How Dell became a Social Company. Door: Simone Versteeg


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How Dell became a Social Company. Door: Simone Versteeg

  1. 1. How Dell became a Social Company Simone Versteeg PR & Corporate Communications Manager Dell – @simoneversteeg
  2. 2. Global Marketing Dell today • A leading global provider of technology solutions • Founded by CEO Michael Dell for $1.000,- in 1984 • Almost $57 billion revenue • About 100.000 employees in more than 60 countries • Extensive portfolio (from tablets to laptops, desktops, servers and software & IT Services) • Customer base: consumers, small & medium businesses, large corporations, hospitals, schools & universities • Since November 2013 The Largest Start- up
  3. 3. Social Media Services Group Social is here to stay. Engage or be left behind. 4 ”These conversations are going to occur whether you like it or not. Do you want to be part of that or not? My argument is you absolutely do.” – Michael Dell
  4. 4. Global Marketing Tie social media to your business and customer objectives • What are the organizations' goals? • What is the business plan? • What is the current relationship with our customers? • What is the relationship we want with our customers? How does social media support these goals? I think it starts with understanding what the organization's goals are…part of the problem is that too many people want to jump into a Facebook “strategy” or a Twitter “strategy” – Shel Holtz
  5. 5. Global MarketingConfidential6 6/6/2014
  6. 6. Social Media Services Group Dell’s direct and online heritage First company to hit $1M a day in online revenue One of the first companies to launch online support First to sell complex configurable items Leader in online frictionless commerce from order to delivery Early adopter of social media One of the first to launch online discussion forums
  7. 7. Global Marketing8
  8. 8. August 2006 Blog outreach expanded beyond tech Support March 2008 Accepted Solutions launched on Community Dell France begins Online Community Outreach December 2006 Ratings and reviews launched on July 2006 Direct2Dell launched Today Direct2Dell exists in English, Spanish, Norwegian, Japanese and Chinese. February 2006 Michael Dell asks Why don’t we reach out and help bloggers with tech support issues? February 2007 IdeaStorm launched A voting based site allowing customers and others to submit ideas for Dell. June 2007 Dell joins Twitter Sells millions in the first year October 2007 Community VIP program launched Dell launches recognition program for our most active community members, with private groups and escalated access. June 2006 Dell TechCenter launched March 2010 Dell joins Sina Weibo in China 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 March 2012 Dell and Red Cross launch Digital Operations Center Dell solutions provide the Red Cross with innovative ways to help Americans impacted by disaster August 2010 Social Media & Community University (SMaC U) launched 5,000 team members trained by end of year June 2010 CAP Days launched In- person events for vocal online customers December 2010 Social Media Listening Command Center launched 7 years journey of embedding social to be a better business 20132012 June 2007 EmployeeStorm launched IdeaStorm for employees August 2009 Swarm Canada launches Group buying program goes live, throughout Canace May 2009 Swarm launches Group buying program goes live, in Singapore Feb 2009 Social Innovation Competition Built on IdeaStorm rewarding global social innovation July 2011 Michael Dell joins Google+ Jumps to #50 in followers, holds first Dell Hangout July 2010 Michael Dell on Dell Chatter Rolls it out company-wide July 2011 Dell launches global G+ site Feb 2012 Dell joins Pinterest October 2012 Dell launches Subject Matter Expert social program January 2013 Dell Launches Social Net Advocacy Real time social sentiment tool December 2012 Dell launches Social Media Services Group January 2011 Think Tank program launched October 2011 Dell launches phase two of VIP program Brings enhanced advocacy relationship to our most passionate community members October 2009 Dell joins Renren
  9. 9. 10 IdeaStorm Purpose Our goal through IdeaStorm is to give our customer an avenue to share their ideas on Dell Products, Services and Operations. Statistics • 60,000+ User Accounts • 20,000+ Ideas • 743,000+ Votes • 99,000+ Comments • 544+ ideas Implemented Value • Revenue from IdeaStorm members is ~50% higher than non-members • Purchase frequency is 33% higher • Higher Lifetime Value
  10. 10. Social Media Services Group How social media is embedded throughout Dell Listening impacts NPS, OpInc and Brand Product development • Feedback loop • Early warning • New product ideation Marketing • Demand forecast • Lead generation • Message reach Online presence • Ratings and reviews • Communities • Customer stories Sales • Collaboration • Thought leadership • Blogs Customer service • Listening • Support widgets • Outreach Communication • Rich media • Brand reputation • Influence • Reputation 11
  11. 11. Global Marketing Think of it as a tool, not a channel Observe - Listen - Engage - Act. It’s at the heart of all strategies…
  12. 12. Social Media Services Group Listening From 4,000 to 25,000 mentions per day (English only) 13 Social Media Services Group
  13. 13. Global Marketing Educating Employees: Social Media & Community University Principles Policy Processes Training & tools
  14. 14. Global Marketing
  15. 15. Global Marketing Make your employees worth following…
  16. 16. Global MarketingConfidential17 6/6/2014
  17. 17. Global MarketingConfidential18 6/6/2014
  18. 18. Global MarketingConfidential19 6/6/2014
  19. 19. Global Marketing When you rock, the world pays attention… Confidential20 6-6-2014
  20. 20. Global Marketing The quest for a single ROI? Business Value across the full customer lifecycle 21
  21. 21. Look across the entire customer lifecycle. It can be used everywhere … • Insight: Social media improves Dell’s reach and share of voice • Insight: Social Media provides high Business Value and contributes to demand gen vehicle • Insight: SM keeps customers engaged, provides solutions and improves loyalty. • Insight: Social media based support improves sentiment and correlates with higher revenue • Insight: Established causality between social media activity and purchase Awareness Research and Consideration Demand / Lead Gen and Sales Support CLV (loyalty) External Communities Our Communities
  22. 22. CSR: American Red Cross Disaster Operations Center – Powered by Dell
  23. 23. Global Marketing Final Thoughts • Trust is not a commodity. It cannot be bought, it must be earned • Embrace all channels of communications both offline and online and actively listen • Provide opportunities for your customers, advocates and employees to co-create and be part of your process. • Engagement and integrity are critical for success in building trust • Train your employees – and even offer a class on listening for insights and how to bring into the business
  24. 24. Global Marketing Key takeaways after 7 years of social media experience • Be customer-centric • Experiment • Make being social part of your culture
  25. 25. Global Marketing Thanks & Join the conversation @simoneversteegWerken bij Dell @DellNLTalent @DellLuistert