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Katten exchange2010 cs

  1. 1. Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Customer Solution Case Study Law Firm Provides Disaster Recovery While Reducing Costs with E-mail Upgrade Overview “I have been using Exchange Server 2010 and Outlook Country or Region: United States Industry: Professional services—Legal 2010 for e-mail since June and have been extremely services satisfied with the performance and the user experience. Customer Profile It is a robust, very stable platform.” Law firm Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP Alexander Diaz, Enterprise Development Manager, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP has over 600 attorneys in locations across the United States and an Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP offers legal counsel in 40 different affiliate in London. Its practice areas include corporate, financial services, areas of practice, including corporate, financial services, litigation, and real estate. litigation, real estate, and commercial finance. E-mail is a critical Business Situation communication tool for its 1,350 employees—650 attorneys and To provide disaster recovery and 700 administrative and support staff—who work in offices across address challenges with e-mail retention, Katten wanted to provide a the United States and in an affiliate in London. Katten wanted to highly available messaging improve site resiliency to avoid extended e-mail system outages environment that eased regulatory compliance. that were imposed by property management at their buildings for electrical and HVAC maintenance. Working with Microsoft® Solution Katten deployed Microsoft® Exchange Gold Certified Partner Project Leadership Associates, Katten Server 2010 to take advantage of deployed Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 to provide a highly improved compliance capabilities and to reduce e-mail downtime. available messaging environment that supported the compliance requirements of legal communications. The firm expects high e- Benefits • Less e-mail downtime mail availability, savings in storage costs, and a decrease in • Decreased compliance costs compliance costs. • Reduced storage costs • Reduced IT administration
  2. 2. “As a law firm, e-mail is Situation mailbox on an alternative server via a Founded in 1974, Katten Muchin third-party hosted service until their one of the critical Rosenman LLP employs 650 attorneys regular firm-provided e-mail service who provide an extensive range of legal could be restored. However, this applications that we services across numerous industries. The presented several issues around access can’t live without.” firm’s clients include one-third of the and security. First, a new mailbox without Fortune 100, as well as a number of data did not enable attorneys to Alexander Diaz, Enterprise Development government and nonprofit organizations continue working effectively, which Manager, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP and individuals. precluded the ability to provide good client service. Second, when a work e- Katten depends on secure and effective mail mailbox was down, an attorney communication between attorneys and might be tempted to use personal e-mail clients. Alexander Diaz, Enterprise for urgent communication instead of Development Manager at Katten Muchin waiting for IT to provision a new mailbox, Rosenman LLP, says, “As a law firm, e- putting sensitive legal information at risk. mail is one of the critical applications Diaz says, “Downtime costs us a lot in that we can’t live without.” Maximizing e- productivity, so redundancy is very mail availability at Katten is important to important for the firm. The attorneys help maintain a high level of client need access to e-mail to continue service and reduce response time for providing timely services to their clients.” critical inquires. Since mailbox sizes at Katten average The firm was using Microsoft® Exchange approximately 30 gigabytes (GB), a lot of Server 2003, and employees accessed e- storage is required. Katten uses a storage mail through the Microsoft Office area network (SAN) storage system with Outlook® 2003 messaging and fiber channel disks and redundant array collaboration client. The company had e- of inexpensive disks (RAID) 10 mail servers in its Chicago office and five redundancy for storage. This system is other locations. Each site used a two- expensive but necessary to provide the node cluster for high availability, but performance the firm requires in its there was no replication of data among Exchange Server 2003 environment. “The the sites. Diaz says, “Some sites, such as vast majority of our mobile devices are Los Angeles, face brownouts as well as BlackBerry. They are so I/O scheduled electrical outages. So we [input/output] intensive that it requires might have a complete system outage at the need to be on fast disks to minimize a given site, which directly impacts the impact,” explains Diaz. The large business in those locations. They can still mailbox sizes also affected the work on local documents, but e-mail is performance of the Office Outlook 2003 down for them.” Katten had begun using client. Attorneys complained that starting servers at a co-location facility to store a Outlook could take as long as five redundant copy of their litigation minutes, and Katten was looking for a practice data and wanted to be able to way to improve performance. use that site to provide disaster recovery for e-mail as well. As a law firm, Katten has stringent compliance, security, and litigation Without a robust disaster-recovery requirements. Diaz says, “We struggled solution in place, Katten could only with litigation holds. There have been provide e-mail users with a brand-new times we needed to be able to search
  3. 3. “Performance with large across multiple mailboxes, which was not Microsoft Forefront™ Protection 2010 for easy in the previous environment. IT Exchange Server. These servers will mailboxes greatly should be able to offload these tasks to perform antivirus checks on all e-mail the conflicts and records departments.” traffic destined in or out of the firm. In exceeds our order to provide redundancy for external expectations. With the Solution e-mail this role will have a redundant counterpart at the firm’s co-location site. To investigate a way to resolve its e-mail growing amount of data performance, storage, and compliance With Database Availability Groups that needs to be issues, Katten decided to participate in resolving its high-availability and the Rapid Deployment Program for disaster-recovery needs, Katten began retained, it is not Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. With looking at the other capabilities the help of Microsoft Gold Certified Exchange Server 2010 could provide. uncommon for us to Partner Project Leadership Associates, With Exchange Server 2010, Katten have 30-gigabyte plus Katten began testing Exchange Server administrators and compliance officers 2010 in April 2009 and found that the with the correct permissions can now use mailboxes.” solution was just what it was looking for. the Exchange Control Panel to perform Alexander Diaz, Enterprise Development “Exchange Server 2010 has increased our multi-mailbox searches for items such as Manager, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP ability to provide our customers with a messages, attachments, contacts, or very flexible and reliable messaging calendar entries. During conflict searches infrastructure,” explains Forrest McDuffie, or litigation investigations, Senior Consultant with Project administrators can save the search Leadership Associates. “Exchange Server results to a specified mailbox or store 2010 enables us to provide these options them for further investigation. more cost effectively than we could with Katten also will take advantage of previous versions of Exchange Server.” improved retention policies in Exchange A key Exchange Server 2010 capability Server 2010 to help satisfy corporate that has helped improve resiliency for policy requirements on communications. Katten is Database Availability Groups. Administrators can apply retention or Database Availability Groups combines expiration settings to specific items or on-site and off-site data replication into folders in a mailbox, at an organizational a single high-availability solution that or user level. The administrator helps protect its Exchange Server configures the policies, which are environment from downtime. Using displayed inside each e-mail, along with Database Availability Groups, Katten can a header message describing the policy implement high-availability and disaster- that has been applied. These headers recovery solutions for each office so that make it easier for employees to identify employees will not face interruptions in when an e-mail is set for expiration and service even if their sites experience a move it to another folder if they need to planned outage. Diaz says, “We will have retain it beyond the expiration policy. a redundant copy within each site and a Katten also plans to use Information replicated copy at the co-location facility. Rights Management to help safeguard With Exchange Server 2010, the failover sensitive information. is seamless.” With Role Based Access Control (RBAC), All Internet mail will be routed through Katten can delegate Exchange Server two Hub Transport servers running 2010 administration capabilities by
  4. 4. “We will have a creating specialty roles with Server 2010 even when someone breaks predetermined functions. Diaz says, “We the conversation, the conversation view redundant copy within found RBAC to be a huge benefit. That is maintains the thread and brings an something I have needed for a long otherwise disjointed conversation back in each site and a time—to have more granular rights for line.” He continues, “I also really like the replicated copy at the administrators and lower-level IT staff to new user interface in Outlook 2010. One do targeted tasks. Today we have a lot of of my favorite features is QuickSteps. co-location facility. With low-level administrators who execute With QuickSteps, I can easily automate mailbox moves or perform other some of the actions that I do frequently.” Exchange Server 2010, Exchange Server related administrative Katten has been testing the client the failover is seamless.” tasks. Previous versions of Exchange performance of Outlook 2010 along with Server would require giving them full Alexander Diaz, Enterprise Development the Windows® 7 operating system. Exchange Server administrator rights to Manager, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP “Regarding performance, if you are perform some of these routine tasks. running 64-bit Windows 7, it is blazingly Now we can easily provide the help desk fast. Microsoft did a bang-up job with additional access to create or modify these products. Performance with large distribution lists—some of the routine mailboxes greatly exceeds our tasks that would otherwise burden your expectations. With the growing amount more experienced Exchange Server of data that needs to be retained, it is administrators.” not uncommon for us to have 30- The firm will take advantage of the 90- gigabyte plus mailboxes, making these percent reduction in disk input/output performance improvements crucial to (I/O) compared to Exchange Server 2003, our business. I have been using Exchange by reducing the cost of the storage it Server 2010 and Outlook 2010 for e-mail uses on its SAN. “We’ll be able to use since June and have been extremely less expensive disks for the redundant satisfied with the performance and the copy at each site and in the co-location. user experience. It is a robust, very stable We will use SATA [Serial Advanced platform,” says Diaz. Technology Attachment] instead of fiber Katten also would like to increase the channel disks and will also use RAID 5 number of employees using Windows instead of RAID 10 for the secondary phones with Windows Mobile® 6.5 to copies,” says Diaz. The use of RAID 5 will reduce the I/O impact and security reduce the amount of storage needed to concerns of mobile devices accessing help protect against hardware or site mail on its e-mail servers. Diaz says, “We failures. are trying to expand the use of Windows Attorneys at Katten will benefit from phones and would like to expand the use some of the new user capabilities of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync® provided by Exchange Server 2010. The technology. During the development of Conversation View is useful because it our new Exchange Server 2010 collapses the conversation and can even environment we have also been testing pull together messages that have been the features and functionality of saved in different folders. Diaz says, Windows Mobile 6.5. Overall, the “Let’s say you are out of the office and experience has been nicer on Windows you get ten e-mails on the same thread. Mobile 6.5 than experienced on previous Before, you would spend time looking versions. The phones are receiving e-mail for the end of the thread. With Exchange as quickly as it shows up on the mailbox
  5. 5. server. It is almost instantaneous.” Reduced Storage Costs Windows Mobile 6.5 also delivers many With the upgrade to Exchange Server of the same new features included in 2010, Katten will use less expensive Outlook 2010 and Outlook Web App, storage for redundant copies of the data providing a consistent user experience while maintaining similar performance to across the clients. the primary copy. Diaz says, “Our storage costs for e-mail will be considerably less. The number of disks in the RAID sets will Benefits be much greater, with 1-terabyte drives With its deployment of Exchange Server in a RAID 5 configuration providing more 2010, Katten looks forward to several available storage. With RAID 10, we used benefits that will improve its attorneys’ up a lot of disks. Exchange Server 2010 ability to serve clients. The firm expects eliminates the need to use more costly less e-mail downtime, decreased storage configurations.” compliance costs, reduced storage costs, and reduced administrative time. Reduced IT Administration With Exchange Server 2010, IT can safely Reduced E-mail Downtime delegate many of the less complex Diaz says, “The main goal for the administrative tasks such as distribution Exchange Server 2010 deployment is to lists or mailbox moves to the help desk provide high-availability and business personnel or less experienced IT staff. continuity functionality.” He continues, More experienced administrators would “With Exchange Server 2010, failover is then be free to spend additional time seamless.” With improvements enabled resolving complex support issues. Thanks by the use of Database Availability to Exchange Server 2010, Katten Groups to provide site redundancy at its administrators can move mailboxes co-location facility, Katten attorneys can between databases without taking users continue to use e-mail without offline. Employees will be happy because interruption, making them more they can continue to send and receive responsive to client needs and enabling mail without interruption, and IT them to meet critical deadlines. administrators will appreciate the ability Decreased Compliance Costs to perform mailbox moves during normal With Exchange Server 2010, Katten is business hours. reducing the time and cost of e-mail and “With the help of Project Leadership records compliance. With the Exchange Associates, Katten has created a unified Control Panel for multi-mailbox searches communications environment that helps and RBAC, compliance officers and to improve the quality and reliability of administrators can better track, its e-mail platform for its attorneys and investigate, and manage the support staff. This solution will provide communications related to litigation the firm with improved client servicing holds. The time spent on compliance and productivity,” says Diaz. activities related to e-mail will decrease, reducing the need for IT involvement. With improved rights management and retention policies, the firm will enhance the ability to protect its intellectual property.
  6. 6. For More Information Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 For more information about Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 can help you products and services, call the achieve better business outcomes while Microsoft Sales Information Center at controlling the costs of deployment, (800) 426-9400. In Canada, call the administration, and compliance. Microsoft Canada Information Centre Exchange Server delivers the widest at (877) 568-2495. Customers in the range of deployment options, integrated United States and Canada who are information leakage protection, and deaf or hard-of-hearing can reach advanced compliance capabilities, which Microsoft text telephone (TTY/TDD) combine to form the best messaging and services at (800) 892-5234. Outside the collaboration solution available. 50 United States and Canada, please contact your local Microsoft subsidiary. For more information about Microsoft To access information using the World Exchange Server 2010, go to: Wide Web, go to: www.microsoft.com/exchange www.microsoft.com For more information about Microsoft For more information about Project Unified Communications, go to: Leadership Associates products and www.microsoft.com/uc services, call (312) 441-0077 or visit the Web site at: www.projectleadership.net For more information about Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP products and services, call (312) 902-5200 or visit the Web site at: www.kattenlaw.com Software and Services • Microsoft Office • Microsoft Server Product Portfolio − Microsoft Outlook 2010 − Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 • Windows Mobile 6.5 − Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 Partners • Project Leadership Associates This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY. Document published November 2009