Gearench from project sales corp, soon in india


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Gearench from project sales corp, soon in india

  1. 1. Distributors - Project Sales Corporation, 28 Founta Plaza, Suryabagh, Visakhapatnam 530020, AP, India; GEARENCH™ was founded in Houston, Texas in 1927 with the patent of its first product, the Gearench, a hand tool for use on small diameter pipe. From this original tool, the company has grown and developed over 40 product lines for use in various areas of the oil industry including exploration, drilling, production, refining and completion. Tools have also been developed for water well and trenchless technology drilling, as well as mining, power generation utilities, and general industrial markets. TITAN™ Refinery Wrench The TITAN™ REFINERY WRENCH is a combination pipe wrench/valve wheel wrench designed for multiple uses in the refining, petrochemical, and gas processing industries. The valve wheel wrench has a special shaped opening which reduces the chance of slipping when working in overhead or crowded positions. Steel wrenches are available with SURGRIP™ style valve wheel wrench opening to further reduce slipping. Prices -1/8" - 1“ Rs.14040 Ea.; 1/8" - 1-1/2“ Rs.14680 Ea. TITAN™ Valve Wheel Wrench TITAN™ VALVE WHEEL WRENCHES are used to provide leverage on hand operated valve wheels. This series of wrenches permits a smooth snap “hammer- action” to make opening and closing stubborn valves easy. Each wrench will fit a variety of sizes and shapes of valve wheels. The special shaped opening in the wrench reduces the chance of slippage when working in overhead or crowded positions. Prices start at Rs.2800 onwards for 8” Forged Double-end wrench. PETOL™ SURGRIP™ VALVE WHEEL WRENCHES significantly reduce the chance of injury due to wrench slippage when opening and closing valves. These durable, ductile iron wrenches are safer and easier to use because the head design provides a better grip and allows the operator to rest the wrench on top of the wheel when opening stubborn valves. This, along with longer handle lengths for more leverage, make the PETOL SURGRIP the best valve wheel wrench on the market. Prices start at Rs.3200 onwards for 8” Forged Double-end wrench TITAN™ SURGRIP Valve Wheel WrenchTITAN™ “100 Series” Aluminum Valve Wheel Wrench TITAN™ "100 SERIES" VALVE WHEEL WRENCHES are made from aluminum-magnesium to reduce the chance of sparks when opening stubborn valves. An improved base pad design, a comfortable rounded gripping area, and the overall smooth finish of the wrench are features that add to the high standard of quality expected in all Gearench products. Prices start at Rs.4875 onwards for a 1-3/8“ opening wrench; Rs.8500 for 1-3/4“ opening and Rs.15500 for 2-1/2“ opening wrench. VAT Extra @5% or 2% against form C, Delivery depend on the items and quantities ordered at the time of the order. All names and TM are owned by Gearench, Texas, USA. Marketed in India under permission from Gearench on a non-exclusive basis to the oil and gas producing and refining companies. For more information log on to