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Molykote New Wind Power Brochure - Project Sales Corp

  1. 1. Lubrication and Sealing Solutions for the Wind Power Industry
  2. 2. Looking for ideas to reach superior reliability, high performance, greater uptime and reduced costof ownership? As wind power expands into challenging offshore environments and beyond,addressing these goals becomes even more critical. And that’s why wind turbine OEMs andoperators worldwide work with Dow Corning. As a leader and innovator in lubricants and sealants,we deliver more than the proven technologies that help your turbines operate reliably, predictably,powerfully: You gain an experienced advisor who can help you take on your tough issues in Work with us to develop solutions for your important challenges in wind turbine design and operations: • Assembly costs and field performance • Equipment reliabilitywind turbine development—from design to ongoing operations and maintenance. The next • Worker safety and service continuity • Operational readiness • Maintenance costsfrontier of wind power is yours to explore. Count on us for the innovation and ideas to keep theturbines turning—wherever the opportunities take you.
  3. 3. with high-performance technologies for key components.In everything from rotors to gearboxes, brakes to bearings, Molykote® lubricants and Dow Corning®sealants are formulated to help improve reliability and performance. Drawing from our success inthe global solar energy, transportation and electronics industries, we can help you discover ways to 1achieve trouble-free, efficient operation under challenging conditions. 7 3 9 Lubricating and protecting threaded connections Preventing corrosion/aiding assembly 5 1. Anti-friction coatings for threaded connections 7. Dry-film lubrication for service parts 11 2. Lubricating/protecting threaded connections on pitch and yaw bearings, tower and YOur rEquIrEMEnTS 6 other parts • Dry-film lubrication for parts difficult to reach and for added service safetyYOur rEquIrEMEnTS DOW COrnIng POTEnTIAL SOLuTIOn• Consistent tightening torque and friction coefficients • Molykote® brand anti-friction coatings (AFCs)• High load-carrying capacity ADvAnTAgES• Anti-seizure and corrosion protection• Wide temperature range • Easy application, air drying • Strong adhesion 4 12DOW COrnIng POTEnTIAL SOLuTIOnS • Good combination of corrosion protection and lubrication• Molykote® brand thread pastes • Emergency lubrication for running in processes• Molykote® brand anti-friction coatings (AFCs)ADvAnTAgES Component bonding and sealing 2• During assembly, consistent friction coefficient enables precise conversion of tightening 10 torque into pretensioning force• Non-destructive dismantling of connections even after long use under high temperature 8. Bonding and sealing rotor blades• Equipment corrosion protection 9. Component bonding 10. Sealing and coating flanges, seams and bolted connections Preventing corrosion/aiding assembly 11. Heat- and oil-resistant gearbox seals 3. Blade bearings 12. Weather-tight sealing on nacelle housings 4. Yaw bearings 13. Sealing generator components YOur rEquIrEMEnTS 5. High-speed/low-speed gearbox bearingsYOur rEquIrEMEnTS • Resistance to UV radiation, ozone, salt, abrasion and weathering over a wide service temperature range• High load-carrying capacity • Low maintenance costs• Protection against wear, fretting corrosion, groove formation (Brinell effect) and moisture • Excellent adhesion to various substratesDOW COrnIng POTEnTIAL SOLuTIOn • Moisture protection• Molykote® brand bearing greases • Good insulation for corrosion-sensitive components • Resistant to hardening, cracking, becoming brittle, drying outADvAnTAgES DOW COrnIng POTEnTIAL SOLuTIOnS• Long-term lubrication of the bearing• Wear protection in mixed friction due to solid lubricants and EP additives • Dow Corning® brand silicone adhesives and Dow Corning® brand sealants in• Corrosion protection OEM-matched colors • Dow Corning® brand silicone reactive hot-melt 8 ADvAnTAgES Lubricating brakes • Excellent adhesion to most substrates • Hot-melt provides sufficient adhesion to low surface-energy substrates (PET, PE, PP, PTFE) 6. Brakes and shrink discs • Outstanding moisture and water protection • Low flammabilityYOur rEquIrEMEnTS • Good dielectric properties• Corrosion protection• Friction reduction• Noise reduction caused by stick slip• Wear protectionDOW COrnIng POTEnTIAL SOLuTIOn• Molykote® brand anti-friction coatings (AFCs) and pastesADvAnTAgES• Clean and dry AFCs provide excellent combination of corrosion protection and lubrication• Pastes suppress stick slip, prevent seizure and scoring, reduce fretting corrosion
  4. 4. to find answers with a global ally.Count on Molykote® high-performance lubricants from Dow Corning. They can help shield against Look to Dow Corning® brand Silicone Sealant Solutions for durable sealants that weather well.friction and wear, extend lubrication intervals and reduce maintenance and replacement costs in Longer lasting and more versatile than most organic polymer sealants, these pastes, coatings,applications that would defeat conventional oils and greases. Work with our specialists to identify the cure-in-place gasketing materials and reactive hot melt adhesives are self-bonding, require little orbest solution to meet your stringent performance and reliability needs: no surface preparation, and can be custom-formulated for special needs and colors. Several factors make them a natural choice for wind turbine applications: • Bearing greases improve bearing life and reliability under • Stability over a wide temperature range—When fully extreme pressures, harsh environments, low and high cured, our products can be used at temperatures ranging temperatures and at various speeds. Many Molykote® from -85° to 600°F (-65° to 315°C). bearing greases contain special additives and/or solid lubricants to provide wear protection and reduce fretting • Extreme condition resistance—High resistance to uv rays, corrosion and groove formation (Brinell effect) under radiation and weather prevents our products from hard- mixed-friction conditions. ening, cracking, crumbling, drying and becoming brittle. • Thread pastes with precise friction coefficients help to • Chemical stability—Our sealants do not readily degrade achieve prescribed clamping forces. High load-carrying even under long-term exposure to many chemicals and capacities, excellent corrosion protection and anti-seizure atmospheric pollutants. properties enable easy assembly and disassembly. • good bond strength—Our products provide excellent • Brake and brake disc anti-friction coatings (AFCs) adhesion to a wide variety of industrial materials, including and pastes protect against corrosion, reduce glass, ceramics, wood, masonry, painted surfaces and friction and wear, speed assembly times and avoid many metals and plastics. stick slip-generated noise. • Electrical properties—Designed for a variety of applications, • Threaded connection and shrink disc AFCs, pastes our products can be used in various electrical and electronic and anti-seize compounds reduce the friction between applications, including devices that are thermally cycled parts during assembly, achieve precise pretensioning over a wide temperature range. force and protect the parts from corrosion.For lubricating large-diameter For reducing friction and wear Molykote® specialty lubricants For bonding flaps and trim plates For sealing fiberglass nacelle seams, Dow Corning® sealants combinerolling element bearings, on yaw brake linings, dry-film stay in place and add reliable on rotor blades, Dow Corning ® special-color Dow Corning silicone ® durability and exceptional perfor-Molykote® greases can handle Molykote® AFCs may be selected lubrication and corrosion silicone sealants can bring long- sealants can provide long-lasting mance characteristics to meetwave loading and reduce wear to provide long-lasting lubri- resistance. term adhesion and help eliminate watertight seals with exceptional a wide variety of your industrialscars on inner and outer rings. cation and corrosion protection. costly in-service blade repairs. environmental resistance. bonding and sealing needs.
  5. 5. Whether you seek to reduce unplanned maintenance, add newefficiencies to your turbine designs, or need to ensure a steady,reliable supply of vital lubricants and sealants, we’re here to help.Take advantage of our expert service and support to address yourmost difficult engineering and operational challenges. Together we’lldevelop solutions that meet your requirements. with consultative advice and insight. Get all the details about Dow Corning service, support and smart solutions for sustainable wind energy. Visit or email
  6. 6. Your global connectionDow Corning customer service and engineering centers are strategicallylocated worldwide. Call us or visit or forhelp on your assembly, performance and maintenance challenges.LIMITED WARRANTY INFORMATION—PLEASE READ CAREFULLYThe information contained herein is offered in good faith and is believed to be accurate.However, because conditions and methods of use of our products are beyond our control, thisinformation should not be used in substitution for customer’s tests to ensure that our productsare safe, effective and fully satisfactory for the intended end use. Suggestions of use shall notbe taken as inducements to infringe any patent.Dow Corning’s sole warranty is that our products will meet the sales specifications in effect atthe time of shipment.Your exclusive remedy for breach of such warranty is limited to refund of purchase price orreplacement of any product shown to be other than as warranted.DOW CORNING SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS ANY OTHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIEDWARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR MERCHANTABILITY.DOW CORNING DISCLAIMS LIABILITY FOR ANY INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIALDAMAGES.Images: Av13938, Av14193, Av13970, Av14195, Av14194, Av14189, Av14196, Av14190,Av14191, Av14197Dow Corning and Molykote are registered trademarks of Dow Corning Corporation.We help you invent the future is a trademark of Dow Corning Corporation.© 2010 Dow Corning Corporation. All rights reserved.Form no. 80-3456-01