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Froschmarke from Fermit


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Froschmarke from Fermit

  1. 1. Fermit Froschmarke Boiler Sealing Paste Technical Advantages Other Related Products Only product with the highest temperature resistance of +1000 deg C  Long Life Schamottkleber HT 1100  Easy to Apply (REFRACTORY GLUE HT 1100)  Asbestos Free For gluing ceramic fibre or  Resistant to open flames thermal insulation blankets so can be used in on metallic substrates in applications requiring power stations/steel mills B sealing against flame and smoke Its formulation of alkali  Non-shrinking silicate and mineral fillers  Non-crumbling makes it a heavy-duty glue atFroschmarke Boiler Putty is  Non-flammable temperatures of up toan asbestos free potassium 1100°C. Let it dry for 48water glass based putty for hours and then heat it upuse in sealing boiler slowly.equipments , ovens and Possible Application Areasstoves above +1000 deg C It has a good adhesiveness on fibrous products, on  Sealing Flue Gases offThe Product metals, an fireclay brick and from boilers, stoves, on all kinds of construction ovens, etcThe product is used for materials.sealing applications where  Insulation repairs onthe highest temperature Available in 310 ml cartridges boilersresistance is required. It is or small 17ml tubesused to seal boilers, ovens,  Door openings in boilersfurnaces and stoves. and ovens can be sealed from outside Manufacturer:Dark Grey in color, this thick Fermit GmbHconsistency putty is Zur Heide 4 - 53560  Inlet/Outlet elbows Vettelschoßguaranteed to be resistant to Tel: 0 26 45 - 22 07open flames and  Exhaust Ducts Fax: 0 26 45 - 31 13temperatures up to above deg C.  Leakages in high temperature pipesWith excellent adherence to Imported for and Marketed by Projectmetals and other materials,  Joints and flanges from Sales Corp, Indiathe product is non-crumbling outside for immediateand non-shrinking in nature. Project Sales Corp leakage sealing 28 Founta PlazaUsed for sealing off flue- Suryabagh  Duct sealing in claddinggases with simple application Visakhapatnam 530020 applicationsby trowel or spatula blade. AP, India  Repairs to thermal Call 0891 2564393; 66664821 kg metal tins and 310 ml insulation Fax 0891 2590482cartridge