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E&I Maintenance Guide

  1. 1. ELECTRICAL MAINTENANCE PRODUCTS From Dow Corning Distributed in this region by Project Sales Corporation 28 Founta Plaza Suryabagh Visakhapatnam 530 020 Telefax: 0891 2590482
  2. 2. DOW CORNING CORPORATION Electrical Maintenance Products Guide Dow Corning India Pvt Limited Level 2, East Wing, Wockhardt Towers, Bandra Kurla Complex Bandra East Mumbai 400 051 Phone 022 56946868 • Fax 022 56946848 Distributed in this region by Project Sales Corporation 0891 2564393, 5566482 Technical Assistance Satish Agrawal 098851 49412
  3. 3. Table of Contents MAINTENANCE AEROSOLS DOW CORNING ELASTOMERS 1. Molykote® Zinc Coating Spray 1. Sylgard® 170 A&B Silicone 2. Molykote® Electrical Contact Elastomer Cleaner 2. Sylgard® 160 A&B Elastomer 3. Molykote® Multigliss Dispersion 4. Molykote® Polygliss N Spray MOLYKO TE PAST ES 5. Dow Corning® Penelube 1. Molykote® 1000 Anti-seize Paste 6. Molykote® 321R Spray 2. Molykote® GN Plus Paste 7. Molykote® Metal Protector Plus 8. Molykote® Metal Cleaner Spray DOW CORNING COATINGS 9. Dow Corning® OS2 Cleaner 1. High Voltage Insulator Coating 10. Molykote® Supergliss DOW CORNING VARNISHES SILICONE GREAS ES 1. DC 994 1. Dow Corning® 5 Compound 2. DC 996 2. Dow Corning® 4 Compound 3. DC 997 3. Dow Corning® 111 Compound 4. Dow Corning® 3099 Grease DOW CORNING OILS 5. Molykote® 41 Grease 1. Dow Corning® 561 Transformer Oil 6. Dow Corning® Heat Sink Cmpd PROJECT SALES CORP (OTHER ELEC. RTV SILICONE PRODUCTS MAINT. PRODUCTS) 1. Silastic 732 RTV Sealant 1. Boss® 333 Self-expanding 2. Silastic 1080 RTV Sealant polyurethane sealant 3. Silastic 736 RTV Sealant 2. Hylomar® Universal Blue 4. Dow Corning® 3-6548 RTV Foam 3. 3M™ Fire Barrier Moldable Putties 5. Dow Corning® 1890 Protective 4. 3M™ Firedam Cable Coatings Coating
  4. 4. Molykote® Zinc Coating Spray: Zinc Coating with 99% micro fine zinc powder in synthetic resin for protection of all blank metal surfaces, drilling and welding points. Used for repair of damaged galvanic surfaces, and corrosion preventive primer. Highly adhesive and fast drying Provides long-term protection against corrosion and rust Salt water and heat resistant characteristics Forms protective coating without flaking Cathodic corrosion protection – prevents rust even if the surface is damaged later Pack Size: 400 ml spray cans Specific gravity: 1.95 Surface coverage per can (15 µm film): 1 m2 Salt spray resistance: 240 hours Molykote® Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray: Fast evaporating, no residue cleaner for reducing electrical resistance. Does not attack plastics, rubber or painted surfaces. Eliminates oil, fat and dust on electrical and electronic equipment. Pack size: 400 ml spray cans Yellowish, transparent Spray onto contact surfaces Molykote® Multigliss Dispersion: Universal rust protection and rust loosening lubricating oil. It also repels water and protects bare metal from corrosion. Contains mineral oil, solid lubricants, stabilizers, solvents and corrosion inhibitors. Molykote® Polygliss N Spray: Adhesive lubricant resistant to cold, hot and salt water, alkalis and many acids. Suitable as a battery pole lubricant. Dow Corning® Penelube: A premium penetrating fluid for completely seized and rusted components, containing solid lubricants, corrosion inhibitors and oxidation inhibitors. Used for circuit breakers switch knuckles and pins, bolts and studs in engines and turbines, couplings, yard switch linkages, rusted bearings, couplings, pivot pins and guide pins, electric motor coupling removal and freeing sticking brush holders etc. 340 grams net weight aerosol can Also available with MOS2 fortified version: Moly Penelube For more information, please call 0891 2564393, 5566482 or fax 0891 2590482
  5. 5. Molykote® 321R Dry Anti-friction Coating Spray: Dry lubrication with this dispersion of mos2, graphite and resin in solvent. Suited for lubrication of components working especially in dusty environment. Cures to a dark gray lubricating film, which provides long-term lubrication without attracting contamination. Used during overhaul of circuit breakers and switches. Do not use on contacts. Molykote® Metal Protector Spray: To protect metal surfaces from weathering and corrosion. Transparent coating with long-term corrosion protection of parts kept in storage or exposed to corrosive environment. Salt Spray resistance: 510 h 400 ml spray can Also available in bulk packs Molykote® Metal Cleaner Spray: A combination of solvents for cleaning and degreasing of electrical contacts with residue free evaporation. Can be used as a surface preparation product prior to bonding, sealing and painting. Loosens dirt quickly, does not corrode. Dow Corning® OS2 Cleaner: A low surface tension cleaning agent for softening cured silicones, degreasing bearings, bolts and nuts, cleaning chains, precision components and removing adhesive labels, etc. The low surface tension of the product allows for rapid spreading into for superior removal of soil from tight spaces. The product is used for many cleaning applications including: Softening gaskets and cured silicones, making them easier to remove Greases, oils, soil and fingerprints. The product evaporates rapidly. Surface preparation prior to bonding, sealing or painting. Clean silicone dispensing equipments Safe on plastics, non-corrosive to metals. Available in a 10 oz spray can with extension nozzles Molykote® Supergliss Spray: Corrosion protective lubricating oil with rust loosening properties providing temporary protection to parts in storage in indoor and outdoor environments. Used for loosening of rusted threaded connections. Available in 400 ml spray cans and bulk. This is not an exhaustive list of all aerosol products available from Dow Corning®. For specific application requirements, please get in touch with us at 022 56946868 or local distributors at 0891 2564393. For more information, please call 0891 2564393, 5566482 or fax 0891 2590482
  6. 6. SILICONE GREASES Dow Corning® 5 Compound: A dielectric compound used on insulators and bushings; and as a lubricant for high current switches. Special characteristics – nonconductive; water repellant; helps prevent formation of conductive paths. Applications include protecting transmission insulators, distribution line insulators, power substation bushings, pole top disconnect switches, insulator threads and bolts, service entrance cable, meters, etc. Dow Corning® 4 Compound: Dielectric moisture barrier on electrical equipment. Medium consistency, translucent white, grease like, moisture and ozone resistance silicone paste. Applications include lubricating and moisture proofing ignition systems; disconnect junctions, electrical assemblies and terminals, cable connectors and battery terminals, lubrication of plastic and rubber O-rings. Molykote® 111 Compound: General-purpose silicone based O-ring and valve lubricant used in electrical applications due to its high dielectric strength. Used on gaskets to supplement sealing and provide a release coating on transformer gaskets. Molykote® 111 is also used during the assembly of ‘O’ rings and oil seals to prevent oil leakages due to degradation of ‘O’ rings and seals in harsh environments. Once applied on ‘O’ rings and oil seals, it forms a protective barrier between the rubber and the media (oil, fuels, hot water, dilute chemicals), and does not allow the rubber to become brittle. It acts as a rubber lubricant and provides a better sealing effect. Dow Corning® 3099 HVIC (High Voltage Insulator Coating) Compound: Protective compound for electrical insulators. Provides high level of flashover resistance under conditions of high voltage stress, even after extended periods of exposure to ultraviolet light. Grey, opaque, grease-like silicone compound. Extends service life of insulators by maximizing performance in contact with high voltage corona stress, ultraviolet light, water erosion and particulate matter. Non- tracking; arc and flashover resistant; good adhesion, and easy to use. Dielectric strength, 50 mils thick: 285 volts/mil Arc resistance, time to erode 1/8” coating at 2.5 kv: 800 minutes Molykote® 41 Grease: For protecting power substation switches and reducing insulator RF noises. A medium consistency silicone material designed to maintain relatively low resistance electrical contact between sliding metal- to-metal contacts, such as knife-type disconnect switches. Provides continuous electrical path between contact surfaces which must be free to move, such as ball and socket connections of power insulators which, if permitted can give rise to radio frequency interference. Dow Corning® Heat Sink Compound: White, grease like silicone heavily filled with heat conductive metal oxides. Used for thermal coupling of electrical/electronic devices to heat sinks. High thermal conductivity; low bleed; stable at high temperatures. Also used as a high voltage corona suppressant. Most Dow Corning® products are used at the time of overhaul or assembly and provide long-term protection to electrical equipments. For more information, please call 0891 2564393, 5566482 or fax 0891 2590482
  7. 7. RTV SILICONE PRODUCTS One part ready-to-use Silastic RTV sealants from Dow Corning are quick curing and excellent for a wide range of electrical bonding, sealing, and insulating applications. RTV sealants are room-temperature curing materials that cure to a tough silicone rubber. Prominent features include excellent resistance to breakdown by harsh environments, good electrical properties, minimal shrink, and flexibility at temperatures extremes (-65 to 250 degree C). Silastic® 732 RTV: Typical uses include insulating cable connections and splices; sealing and weatherproofing electrical housings; insulating coils and coil components for controllers, motors, and generators. Silastic® 734 RTV: Pourable, self-leveling material designed to fill small cavities. Typical applications include coating for mechanical protection, formed-in-place gaskets. Used for filling voids and securing lead wire entry for small motors. Silastic® 1080 RTV: Neutral cure sealant for corrosion sensitive surfaces, eg. Copper, chrome and steel. Used for sealing, gasketing, bonding and insulating applications. Silastic® 736 RTV: High temperature gasketing material for form-in-place gaskets. Red color. Effective upto 316 degree. Dow Corning® 3-6548 RTV Foam: Self-expanding RTV from Dow Corning providing upto 4 hours fire protection used as per UL designs. Available in small cartridges and bulk packs. Used for horizontal and vertical cable penetrations. When poured, the material expands to fill up the void spaces providing a moisture, air, water, and fire tight seal. Used for applications where accidental fire could travel through combustible elements in penetration to damage critical control equipments. Under exposure to flame, it chars, forming a protective glass like clinkers. Much of the foam below, due to its low thermal conductivity and resistance to high temperatures, remains flexible and tightly sealing. Dow Corning® 1890 Protective Coating: Easy to apply silicone RTV rubber dispersion used to protect electrical equipment from moisture, abrasive dust, chemicals, corrosive atmospheres, and weathering. Ideal as a protective coating for busbars, motor overhang portion, capacitor covers, etc. Extends motor life when used to encapsulate end turns of motor stator windings. Cures at room temperature on exposure to moisture in air to form a tough, rubbery gray coating. Can be thinned with VM&P naphtha for use in conventional spraying equipment. Dow Corning® OS2 Cleaner: A low surface tension cleaning agent for softening cured silicones. For more information, please call 0891 2564393, 5566482 or fax 0891 2590482
  8. 8. Dow Corning has an extensive range of one part RTVs for a variety of electrical manufacturing and maintenance applications. For specific application requirements, please get in touch with us. All the above products are backed by live demonstration prior to purchases and technical services after sale. DOW CORNING ELASTOMERS Two-part, room-temperature curing silicone rubber encapsulants offer optimum processing flexibility and outstanding environmental protection for many types of equipment. Uses throughout the electrical industry include encapsulating motor ends turns and potting equipment bushings, cable connections, magnet coils, coil assemblies and control terminal boards and boxes. These materials cure to tough resilient silicone rubber that features excellent dielectric strength. They protect components from moisture, dirt, corona, weathering and corrosive environments. Some of these products cure in deep sections, and are reversion resistant when heated in confined conditions. Dow Corning® 170 A&B Silicone Elastomer: Two-part silicone elastomers with reversion resistant characteristics, is used for potting applications where the temperatures in confined conditions could be high. Has excellent thermal conductivity and mechanical strength. Easy to process, the material cures to a tough silicone rubber at room temperatures. Cures in deep section and curing can be heat accelerated. Dow Corning® 160 A&B Silicone Elastomer: Cost-effective silicone elastomers used for a variety of potting applications including power supplies, connectors, sensors, and industrial controls. Possesses excellent dielectric strength and thermal conductivity. Flammability classified as 94 V-O. MOLYKOTE PASTES Molykote® 1000 Thread Paste: For high temperature corrosion protection of non-conductive threaded connections. Lubricated threaded connections during assembly, provides correct torque-tension relationship, and allows non-destructive dismantling of fasteners after long periods. Molykote® GN Plus Paste: Assembly lubricating paste used for press-fit applications to allow easy assembly and avoid fretting wear. Enables easy disassembly of press-fitted parts after long periods of use. Used in press fitting of bearings, cams, gears, etc. DOW CORNING COATINGS Sylgard® HVIC: Sylgard® HVIC is a one part silicone RTV dispersion designed for use on high voltage insulators to prevent arcing and flashovers, especially in severely contaminated environments. The product imparts arc resistance and hydrophobicity, and exhibits a unique ability to recover eater repellency after contaminants are deposited on the surface. Sylgard® HVIC contains special arc resistance additive that minimize surface damage from electrical activity during extreme weather events. For more information, please call 0891 2564393, 5566482 or fax 0891 2590482
  9. 9. For other Dow Corning protective coatings, see the section on RTV silicone products. All the above Dow Corning products are backed by application training, product demonstrations and technical service. For your specific requirement do get in touch with us today. DOW CORNING VARNISHES Dow Corning Silicone varnishes are service proved effective in eliminating costly winding failures. With excellent thermal life, these varnishes are superior when compared to phenolic and polyster varnishes. They are ideal for dipping, flooding and impregnating electrical components. Prominent feature of Dow Corning silicone varnishes include good dielectric strength, low dielectric loss, resistance to corona discharge or surface breakdown, and unmatched stability at high temperatures. They form a heat stable, water repellant film, and give electric equipment superior protection against overloads, severe duty cycling, high temperatures, many chemicals, corrosive atmospheres, dirt and abrasive particles, and other environmental hazards. Dow Corning® 997 Varnish: It is the most versatile silicone impregnating varnish and is used on service temperatures from 150 to 250 degree C. Other prominent features, apart from the general characteristics that Dow Corning silicone varnishes have, include, excellent storage life and easy processing because it has little tendency to bubble up during cure. Typical applications include impregnating distribution transformers, stunt-field coils, solenoids and motor stators. Dow Corning® 996 Varnish: General purpose impregnating varnish for motors, coils and transformers. Contains silicone resin in xylene. Can be cured at temperatures as low as 150 degree C. Long service life even at 220degree C. Combines in one varnish, excellent electrical properties, bond strength and moisture resistance. Has good drainage factor (little varnish runoff during cure). Dow Corning® 994 Varnish: Heat resistant, water repellant silicone electrical varnish designed for coating glass cloth. Also used for coating sleeving for bonding mica-glass combinations. AIEE Class 220 C insulating material. Most heat stable varnish available. Glass cloth coated with this varnish retains its flexibility and electric strength fter 1 year at 250 degree C. DOW CORNING OILS Dow Corning® 561 Silicone Transformer Fluid: Among the least hazardous of all known engineering material, Dow Corning® 561 is a heat stable dielectric coolant featuring much greater thermal stability and oxidation resistance than mineral oils. It has excellent high temperature capabilities and dielectric properties and low flammability. It maintains its insulating and cooling properties for extended periods, even at high temperatures. Possesses excellent oxidation resistance deterring the formation of degradation products or sludging. Recyclable. Dow Corning® 561 Transformer Fluid is supplied directly by Dow Corning. For more information, please contact 022 56946868. For more information, please call 0891 2564393, 5566482 or fax 0891 2590482
  10. 10. Dow Corning high technology materials have been proven in over two decades of dependable service in numerous installations. PROJECT SALES CORP (OTHER MAINTENANCE PRODUCTS) Hylomar Universal Blue: Available in 100 grams tubes and aerosol sprays, this non-hardening gasket compound is classified by BASEEFA for use in flameproof joints to make it weatherproof without affecting the safety of the equipment. The spray version can be used on transformer flanges to give it a oil resistant seal. Hylomar is non- setting and non-hardening and is resistant to a wide range of fluids including all industrial fuels, oils, water and brine. Hylomar’s ability to withstand prolonged vibration is particularly important. 3M™ Fire Barrier Moldable Putty: Designed for use as a one-part 100% solids intumescent Firestop that restores the integrity of fire-rated construction. Ideal for construction gaps, cable, insulated pipe, electrical conduit and metal pipe. Provides upto a 4-hour fire rating. UL-classified for telecommunication applications (interduct, fibre optic and cables). Reenterable. Expands to form a hard char, which prevents the transmission of hot gases and fire. 3M™ Firedam 2000 Coating: A white ready-mixed, water based thixotropic coating to provide fire protection to a large variety of substrates. The spread of flames along electrical cables and generation of corrosive or toxic gases from pvc cables is suppressed using this product. Project Sales Corp has been supplying electrical and mechanical maintenance products to over 42 key accounts in steel, mining, power generation, transmission and distribution, sugars, chemicals and fertilizers, and engineering companies in AP and Orissa. All products we sell is backed by manufacturers warranties and technical service from our team. We look forward to hearing from you soon. For more information, please call 0891 2564393, 5566482 or fax 0891 2590482