There’s a lot on the line.          We’ll help keep things moving.          In regular service, a circuit breaker is typic...
Typical Properties                              Molykote® 3451             Molykote® 1292         Molykote® 33 Extreme    ...
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Molykote Circuit Breaker Lubrication Guide - Project Sales Corp


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Molykote Circuit Breaker Lubrication Guide - Project Sales Corp

  1. 1. There’s a lot on the line. We’ll help keep things moving. In regular service, a circuit breaker is typically • Molykote® 1292 Long Life Bearing Grease static. But it is essential that components move is a fluorosilicone grease used for metal/ smoothly when they need to. Because circuit metal combinations with slow to medium- breakers are subjected to temperature extremes, fast movements and medium loads. It is moisture, environmental contaminants and also used to lubricate flange gaskets in SF6 debris over long periods of time between breakers. Molykote® 1292 grease has an maintenance, many lubricants harden, break extremely low tendency toward oxidation down or dry out, often leading to circuit and a high resistance to water and water breaker failure. washout. It is resistant to mineral oil, fuels Molykote® and Dow Corning® brand lubricants and many chemicals. can provide proven long-term, reliable • Molykote® 33 Extreme Low Temperature lubrication over a wide service temperature Bearing Grease delivers exceptional range and in a variety of environments. performance in cold environments. It Fluorosilicones in particular resist solvents lubricates trip latch and coil bearings, such as penetrating oil, and they do not dry out antifriction bearings, and plastic and and harden, even after many years of exposure rubber parts under light to moderate loads. to the elements and static conditions. Molykote® 33 grease is resistant to oxidation Formulated to address specific requirements, and moisture, and it is compatible with manyAV06417 Molykote® and Dow Corning® lubricants can plastics and elastomers. help reduce seizure and increase circuit breaker • Molykote® G-n Metal Assembly Paste is a performance and reliability. They may allow low-friction lubricant that provides excellent extended maintenance intervals and reduced protection against fretting wear and lifecycle cost. The lubricants may also generate corrosion in sliding friction applications. It increased customer satisfaction by reducing helps prevent seizure from fretting, galling equipment failures. and cold welding, extending service life on • Molykote® 3451 Chemical Resistant surfaces subjected to extreme pressures. Bearing Grease provides exceptional • Molykote® 1000 Solid Lubricant Paste is lubrication on needle bearings in circuit particularly useful for bolted metal joints, breakers. This fluorosilicone grease provides enabling non-destructive dismantling, even superior resistance to most chemicals and after long use at high temperatures. It offers can be used at high temperatures, and with good corrosion protection over a wide range heavy loads. Molykote® 3451 grease also of temperatures and at high loads. resists washout by water, fuels, oils and solvents. It is compatible with most gaskets, seals and packings, including silicone O-rings. AV01333
  2. 2. Typical Properties Molykote® 3451 Molykote® 1292 Molykote® 33 Extreme Dow Corning® 832 Dow Corning® 111 Molykote® G-n Metal Molykote® 1000 Solid Chemical Resistant Long Life Bearing Low Temperature Multi-Surface Valve Lubricant Assembly Paste Lubricant Paste Bearing Grease Grease Bearing Grease Adhesive Sealant & Sealant Composition Lithium soap, Solid lubricants, Fluorosilicone oil, Fluorosilicone oil, Solid lubricants, Neutral cure 100% Silica-thickened phenylmethyl mineral oil, thickener, PTFE thickener organic thickener mineral oil silicone RTV dimethyl silicone oil silicone oil ­powdered metal Temperature Service Range -40ºF to 450ºF -40ºF to 392ºF -100ºF to 356ºF 0ºF to 750ºF -22ºF to 1202ºF -67°F to 300°F -40°F to 400°F (-40ºC to 232ºC) (-40ºC to 200ºC) (-73ºC to 180ºC) (-18ºC to 399ºC) (-30ºC to 650ºC) (-55°C to 149°C) (-40°C to 204°C) • Bearing applications • Pins and bushings Potential Applications • Roller and needle • Bolted joints subjected where cold • Metal-to-metal bearings to high temperatures temperature sliding surface • Sealing flange • Gaskets: air-to-air • Sleeve bearings and corrosive effects • Gaskets in conditions may contact joints, bolts and • Any non-silicone • Silicone O-rings • Bolted joints that have presence of SF6, hinder movement • Gears and pinions nuts on breakers O-ring, sliding and gaskets to be re-tightened or flange surfaces in trip latch • Bevel gears exposed to the seals and • Pilot valve and disconnected after mechanism, • Jack screws weather surfaces control valve initial assembly and disconnect contact associated with O-rings operation surfaces racking mechanisms • Non corrosive cure • Enables extended • May help maintain • Excellent low- • Good wear and • Good adhesion to • Effective moisture component integrity of gaskets Features/Benefits temperature corrosion prevention • Good corrosion most substrates barrier lubrication intervals and seals properties • Solids provide long- protection • No odor • Resists drying out • Reduced wear and • May enable longer • May reduce term lubrication • High load-carrying • Effective moisture • Helps keep seals corrosion service life potential effect of • Low coefficient of capacity barrier and gaskets soft • Resists drying out • Resists drying out cold temperatures friction • Stable coefficient of • Resistant to UV and pliable • Long life • Long life on slow component • Extreme temperature friction exposure • Good metal-to- • Solvent resistant • Solvent resistant movement service • Will not shrink or rubber lubricant • Chemically inert • Chemically inert crackProducts for Additional Maintenance• Dow Corning® 832 Multi-Surface Adhesive Sealant is a 100 percent silicone adhesive engineered for assembly and maintenance applications. The one-component, ready-to-use silicone seals, bonds and protects a wide variety of surfaces. It forms a flexible, long- lasting seal over a wide temperature range and will not corrode metal or other corrosion-sensitive materials.• Dow Corning® 111 Valve Lubricant & Sealant offers good resistance to most chemicals, excellent water resistance, low vapor pressure and low volatility over a wide temperature range. Dow Corning® 111 Lubricant & Sealant can be used to lubricate LIMITED WARRANTY INFORMATION–PLEASE READ CAREFULLY most non-silicone O-rings and gaskets. The information contained herein is offered in good faith and is believed to be accurate. However, because c ­ onditions and methods of use of our products are beyond our control, this information should not be used in substitution for customer’s tests to ensure that our products are safe, effective and fully satisfactory for theFormulated for success i ­ntended end use. Suggestions of use shall not be taken as inducements to infringe any patent. Dow Corning’s sole warranty is that our products will meet the sales specifications in effect at the timeMolykote and Dow Corning lubricants are available in a range of of shipment.formulations to suit a variety of applications. Backed by 60 years of Your exclusive remedy for breach of such warranty is limited to refund of purchase price or replacement ofinnovation, Dow Corning solutions are trusted by engineers in many any product shown to be other than as to solve or prevent lubrication challenges. DOW CORNING SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS ANY OTHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED W ­ ARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR MERCHANTABILITY. DOW CORNING DISCLAIMS LIABILITY FOR ANY INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. Dow Corning is a registered trademark of Dow Corning Corporation. We help you invent the future is a trademark of Dow Corning Corporation. Molykote is a registered trademark of Dow Corning Corporation. ©2010, 2011 Dow Corning Corporation. All rights reserved. AMPM140-11 Form No. 80-3459A-01