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New Ford Focus digital and social media case study


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New Ford Focus was a car that everybody was expecting. Still, the launch of new Focus was a challenge as the big first campaign developed by Romania NSC.
It has been a mandatory request to use social media channels and develop an impactful campaign in social media environment.

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New Ford Focus digital and social media case study

  1. 1. New FORD FOCUSSocial Media Campaign - Case StudyAugust 2011New FORD FOCUSLast update: 11.08.2011
  2. 2. The Brief Product: new Ford Focus Brand positioning: Style and technology combined with emotional benefit (affordable technology in the segment) The opportunity is to ground this promise of a thoroughly involving driving experience on the advanced technology of new Focus - technology that delivers the control that enables the driver to exploit and enjoy this driving experience. ‘Starting more than a car’ has to dramatise or demonstrate is the ‘more than’. This is the emotional benefits that arise from the Focus pillars: The exhilarating experience of driving the car. Brand message: Start more than a car (explore technology & innovation) Competition: Dacia Logan, Opel Astra, Skoda Octavia, VW Golf New FORD FOCUS
  3. 3. The Brief Task: to create a pre-launch and launch campaign for the next generation of Focus. Background: new Ford Focus was a car that everybody was expecting. Still, the launch of new Focus was a challenge as the big first campaign developed by Romania NSC. It has been a mandatory request to use social media channels and develop an impactful campaign in social media environment. This was a challenge for the local Wunderman agency, as Ford Romania started to use social media channels starting with December 2010. New FORD FOCUS
  4. 4. The Objectives Create interest and direct consumers to experience the test drive with the new Focus – 5000 test drive taken / leads Create an impactful teasing campaign for the pre-launch phase Generate awareness for the new product. Ensure visibility beyond Automotive, Business, Economy, Lifestyle, Entertainment in online environment Generate social media content through earned media channels and social media environment   New FORD FOCUS
  5. 5. The TargetMen (70%) 20 - 45 years old; AB segment (ESOMAR)MarriedMedium to high educationMedium to high income: 15.000 - 20.000 €/yearJob: middle management; free lancer / entrepreneurStatements:I try to always learn something newFor me, the quality of the product is more important than the priceFor me is very important to have a sporting activityI try to convince the others to go outWhen on holidays, I like discovering other countries, places,people   New FORD FOCUS
  6. 6. Product PositioningThe new Ford Focus is the car to have, as it offers the most innovative & advanced technologies to meet your every need, while remaining affordable (compared to other C segment models).Advanced yet affordable technologies within this segment enhace the driving experience beyond what regular cars can normally provide, allowing for an unmatched sense of fulfillment and exhilaration.Ford’s “4 pillars” approach results in a product able to meet all the consumers’ needs, be they focused on safety, gadgets/new tech, driving experience, or minimizing the environmental impact. New FORD FOCUS
  7. 7. Campaign Concept• The new Ford Focus is more than just a car. With new technologies unprecedented in its class, it answers the concerns of both those preoccupied by safety and gadget afficionados; it provides both an exhilarating driving experience and every means to reduce the environmental impact.• Learn of the advanced technologies. Experience the drive. START more than a car. New FORD FOCUS
  8. 8. Local Campaign ApproachFocus Pillar Techno Talented Addictive Driving Experience Start a totally involving driving experience, Start a more rewarding driving experience, enjoy your driving experience: more ‘drive per litre’ through a more efficientWhat we’re and exciting driveasking • Feel more connectedpeople • More exhilaration • Have more controlto ‘start’ • More control • Make more happen • More efficiency Local concept: Discover the newest Auto Technologies ( Brand message: Start more than a car (explore technology & innovation) The car remains the hero of the communication even when these feelings and emotions are expressed through metaphor and evocative language. The attitude and exhilarating tonality of the communication are as important as the content. New FORD FOCUS
  9. 9. Strategic Overview April 16th - May 8th Build buzz PRE-LAUNCH Social media (Club Ford; 4 Key Opinion National caravan PR Facebook; Youtube) Leaders Consumer contest Focus landing page May 9th LAUNCHATL Key Opinion Leaders Showroom Lead management PR-TV & activation - emailing- print Social media (Club (Open - National caravan- radio Ford; Facebook, Weekends) - Consumer contest- OOH Youtube)- digital New FORD FOCUS
  10. 10. Focus Communication LinesQuality TechnologyIt looks fantastic and it feels just as great. From the slick and dynamic exterior,embodying the Kinetic design, to the modern, high-quality interior, the new Focus willfit you naturally. And it goes way beyond simple looks. Focus keeps its trade-markagility, but at the same time has become more environmentally-friendly andeconomic. It features advanced technologies, driver assistance systems, vastentertainment and multimedia options. Every bit of the new Focus builds up to a high-quality driving experience.Green TechnologyOur constant strive for a cleaner, healthier environment has lead to us looking for fresh,innovative technologies, which allow people to enjoy their every-day routines with lessconcerns regarding their environmental impact. We have Focused all these efforts inthe Green approach towards building More Than a Car. And we go beyond simplyproviding economic, low-emissions technologies – we work with our drivers onachieving a most ecological and economical driving style. New FORD FOCUS
  11. 11. Focus Communication LinesSafe TechnologyFord strives to provide owners with an ever safer experience. The new Focus is fittedwith numerous safety features, so as to minimize the whole span of unwantedincidents – from minor fender-benders to serious, life-threatening situations. Thatdoesn’t mean the driver is less in control than before – just that, now, drivers havemore tools to help them keep that control.Smart TechnologyThe new Focus will work with you, instead of working for you. It will make your taskseasier, to let you focus on enjoying the ride. It understands more and, when needed, itcan even jump in independently and assist a tired, inattentive or simply endangereddriver. Also, it can accommodate more from the driver than ever before – the intuitiveinterface lets you tell the car –in a simple and effective manner – precisely what youwant it to do for you. Even more – at times the car can even give YOU some pointers! New FORD FOCUS
  12. 12. Campaign ApproachIn order to drive traffic to the dealers’ showrooms and to raise awareness and interest in the new model, we have established a website detailing all the technologies which make the new Focus such a special car to have, to drive and/or to be driven has four sections, one for each technology, so as to cater to the various needs of our target audience. The site acted as the campaign hub, with all communications directing traffic to it. According to the path followed to the site, the users found details on the pillar they were interested in, and have been encouraged to explore the other three dimensions.The campaign has included a strong social media component, with relevant public (and popular!) figures endorsing specific car features. The website has been, in effect, included in the social media activities, being more than just a destination of the generated has also served the very important purpose of allowing users to book test drives (as TDR and Lead Management is not yet implemented in the Romanian NWP). New FORD FOCUS
  13. 13. Structure  The website structure: D. Auto technologies - present the Ford dimensions and create buzz around the new Focus technologies (each technology will be associated with one dimension). We plan to generate an Action taken by the viewer getting a Reaction in the showroom. B. Endorsers Platform - social media content generation supported by key opinion leaders - generate earned media content C. Consumer Test Drive - test drive request form - share your opinion - consumer promotion with prizes New FORD FOCUS
  14. 14. Structure The dedicated website has three main structural components: C. FORD technologies - This component presents the most relevant features in each of the four technological approaches: safe, smart, green and quality - The information is presented comprehensively, with a video for each technology, presenting the respective features, interconnected with a list of text descriptions detailing the features. A click on the list of features also jumps to the relevant sequence in the video. New FORD FOCUS
  15. 15. Structure B. Endorser-generated content The endorsers’ sections contained brief descriptions of the endorsers, as well as feeds from their respective social media channels (Facebook pages, blogs, twitter). The feeds included comments posted on the said channels, but visitors also had the option of posting comments on-site. Content in components A and B is interconnected, alowing users to adapt the information flow to their specific interests. New FORD FOCUS
  16. 16. Structure C. Consumer Test Drive - The website also includes a test drive request form, alowing the users to book a test drive at the time and dealershop they find most convenient. Test drive requests are forwarded automatically to the selected dealers, alowing them to follow up on the lead. - During the launch phase, there has also been a contest page, containing a form used by users in order to enter the contest. New FORD FOCUS
  17. 17. Data capture and consumer contest Objective:- Create a fresh and relevant data base- Generate leads- Generate showroom traffic Timing:- 15th of April – 30th of June 2011 Mechanics:10. The consumer could register for a test drive via 3 possible channels:- Online -> a dedicated TDR journey on Offline (during the caravan activations) -> via iPad test drive application- Offline (at the dealers, in their showrooms, via printed test drive forms)2. After registering for the test drive, the dealers had to call the consumers and schedule a date when they could take the test drive with the new Ford Focus3. After taking the test drive, the dealer provided the consumer with a card with an unique alphanumeric code. The consumer had to subscribe to the online contest page and introduce that unique code, as a confirmation that he/she took the test drive. Prizes:- 20 iPads At the end of the campaign, 20 winners won (lucky draw). New FORD FOCUS
  18. 18. Data capture and consumer contest Consumer contest dedicated page on New FORD FOCUS
  19. 19. Data capture and consumer contest- Communication channels – Ford Romania’s Facebook page,, www. , eDM, the caravan -> informative flyers regarding the contest and the test drive registration Promotional/informative flyers for the contest: Contest card with the unique codes: Informative cards/flyers (distributed via caravan activations): New FORD FOCUS
  20. 20. – traffic resultsTraffic Results:- The website has been live since 15.04 and remains live as a mean to both provide the consumer with product information and allow the visitors to book test drives. From April 15th, the live date, and until June 30th, the website ( has had: - 106,993 Visits - 90,154 Unique Visitors - 224,943 Pageviews - 1:41 minutes Average time spent on site - 2.1 Pages viewed per visit New FORD FOCUS
  21. 21. – traffic results Traffic Sources: Traffic sources:66.44% paidmedia (endorsers,online ads) Direct traffic figures25.27% direct indicate strongtraffic awareness8.28% organic andpaid searchengines New FORD FOCUS
  22. 22. Social media – Local ApproachSocial media refers to dialogue. Between people, between consumers, brands,influencers, journalists. Social media is about sharing information. It is a freechannel to express our thoughts, our feelings, dreams, expectations, values. Weshare the information with our friends, family, audiences and the ones we careabout. And we care a lot about our audience in social media. The audience isthe one that gives us the public status.The new Focus is more than a car. It refers to the Ford philosophy abouttechnology and safety.Our objective in the pre launch phase is to generate social media content. So, thenew Focus brand message should be: Start more than a conversation!Start more than a car: Start more than a conversation. Start a test drive. New FORD FOCUS
  23. 23. Social media – Mechanics Campaign mechanics• For the new Ford Focus launch we have chosen a new approach of the social media campaign – the presence of 4 Romanian KOLs as endorsers.• Each of the 4 technologies to communicate (eco, quality, safe, smart) had it’s own endorser.• The chosen endorsers (Cristian Manafu, Cristina Bazavan, Horia Brenciu, Zoli Toth) had to follow a timing and the steps established in agreement with Ford Romania during the campaign period.• Each endorser had different tasks co complete, according to their social media channels and offline profile, but all communicated under the same umbrella concept: Start a conversation about the new Ford Focus. Start more than a car.• They’ve organized contests on their blogs, have written posts and made movies, and also communicated the Ford Focus launch on their personal social media channels (Facebook, personal blog, Youtube, Twitter). New FORD FOCUS
  24. 24. Social media – Endorsers ApproachThe New Ford Focus endorsers:• Horia Brenciu – representing the QUALITY technology Former TV show host, today he is among the most appreciated Romanian jazz-pop singer, with many national and regional tours. Known online for his personal blog, and Facebook Fan page – with a record number of fans: 80,573 fans.• Cristina Bazavan – endorsing Focus’s SAFETY technology At the time, editor in chief of TABU magazine. The most influential woman on web in Romania. Frequently involved in social and brand projects and speaker at social media conferences and TEDx Sibiu. Her blog, has 10,000 uniques per month. She has also a Facebook fan page (600 fans), Facebook profile (4,723 friends) and Twitter profile also (4,207 followers). New FORD FOCUS
  25. 25. Social media – Endorsers ApproachCristian Manafu – communicating the car’s SMART technology Former business journalist, currently business events manager. One of the most active and influent bloggers in Romania (since 2002) and the person with the highest number of Twitter followers in Romania (9,957 followers). Associated with new media, mobile technology, social media & networks and always involved in the biggest online projects. Has also Facebook profile (3,002 friends) and fan page (1,223 fans) and the blog with 15,000 uniques per month.• Zoli Toth – guest endorser for the ECO technology The only Earth Hour ambassador in Romania and member of the Sistem music band. Involved in several eco projects like Let`s do it Romania, Earth Hour 2010, he also was a TV presenter for Green Report TV show. Has a new project - a daily eco show called Eco Frecventa for a national radio station. In social media, he has a blog (, a Facebook Fan Page (2,201 members) and a Twitter account (1,978 followers). New FORD FOCUS
  26. 26. Social media – Endorsers ResultsCampaign RESULTSHoria Brenciu (QUALITY TECHNOLOGY)• 4 blog posts ( - 5,000 uniques)• Banner on blog during all the campaign period• 37 posts on his Facebook fan page (77,857 fans) – 2,841,972 estimated reach*• 2 YouTube videos - 1,025 views• Special Focus campaign landing tab on his page – 381 visits• Special contest - Facebook application made especially for Horia Brenciu. The contest was called “A day with Horia Brenciu” – after the name of the prize. We had 1,589 participants that entered to the Facebook application and completed the task. By a certificated lucky-draw we had a female winner that spent a full day with Horia Brenciu.* The uniques mentioned in the potential reach represents an estimation made by ZeList monitoring service. The estimation is a result of an algorithm which includes shares, likes, clicks on Facebook, bloggers impact in blogosphere, RT on Twitter and number of followers. New FORD FOCUS
  27. 27. Social media – Endorsers ResultsCampaign RESULTSCristina Bazavan (SAFE TECHNOLOGY)• 11 blog posts ( –10,000 uniques/ month) = 130,930 estimated reach*• 3 blog contests with prizes• 25 posts on her Facebook page + profile (4,660 friends + 1,067 fans) = 143,175 potential reach*• 22 posts on her Twitter profile (5,153 followers) = 146,010 potential reach*• 2 YouTube videos – 1,010 views• Banner on blog during all the campaign period – 703 visits* The uniques mentioned in the potential reach represents an estimation made by ZeList monitoring service. The estimation is a result of an algorithm which includes shares, likes, clicks on Facebook, bloggers impact in blogosphere, RT on Twitter and number of followers. New FORD FOCUS
  28. 28. Social media – Endorsers ResultsCampaign RESULTSCristian Manafu (SMART TECHNOLOGY)• 11 posts on his personal blog ( –15,000 uniques/ month) = 235,936 potential reach*• 14 posts on his Facebook page + profile (2,684 friends + 1,087 fans) = 37,484 potential reach*• 21 posts on his Twitter profile (9,650 followers – the person most followed from Romania) = 238,918 potential reach*• Twitter contest with one prize related to #tehnologieauto – 170 contestants and 270 mentions of #tehnologieauto• 6 YouTube videos (interviews taken during the test drive with the New Ford Focus) = 5,122 views• Banner on blog during all the campaign period – 709 visits* The uniques mentioned in the potential reach represents an estimation made by ZeList monitoring service. The estimation is a result of an algorithm which includes shares, likes, clicks on Facebook, bloggers impact in blogosphere, RT on Twitter and number of followers. New FORD FOCUS
  29. 29. Social media – Endorsers ResultsCampaign RESULTSZoli Toth (Pillar ECO)• 1 post on blog – 3,400 potential reach• 1 post on his Twitter profile (2,246 followers)• 1 post on his Facebook page (2,195 fans)* The unique mentioned in the potential reach represents an estimation made by ZeList monitoring service. The estimation is a result of an algorithm which includes shares, likes, clicks on Facebook, bloggers impact in blogosphere, RT on Twitter and number of followers. New FORD FOCUS
  30. 30. Social media -Blog BannersEndorser’s Blog Banners New FORD FOCUS
  31. 31. BTL – National Caravan Objectives: Tease & generate buzz for the pre-launch phase Arouse interest towards new Focus technologies & style and direct consumers to the dealers’ showrooms. Expose the car where possible. Test drive registrations -> generate leads (consolidate a new fresh data base) Generate traffic and test drive registrations on Generate content for the and owned social media channels New FORD FOCUS
  32. 32. National Caravan – Timing and LocationsTiming The consumer activation took place over 4 extended weekends (starting with 16th / 17th of April – 6/7th of May; 2 symultaneous consumer activations per weekend The activation have covered the busiest period of the day – from noon until evening (12:00 p.m. – 20:00 p.m.)Locations The caravan was implemented in 8 cities (Constanta, Iasi, Brasov, Bucuresti – 2 times, Craiova, Timisoara, Cluj) during 4 weeks. The location: popular malls - one of the cities’ high-traffic commercial venues New FORD FOCUS
  33. 33. BTL – National Caravan New FORD FOCUS
  34. 34. National CaravanConsumer engagement activationThe caravan team: 2 female hostesses and 1 male team leaderGeneral profile: Attractive, well-spoken, able to pleasantly sustain conversation, autoshow host profileSpecial outfits: Resembling lab-specific outfits – white coat/suit; very trendy.Split of activities:- The 2 girls invite people to play/engage with the Ipads applications and register for a test-drive. Test drive enlistment carried on by means of iPads with direct access to the form on the website. Flyers handed to people not having time/inclination to visit the mobile lab. The flyers promote the campaign website and dealers showrooms .- The male host assists people visiting the lab, provides information on the new Focus, guides the prospect target. New FORD FOCUS
  35. 35. National CaravanConsumer engagement activation iPad Application: Quiz + Test Drive data capture form Number of test drive registrations via the iPad application: 2.567 (16.04.2011 – 08.05.2011) The iPad application was also used during the B’estfest activation and the number of test drive registrations increased during 01.07 – 03.07.2011, therefore the total number of test drive registrations via the iPad application is: 2.879. New FORD FOCUS
  36. 36. Campaign Overall Results CAMPAIGN RESULTS - DIGITAL PRELAUNCH LAUNCH TOTAL (trafic to,962 Visits (16.52%) 9.370 Visits (12.07%) 14.332 Visits (13.40%) 106,993 Visits 30,029 Visits 76,964 Visits 90,154 Unique 25,935 Unique Visitors 66,546 Unique Visitors (trafic) 65,070 Pageviews 159,873 Pageviews 224,943 Pageviews 3457 Test Drive 2,866 Test Drive 6,323 Test (subscriptions) 777 Contest 4,350 Contest 5,127 Contest Period: April 15th - June 30th 106,993 people visited the site ( with an average of 1.52 minutes per visit and 2.14 pages viewed per visit.  106,993 Visits  90,154 Unique Visitors  224,943 Pageviews New FORD FOCUS
  37. 37. Campaign Overall Results – social media Campaign Overall Social Media Results PRELAUNCH < 8th of May LAUNCH > 8th of May TOTAL FIGURES Pillars (Smart, Eco, Quality, Safe) 27 postsPosts on personal blogs (potential reach*) 13 posts (223700 uniques) 14 posts (167727 uniques) (391427 uniques) 78 postsPosts on Facebook (potential reach*) 31 posts (492251 uniques) 47 posts (2224826 uniques) (2717077 uniques) 44 postsPosts on Twitter (potential reach*) 22 posts (169040 uniques) 22 posts (218083 uniques) (387123 uniques) 8 videosVideos on YouTube (total no. of views) 5 videos 4206 views) 3 videos (2068 views) (6274 views) Ford Romania Social Media 65 postsPosts on Facebook (potential reach**) 32 posts (22300 views) 33 posts (28106 views) (50406 views) 6 videosYouTube Ford Romania Channel (no. of views) 4 videos (7219 views) 2 videos (492 views) (7719 views)* The uniques mentioned in the potential reach represents an estimation made by ZeList monitoring service. The estimation is a result of an algorithm which includes shares, likes, clicks on Facebook, bloggers impact in blogosphere, RT on Twitter and number of followers. ** The algorithm is the sum of the number of fans that the page had at that time. It is not taken into consideration the possible number of shares. New FORD FOCUS
  38. 38. Ford Focus Results – endorsers impact  Horia Brenciu insured exposure based on his celebrity and dynamic optimistic and charismatic personality.  Manafu insured high interest based on his technical masculine recommendation to his followers.  Bazavan insured feminine awareness on the car’s most helpful safety features.  They already introduced the new car, satisfying the curiosity and describing the product benefits.  The involvement increased the campaign exposure, product awareness and test drive submissions, results that we can during the prelaunch and launch period. Social Media Potential Reach estimation based on an algorithm which includes shares, likes, clicks on Facebook, blogers impact in blogosphere, RT on Twitter and number of followers. Prelaunch and launch activities of the 4 endorsers and social media campaign had an estimated reach of 3.560.026 persons New FORD FOCUS
  39. 39. Ford Focus Results – national caravan impact  The caravan was implemented in 8 cities (Constanta, Iasi, Brasov, Bucuresti – 2 times, Craiova, Timisoara, Cluj) during 4 weeks.  The tunnel exposed the message to more than 18.000 persons that were exposed to the message and invitation to discover the Auto Technologies.  The tunnel brought the Focus technologies closer to the audience and generated brand awareness and interest to discover the new Focus.  The 8 caravan activations generated 3457 test drive registrations. - 3457 test drive registrations - 16.000 flyers (all distributed) - 18.000 persons discover the technologies presented in the tunnel New FORD FOCUS
  40. 40. Ford Focus Results – overall campaign The site’s name had a high awareness and generated 90,154 Unique Visitors in 1 month and half. The Endorser’s pages have interesting compelling content about the car attributes and benefits: the wider the endorser’s target- the wider the exposure. Earned media (endorsers, social media etc) and owned media sell well our site, with 66.44% of the overall traffic. Direct traffic accounting for 25.27% of the overall figures indicates the strong and memorable message sent to the target audience. 45,000 visitors have spent more than one minute and a half on the site, proof of the consistent, interesting content. The pre-launch campaign opened the target interest for the new Focus. We can see the results – the test drive registrations and contest registrations grow after the pre-launch campaign. More than 5 famous Romanian bloggers (top 10 bloggers) were interested to drive the new Focus and asked for the car. Social media environment and the blogosphere talked about the new Focus for more than a month. The estimated reach in social media is 3.560.026 persons. These people were exposed to the message from online and offline activities during the whole campaign. New FORD FOCUS
  41. 41. Fur further details please contact:Cristina IrodWunderman BucharestGroup Account Directort: 40 21 212 32 28  f: 40 21 210 66 30m:  +40 754 021  Thank You! New FORD FOCUS