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Machine Intelligence Showcase Feb 2017


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Project Juno's second Machine Intelligence showcase

Published in: Technology
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Machine Intelligence Showcase Feb 2017

  1. 1. With thanks to our sponsors... Machine Intelligence Showcase #JunoShowcase @ProjectJunoAI
  2. 2. Machine Intelligence Showcase Project Juno 28 February 2017
  3. 3. Without Further Ado... Part 1 ● Welcome from the Digital Catapult (Anat Elhalal) ● Jérôme Pesenti, CEO, BenevolentTech, the technology arm of BenevolentAI (Harnessing the power of AI to accelerate global scientific discovery) ● John Macpherson, CEO, BMLL Technologies (Bayesian Machine Learning on the Limit Order Book) ● Frederick Cheung, CTO Dressipi (Personalised recommendation engine for fashion consumers) ● Dr. Tristan Fletcher, Co-founder, Informed Actions (Real time scheduling and forecasting in operations and facilities management). Part 2 after short break ● A word about CASTS (John Spindler / Nathan McNally) ● Roy Moussa, Co-founder, Qopius (AI Quantitative Finance platform). ● Rob Taylor, CEO, reconfigure (Cloud based FPGA acceleration with Go). ● Owen Nicholson, CEO, Slamcore (Next-Generation SLAM). ● Zbigniew Wojna, Founder, Tensorflight (Drones + Vision). More networking... @projectjunoai #JunoShowcase
  4. 4. With thanks to our sponsors... Machine Intelligence Showcase #JunoShowcase @ProjectJunoAI
  5. 5. After 9:00pm… Meet at Mabel’s Tavern Around the Corner Mabels Tavern 9 Mabledon Place, London, WC1H 9AZ Towards King’s Cross
  6. 6. Contact & Feedback @projectjunoai #JunoShowcase
  7. 7. Project Juno @ProjectJunoAI Laure Andrieux @LaureAndrieux Libby Kinsey @LibbyKinsey Machine Intelligence Showcase, 28 February 2017 Sebastian Spiegler @SRSpiegler