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Molykote India Application References


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Molykote India reference - Power Plant applications

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Molykote India Application References

  1. 1. Molykote® Applications in Power Plants – A customer/product reference guide Molykote® 1000 Thread Paste/Antiseize All threaded joints and turbine parting plane bolts and studs. Nuts and bolts exposed to high temperatures and loads. (BSES, Rolls Royce, NFCL, Nalco CPP, NTPC, Ib Thermal, etc) Molykote® P37 Ultra pure Antiseize Gas turbine fasteners exposed to high temperatures. Approved by OEMs including Siemens, Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, Westinghouse, etc. (HPCL, Emami Papers, AP Papers, GTPS, BSES, etc) Molykote® P40 Metal Free Lubricating Paste Traveling grate furnace area gun metal bush bearings exposed to high loads and temperatures for continuous lubrication. (Name withheld) Molykote® GN+ Assembly Paste Press-fit assembly of bearings, flywheels, keyways for smooth press-fitting and easy disassembly after long periods. (VSP TPP, JK CPP, Nalco CPP, NTPC, HPCL CPP, etc) Molykote® 111 ‘O’ ring Compound For lubrication of ‘O’ rings in gearboxes, pumps, motors, etc to extend oil seal life and minimize oil leakages. (HPCL, NTPC, Naval Dockyard Propulsion Generation Dept., etc) Molykote® 321R Anti-friction Coating Spray Dry lubrication of valve stems in steam areas to prevent emulsification and degradation of lubricant by contamination, water and steam, and enable easy twisting of the valves. (JK Papers CPP, BSES Power, Powergrid, etc) Molykote® Zinc Coating Spray Cold galvanizing spray for protection of damaged galvanic surfaces, welding and drilling points, etc (BSES Power, RCL, etc) Dow Corning® Penelube For removal of bolts and nuts, bearings, couplings, pivot and guide pins, etc that are completely crusted and seized with dirt and corrosion. (Nalco CPP, JK Papers CPP, NTPC Simhadri, etc)
  2. 2. Dow Corning® 5 Compound To prevent arcing and flashover on insulators and bushings; and to help prevent rust and corrosion on insulator threads and bolts. (NTPC, Rain Calcining Limited, APTRANSCO) Silastic® 732 RTV Silicone Sealant Form-in-place gasketing for pumps, motors and gearboxes. (NFCL CPP, Nalco CPP, NTPC, JK Papers CPP, VSP TPP, HPCL CPP, RCL, etc) For bonding of ceramic tiles in ball mills (KTPS, VTPS) Molykote® MKLn Chain Spray Lubrication of chains in ash handling plant for dry lubrication and prevent early damage to chains due to abrasive contamination particles. (Nalco CPP, AP Paper Mills CPP, etc) Molykote® Metal Protector Spray Long-term storage protection of bearings, precision components and tools (NTPC Simhadri, Indian Navy Propulsion Generations Department) Molykote® P 74 Metal Free Anti-seize Spray Turbine trunion support and burner tilting mechanism, press-fit of blades. (Andhra Sugars, GTPS) Molykote® 44 Silicone Grease Main oil tank pump seal, dry ash handling valve and gland, BB coupling between generator and exciter gear box (NTPC, Talcher) Molykote® 3694 Open Gear and Wire Rope Grease Long-term lubrication for heavily loaded wire ropes and open gears (BSES Power) Molykote® 41 Silicone Grease Knife-type electric disconnect switches, oxidation resistant grease (GTPS, BSES Power, NTPC Talcher etc) Molykote® 33 Silicone Grease Lip seal coating on bowl hub assembly in pulveriser mill (NTPC) The above list compiled is for reference only. Please check product data sheet for suitability of product with your application or call 98851 49412 for technical assistance. Molykote® is a registered trademark of Dow Corning Corporation and distributed in this region by Project Sales Corp, 28 Founta Plaza, Suryabagh, Visakhapatnam 530020, Call 0891 2564393, 5566482; Fax 0891 2590482.