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Wilko klaassen I Husqvarna


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Partner-up to deliver a connected experience

Published in: Marketing
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Wilko klaassen I Husqvarna

  1. 1. Partner-up to deliver a connected experience Wilko Klaassen
  2. 2. Today1999 © 2017 Husqvarna Group – Wilko Klaassen
  3. 3. Today’s greatest challenge for brands… Understanding the customer path to purchase and how to deliver the same branded shopping experience across all touch points and sales channels © 2017 Husqvarna Group – Wilko Klaassen
  4. 4. WHY? © 2017 Husqvarna Group – Wilko Klaassen
  5. 5. It all starts with the customer We have to understand the customer’s path to purchase. © 2017 Husqvarna Group – Wilko Klaassen
  6. 6. The process people take to find the product that is right for them The actual purchase experience – be it online or offline All the different aspects of product ownership – from using to servicing Finding Buying UsingWhat do we mean by the customer’s path to purchase? REPEAT Across channels and devices © 2017 Husqvarna Group – Wilko Klaassen
  7. 7. Is it really important? Yes By 2018, organizations that have fully invested in all types of online personalization will outsell companies that have not by more than 30%. - Gartner 2015 predictions Power of decision moves closer to the Consumer. Increased need for seamless and consistency across touch points, and personalization is expected. ” © 2017 Husqvarna Group – Wilko Klaassen
  8. 8. The tricky part: The path to purchase spans the touchpoints of both the manufacturer and the retailer. Manufacturer Retailer © 2017 Husqvarna Group – Wilko Klaassen
  9. 9. Do we really need both? Yes Both have different focus, B2B vs B2C, that have different go to market and customer interaction models. © 2017 Husqvarna Group – Wilko Klaassen
  10. 10. DIGITAL IS THE ENABLER WE CAN CONNECT ALL TOUCHPOINTS, AND © 2017 Husqvarna Group – Wilko Klaassen
  11. 11. Connecting behind the scenes Logistics: stock, ordering, deliveries © 2017 Husqvarna Group – Wilko Klaassen
  12. 12. Connecting the customer experience Content: specifications, images, videos, texts © 2017 Husqvarna Group – Wilko Klaassen
  13. 13. Driving conversion together Using shared insights to improve experience Sharing insights: data, leads, traffic © 2017 Husqvarna Group – Wilko Klaassen
  14. 14. Using shared insights to improve experience Doing all of this requires a mindset change Sharing insights: data, leads, traffic Content: specifications, images, videos, texts Logistics: stock, ordering, deliveries © 2017 Husqvarna Group – Wilko Klaassen
  15. 15. LET’S DO AN EXAMPLE © 2017 Husqvarna Group – Wilko Klaassen
  16. 16. 1. The customer learns about the product on the brand site. © 2017 Husqvarna Group – Wilko Klaassen
  17. 17. 2. The customer finds a dealer with stock to buy it using a dealer locator on the brand site. The interest is shared with the retailer, who also gets great content from the brand.© 2017 Husqvarna Group – Wilko Klaassen
  18. 18. 3. The customer buys the product. Personalization: The retailer knows what product was viewed on the brand site, and can promote it. The sales data is shared back. © 2017 Husqvarna Group – Wilko Klaassen
  19. 19. By sharing and connecting Brand sites with Retailer sites, we can provide that improved personalized seamless experience, and improve and measure conversion. Power of SHARED insights, into action © 2017 Husqvarna Group – Wilko Klaassen
  20. 20. WHAT IS HAPPENING NEXT? © 2017 Husqvarna Group – Wilko Klaassen
  21. 21. GOING FROM MAD MEN TO MATH MEN NEW WAYS OF WORKING ARE NEEDED TO DO THIS © 2017 Husqvarna Group – Wilko Klaassen
  22. 22. TRANSFORMATION TAKES TIME TAKE IT STEP BY STEP © 2017 Husqvarna Group – Wilko Klaassen
  23. 23. What is on the horizon and actually already happening © 2017 Husqvarna Group – Wilko Klaassen
  24. 24. The World Connects © 2017 Husqvarna Group – Wilko Klaassen
  25. 25. This Whirlpool washing machine has a tank large enough to accept a whole 3-litre bottle of washing up liquid. When the tank is running low the machine orders another bottle using the Amazon Dash Replacement service. 30 Automation at home — Amazon Dash Replenishment (DRS) © 2017 Husqvarna Group – Wilko Klaassen
  26. 26. Husqvarna- Connected Products
  27. 27. Connecting with the customer Data: statistics, usage Order spares, supplies © 2017 Husqvarna Group – Wilko Klaassen
  28. 28. • Close cooperation is needed • Digital with Digital • Define together what data is needed for what purpose • Not all easy to connect ‘sites’ • Many different platforms (CMS) and back-end (ERP/CRM) systems, and more… • What ones was only internal data is now shared • It takes time to optimize • How to measure and share success • From supplier relation, to (connected) partners It’s not easy © 2017 Husqvarna Group – Wilko Klaassen
  29. 29. SUCCESS What people think it looks like What it really looks like © 2017 Husqvarna Group – Wilko Klaassen
  30. 30. • Partnerships must be built on shared benefits. • Sharing data and connecting brand sites with retailer sites have many shared benefits. • We must partner up to create that seamless branded shopping experience across all touch points and sales channels. • It starts with the customer Key insights © 2017 Husqvarna Group – Wilko Klaassen
  31. 31. Partner-up to deliver a connected experience …to develop business together © 2017 Husqvarna Group – Wilko Klaassen
  32. 32. We are hiring, online and digital talent THANK YOU FOR LISTENING © 2017 Husqvarna Group – Wilko Klaassen