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Facility safety products from brady, now in visakhapatnam


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Facility safety products from brady, now in visakhapatnam

  1. 1. LOTO and Other Facility Safety Products from Brady USA now in Stock at Visakhapatnam
  2. 2. Microtag Kit INR.4000/- , Inserts Rs.4000/- pack
  3. 3. Rs.7000 per kit
  4. 4. Rs.5000 per kit
  5. 5. Unitag Kit Rs.5500/- Unitag Inserts Rs.1500/- per Pack
  6. 6. Multitag Kit Rs.5500/-
  7. 7. Nanotag Kit Rs.4500/-
  8. 8. Entry Tag Kit Rs.7500/-
  9. 9. Please note:1. All prices mentioned are basic prices, VAT 14.5% extra on these2. All products featured here are currently ex-stock, subject to prior sales. In case we go out of stock, minimum lead time is 4 weeks for supply3. Prices are in INR but are linked to exchange rates @Rs.45/$. Changes over 5% will increase prices for orders for items that would go out of stock4. All Brady products are sourced by us out of USA, however the company could be sourcing these from various locations worldwide, collating them in USA and supplying.5. Transit damages are to your risk, else freight rates will be additional at 10% of basic value before taxes. VAT is also applicable on the freight.For any other queries please call Project Sales Corp at +91-891-2564393 orSatish Agrawal at +91-98851-49412