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Community health-network-saves-time-improves-the-performance-of-its-servicesl

  1. 1. Microsoft Business Intelligence Customer Solution Case Study Community Health Network saves time and improves the performance of its IT services using a Microsoft Business Intelligence solutionOverviewThe organization: Established over half a century ago, “Thanks to our Microsoft Business Intelligence solution, our ITIndianapolis-based Community Health Network is a organization is now better equipped to meet our service levelleading non-profit health care system. With over 10,000 agreements and provide increased support to our business units.”employees, 1,000 physicians, and five hospitals, Rick Copple, Chief Technology Officer, Community Health NetworkCommunity Health Network focuses on improving thehealth and well-being of Indiana residents. Theorganization ranks among the top integrated health care Community Health Network has been providing quality healthcarenetworks in the nation. to Indiana residents since 1956. The health care system prides itself on offering expert physicians, advanced treatments, andThe challenge: Community Health Network believes leading-edge technology that can get patients back to their normalmembers of the community have a right to know about lives as quickly as possible. With five hospitals and over 70 otherthe organization’s quality of care—and how it compares care sites, Community Health Network is ranked among the top 20to national performance goals. However, translating this integrated health care networks in the United States.same vigorous reporting approach to its IT departmenthas been difficult, and the Cognos solution it adoptedwas not only difficult to use, but failed to provide the Central to Community Health Network’s mission is a dedication todetailed benchmarking IT staff needed. keeping patients and visitors informed of and involved with their health care decisions. The health system also publishes onlineThe solution: Turning to Microsoft and employing the quality report cards showing how its hospitals compare to nationalimplementation expertise of Project Leadership performance goals. Top executives at Community Health NetworkAssociates, Community Health Network finally got the desired to extend this same information transparency throughoutBusiness Intelligence (BI) solution it needed to drive its IT organization and decided to adopt a Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) solution based on Microsoft® Officeimprovements throughout the IT organization. With anintuitive dashboard at its disposal, the organization’s ITdepartment can easily monitor numerous service metrics PerformancePoint™ Server 2007.and improve the organization’s performance. With its Microsoft BI solution, Community Health Network’s IT organization can now track, monitor, and analyze its performance against the service level agreements (SLAs) it has with nine different business units within the health care system. IT managers must no longer manually print reports from an unwieldy Cognos system to see whether they are meeting SLAs. They can simply access the Microsoft BI dashboard via Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server to view a wide range of IT service metrics, such as number of support tickets, network uptime, and support calls abandoned. In addition, IT managers can track individual employee performance and identify process changes for improving productivity.
  2. 2. Overcoming Cognos access to service metrics. “For example, we As a shared services organization, want our home care division to see how many Community Health Network’s IT department calls they made to the help desk and what cares a lot about performance. It strives to our response time was on those services,” continually meet SLAs with the nine business explains Copple. “And as an IT organization, units that comprise the Community Health we need to see if any of those calls point to a Network. However, it hasn’t always been easy larger issue—like whether we should do to track performance against SLAs. training on a particular technology or whether“Quote.” a piece of new hardware isn’t working“We are very pleased “We had no way of knowing how we were properly. We want to be proactive rather than doing on our service levels,” explains Rick reactive.”with the Microsoft BIName, title, Company Name Copple, chief technology officer at Communitysolution. It’s helping us Health Network. “We’ve been working on Trusting Microsoftsave time, improve our solving this problem for close to four years.” When it became clear that Cognos couldn’t deliver what Community Health Networkprocesses, and deploy What Community Health Network’s IT needed, it was natural for the organization toour staff more organization did know was that it needed an turn to Microsoft. “We have almost every IT scorecard to benchmark its services. After Microsoft product you can imagine,” saysefficiently.” trying a variety of solutions, Community Copple. “We are a large Microsoft shop.” Health Network landed on Cognos becauseRick Copple, chief technology officer, its outsourced help desk used the system. Not only did the Microsoft BI solution offerCommunity Health Network But frustration soon followed. “It was very the features and ease of use Community complicated, not intuitive, and extremely Health Network wanted, it easily integrated slow,” says Copple. “The Cognos system with the IT organization’s existing Microsoft wasn’t well designed from a data tools. “What really struck us was its management standpoint—and data wasn’t architecture and user interface,” explains properly aligned. If there was a change in Copple. “We could tie it to SharePoint and organizational hiearchies, for example, it Office products—it just made sense.” wasn’t changed throughout the entire Cognos environment. In the end, we struggled with The ability to use the solution with Excel was inaccurate data, very poor system also a huge selling point for Community performance, and inefficient analytical Health Network. “It’s nice that we can pull our power.” data into Excel and manipulate it there, if needed,” continues Copple. “Most of our IT With the Cognos system, Community Health folks and even our customers understand Network’s IT organization wasted a lot of time Excel, so the Microsoft BI solution was a trying to work around these issues, which put natural transition for us.” additional strain on the IT staff. “We had to manually print reports out of Cognos and take Microsoft BI Helps Boost them to monthly meetings with our Performance customers so they’d know how we were doing Project Leadership Associates (PLA), a Gold with our SLAs,” says Copple. Certified partner and full service business and IT consulting firm with deep Microsoft BI Community Health Network’s goal was to expertise, built Community Health Network’s implement a system that would not only help BI solution. Based on Microsoft the IT organization track its own performance PerformancePoint Server 2007, the solution and meet SLAs, but give business units direct leverages Microsoft SQL Server 2005
  3. 3. RDBMS, Analysis Services, Reporting Services, and Integration Services. It also Users can access the scorecards and integrates with Community Health Network’s dashboards through SharePoint, and bring Microsoft Office applications, and utilizes data into Excel for further analysis. Because Microsoft Office SharePoint Server to deliver data is pulled into the Microsoft BI solution PerformancePoint dashboards and every evening, it’s easy to stay on top of scorecards to users. actual versus target IT performance. Transitioning from Cognos to Microsoft BI was Exercising Analytic Power straightforward. Leaning on its Microsoft What Copple’s team likes the most is the“Because the Microsoft expertise, PLA worked with the user analytic power of its new Microsoft BI community to clearly define the requirements solution. “My staff is drilling down to see howBI products are for the solution, completing the proof of their teams respond to help tickets—who isintegrated with the concept in just 10 days and finishing the full closing tickets and who isn’t—and whetherOffice products and are implementation in just eight weeks. By working closely with the user community, PLA we’re meeting service levels or not,” says Copple. “We can evaluate everything fromstraightforward to use, was able to accurately design intuitive our overall organizational results all the waywe needed to conduct dashboards and scorecards with the desired down to the nitty-gritty of employee information for effective performance performance.”only a couple of monitoring. Ramp up time for Communityeducation sessions for Health Network’s employees was negligible, “We can look at data along so many thanks to the solution’s familiar, easy-to-use dimensions: date, time, customerthe end users. People interface. satisfaction, employee, support ticket, andjust picked it up assets, for example,” says Copple. “We canthemselves—they “Because the Microsoft BI products are slice and dice data so many different ways integrated with the Office products and are that we really understand how we are doing.”grasped the solution straightforward to use, we needed to conductintuitively.” only a couple of education sessions for the Accessing Data end users,” says Mike Tworek, solution group The combined solution of Microsoft BI leader for Microsoft BI solutions at PLA. technology and the effectively designed dataMike Tworek, Microsoft solutions groupleader, Project Leadership Associates “People just picked it up themselves—they architecture from PLA has also solved grasped the solution intuitively.” another problem: the time-consuming manual work required when site directors, who act as Now Community Health Network’s IT IT representatives at business units, needed organization can measure its performance in data. Previously, when site directors needed several areas: asset uptime, ticket to give customers information on IT issues, assignment and resolution, customer they had to call the IT desktop manager to satisfaction, and support call activity. While IT retrieve it. The IT desktop manager ran a personnel and the business units they serve report in Cognos and then manipulated it the access the same data and KPIs, the way the site director requested—a seven day information can be filtered to meet the needs process. of individual users. With the Microsoft BI solution, site directors “Our customers can review, at any time, our can access the data through SharePoint performance against their SLAs,” says themselves, pull it into Excel in the format Copple. “They no longer need to wait for our they want, and give it to their customers. “It’s monthly meetings.”
  4. 4. For More Information a matter of hours, instead of a week,” says sit down with each business unit and showFor more information about Microsoft Copple. them the value of our service offerings,” saysproducts and services, call the Microsoft Copple. “We have the accurate and detailedSales Information Center at (800) 426- Enjoying Results information we need to sell and defend our9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft Soon after Community Health Network services.”Canada Information Centre at (877) 568- implemented its Microsoft BI solution, it2495. Customers who are deaf or hard-of- started realizing results. The IT management In the future, the IT organization hopes tohearing can reach Microsoft text telephone team immediately had access to new metrics augment IT service metrics with financial(TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234 in to help monitor and improve performance. metrics. “We want to show our customersthe United States or (905) 568-9641 in their entire portfolio of assets and relatedCanada. Outside the 50 United States and “We have a handle on what our staff is doing costs,” says Copple. “If they can watch in realCanada, please contact your local and how much time they spend completing time whether their IT costs are going up orMicrosoft subsidiary. specific tasks,” says Copple. “We now have down, they can really understand the benefits metrics on support calls—such as length of of our services from every angle.”To access information using the World the support call and call abandonment rate—Wide Web, go to: and can track response time against our “We are very pleased with the Microsoft BI SLAs. At any time, we can get a quick solution,” concludes Copple. “It’s helping usFor more information about Project snapshot of how we are doing and where we save time, improve our processes, and deployLeadership Associates, visit the Web site need to make adjustments.” our staff more efficiently. Thanks to Microsoftat: and Project Leadership Associates, we’re The solution has also helped Community boosting productivity and are better equipped Health Network’s IT organization identify how to meet our SLAs.” it needs to change processes to be more efficient. “The Microsoft BI solution shed light Microsoft Business Intelligence on some problems with our outsourced help Microsoft provides an end-to-end, enterprise- desk,” explains Copple. “It helped us see that grade, and cost-effective BI solution utilizing our after-hours support had some problems. the intuitive Microsoft Office 2007 suite and Teams weren’t closing tickets in a timely robust BI components of SQL Server 2005 to fashion, even though they completed the enable decision makers throughout the work. Thanks to the insights from Microsoft organization to drive increased performance. BI, we know how we need to change behavior.” For more information about the Microsoft Business Intelligence solution, go to: Community Health Network’s IT leadership can also use its Microsoft BI solution to sell its services back to business units. “We can Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Software and Services Products − Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 − Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Enterprise - Integration Services 2005 - Analysis Services 2005 - Reporting Services 2005© 2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This casestudy is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES − Microsoft Office Excel 2007NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY. − Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007Document published May, 2008
  5. 5. Server 2007Office PerformancePoint Server 2007provides all of the functionality that is neededfor performance management includingscorecards, dashboards, managementreporting, analytics, planning, budgeting,forecasting, and consolidation. Theapplication reaches all employees, across allbusiness functions (finance, operations,marketing, sales, and human resources).For more information about the MicrosoftOffice PerformancePoint Server 2007, go