consuma ables sales@proojectsale escorp.c com wwww.proje ectsales om www w.turbinemro.blogspot.ccom 
  2. 2. Project Sales Corp - Introdu t uction We are Importer Markete and In dia Distrib e rs, ers butors for a host of h high performanceGasket ting brand like Marston, Biirkosit, Arexons, Qu ds uikSteel, e etc and regional rdistribu utors for llubrication brand M Molykote used in po ower statio ons, turbin and necompre essor manufacturers and count among ou custome t ur ers:Origina equipme manuf al ent facturers llike Bhara Heavy Electricals Limited, Triveni at sTurbinees, Ebara Siemens Maneja MAN Turbo, Maruti Udyog Alstom GKN a, a, T g, m,Drivelin Renk B ne, Bearings, Kirloskar, B K Bombardier, Dresser Rand, GE Oil and Gas, etc E GPower stations in anco, Tata Power, Torrent, Surat Lignite NTPCs, NPCIL, ncluding La a T e,APGENNCO, OPG Essar Power, JS GC, SW, Tata Steel Captiv Nalco C S ve, CPP, GVK GMR, K,SEPCO etc. O,With one of the m most exhaustive rang of spec ge cialty produ ucts used in power stations sand by service pr y roviders, we are a on w ne-stop sou urce for maaintenance consuma e ables.  All logos and t  trademarks are registe ered trademarks of th heir respective owners   
  3. 3. MRO Product Range A. Turbine Sealing Compounds a. Birkosit Dichtungskitt Flange Sealants b. Marston Oil Joint Sealants c. LACO Thread Sealants d. Dow Corning Duct and Seam Sealants B. Specialty Products a. Prussian Blue b. Peak Polish c. QuikSteel Epoxy d. Damaged Thread Repairs e. Project Sales Leak Sealing Kit f. NDT Products C. Anti-seize Compounds a. Molykote Metal free ultra-pure pastes b. Molykote Uniform torque-tension thread pastes c. General Purpose anti-seize pastes D. Maintenance Lubricants/ Sprays a. Multi-functional sprays b. Adhesive Sprays c. Cleaners and Degreasers d. Lubricating greases in Aerosols e. Valve and ‘O’ ring lubrication f. Wire Rope Lubrication g. Conductive Lubricants E. Other Power Plant Maintenance Products a. Insulation Coatings for switchyard equipments b. Reliability improvement products   
  4. 4. • Gasketing Compounds s  • Jointing Co ompounds • Flange Seaalants    • Thread Seaalants    • Pipe Sealants  • Form-in-pla RTVs  ace   • ange Sealing Turbine Fla Compound ds    Aresons Motorsil D QUIKSTEEL E EPOXY STICK   (High Temp. O Resistant Se Oil ealant) An easy to use high temperat e ture epoxy A Nuovo Pigno Recommended Product one stick sealant fo online sealing of leaks in for When you have a gasketing ap e pplication that petrol, diesel, solvents, alkalis tanks and s   requires (a) thic ckness (b) oil re esistance (c) hig gh transformers. Cures in 60 min nutes and has temperature res sistance, you chhoose Arexons a temperature resistance of 260 deg C, e 2 Motorsil D. 60 ggms tube from Arexons SpA, A shear strength of 740 psi, Tensile strength h   Italy. of 6200 psi an shore hardne of D-87. nd ess 113.6 grams s stick, Rs.399 Eaa   Birkos Dichtungskitt sit Marston Red High Temp R perature Gaske & et   (Temp Resistance 90 deg C and p 00 Jointing Compound fro Marston Domsel C om pressu resistance 250 bar, ure Develo oped in co-ope eration with Sie emens)   For an sealing applic ny cation in turbine compressors es, s, engine generators, expanders, flan ges, etc where es, e the higghest temperatu and pressu resistance is ure ure s   require Approved by BHEL, Siemen Triveni, MAN ed. y ns, N Turbo, Ebara and most OEs, Birkosit gives a service , t e   life of 10 years, has a shelf life of 5 yeears, contains linseed oil for better sealing propertie and is d es, A unique non-hardening gasketing comp pound for availab in imported 1 kg packs from Germany. ble m sealing metal-to-metal jo m oints in the prese ence of oils.   Used for pedestal bearin p ngs flanges in tuurbines, gear box casings, pumps, mottors, and variou finely us R Refractory Boile Putty FROSCHMARKE er machined flange sealing applications. Rs.199 Ea d R   F Froschmarke reffractory boiler pu is a potassiium water glass utty s- based sealing pu utty. Froschmarke refractory bo oiler putty is Non-toxic non-drying c, guaranteed to be resistant to op flames and t e pen temperatures of up formula will not harden w   to above +1000 °C. Has good adhesion, is non -shrinking, o or crack in the pipe joint. co ompletely seals off smoke and gas. For boilers furnaces and s s, Provides easy st toves. disassemmbly and break   out. Seals to high s Laco Pipe Thread Se ealant, Pipetite e pressures 10,000 PSI s: Use on metal threads for sealing stea water, s am,   air, na atural gas, LPG. 1-1/4 oz stick. Temp for Liquids, 3,000 PSI forr Gases. Sealing resista ance 177 deg, Pressure 136 ba for liquids, P ar temperatu range: -50˚ ure 24 bar for gas. Plasto r o-joint for Plastic fittings c Slic-tite® Paste with PT ® TFE   to 500˚F (-46˚C to ( 260˚C). Recommended R Marston High Temperat ture RTV Seala ant Services: water, natural   Hylosil RT Silicone Sea TV alant from Germmany, 80 ml gas, LP gases, steam, g tubes for f form-in-place ga asketing at high temperatures h air, gasoline, kerosene, upto 300 d C. deg Refrigerants, ammonia,   caustics, and acids. ¼ Hylo/MD Su urface Cleaner Spray pint and ½ pint packs. A  surface cle eaner spray from Marston Dom m msel to be used prior to all 236 ml Rs.750 Ea sealing and bonding applica ation to clean su urfaces for bette bonding. er Helps improv adhesion wh sealing materials applied to clean ve hen o   surfaces. Ve fast evapora ery ating, cleaner/deegreaser remove dust, dirt, es PTFE C Cord 3/32” x 500’ oil, grease, e from components. Available in 400 ml spra 125 ml etc e ay, PTFE c cord used as pa acking for valves, bottles. Impoorted from Marsston-Domsel Ge ermany. Rs.250 Ea pumps flanges as a gasket material. s, g   Resista to all chemic ant cals, solvents,Also av vailable from Pr roject Sales Cor a complete range of anaero rp, r obic fuels a acids, and te and emperatureadhesiives and sealan weather-sea   clean-room sealant, P Jointing Coire retardant expfoam sealants, s nts, aling sealants, fi Pipe ompounds, 3M/M panding Marston resista to 260 deg C, this non- flamma ant C rdous PTFE cord able, non-hazarDomse Polyurethane sealants, MS P el Polymer Sealant Thread Past ts, tes, ASV replace all other seal es lants and tape oonAeroso etc that mak us a one-sto source for all your sealing n ols,   kes op needs. threads Imported from LACO, USA. s.Explor your options w us ! re with Rs.125 Ea 50     Marke eted by Project Sales Corp, Visakhap t C patnam. Em us at sales mail s@projectsalescorp.ccom TM © All brands, images a registered tradem and marks are the property of their respective owners. Users are requested to check th suitability of the pr r he roduct to their application. For further det tails, please   feel free to write to us at satish@projectsales or log onto www.projectsalesco o or respectiv brand web site site ve es.
  5. 5.   All lead ding turbine makers in India and E e Europe rely on Birkosit® Sealing C ® Compound to make tthe equ uipment mo reliable. Developed in close co ore o-operations with Sieme s ens, this is the only tsealing compound worldwide, since 1952 develope specifically for steam and gas tu g d 2, ed m urbines. Unique Ad dvantages of Birkosit t Temp R Resistance 90 00C I Press sure Resista nce 250 bar I Service Life of 10 yea L ars I Storag Life 5 ge years I Better Ga Filling Prop ap perties I Eas Spreadability I Safe, Non-flammab sy ble I No sulphur or halogens th can caus corrosion hat se  
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  16. 16. Price Schedule:Sealing Compounds: 1. Birkosit Dichtungskitt in 1 kg packs – Rs.4250 per KG 2. Marston Universal Jointing Compound 80 ml – Rs.200 per tube 3. Laco Products: 011175 PIPETITE STIK REGULAR Rs.100 Ea 013675 PLASTOJOINT STIK Rs.200 Ea 041209 SLICTITE PASTE 1/4 Pint – Rs.450 Ea 042019 SLICTITE PASTE 1/2 PT BRUSH IN CAP – Rs.750 Ea 044071 TAPE PIPE THREAD 1/2" X 260" – Rs.20 Ea 045090 CORD 3/32" X 50 CARDED – Rs.1500 Ea 11475 OYLTITE STICK 1lb – Rs.750 Ea 080220 B PAINTSTIK WHITE Rs.75 Ea 080221 B PAINTSTIK YELLOW Rs.100 Ea 4. QuikSteel Steel Reinforced Stick 113.6 grams – Rs.360 per stick 5. Arexons Motorsil D in 60 grams tube – Rs.475 per tubeAnti-seize Compounds and Assembly Pastes: 1. Molykote 1000 Anti-seize Paste 1 Kg packs – Rs.1330 per KG 2. Molykote P37 Ultra-pure Anti-seize 500 grams packs – Rs.2950 per pack 3. Molykote 111 O ring Compound in 1 kg packs – Rs.1550 per KG 4. Molykote GN+ Assembly Paste in 1 kg packs – Rs.1540 per KG 5. Molykote Z Powder in 1 kg packs – Rs.4300 per KG Prices are excluding taxes. CST 2% against form C will be charged for deliveries outside Andhra Pradesh and 14.5% VAT for deliveries within Andhra Pradesh. Payments within 30 days All deliveries will be FOR Destination – to your site locations as advised. Freight to our account All items are normally in stock, subject to prior sales.           
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