Screen Innovations is the leader in projection screen technology. Each screen we produce meets exceedingly tight...

   Reference Series “Motorized & Fixed”                                 Performance Series...
Screen Science Simplified

                      The days of educated guessing are now a thing of the past. SI has create...
Si Screens 2009 2010 Brochure2
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Si Screens 2009 2010 Brochure2


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Si Screens 2009 2010 Brochure2

  1. 1. ABOUT SI Screen Innovations is the leader in projection screen technology. Each screen we produce meets exceedingly tight tolerances and delivers the stunning visuals we require.SI projector screens address evolving consumer demands for performance, value, and visual appeal-each strategically aligned with today’s high definition projector trends. A key example of this is the new Black Diamond™ screen. Black Diamond enhances projector performance by creating the ultimate contrast (blacker black, whiter whites) and color accuracy (with added vibrant color delivery) in both light and dark environments. Black Diamond was recently reviewed as having over 900% more contrast compared to a white or gray screen. Get the latest reviews at www.screeninnovations.com/reviews White Screen Gray Screen Every customer should own the projection experience. Over the last 50 years source material and projector technology has increased significantly while screen technology has remained almost unchanged. Until now there have been no paradigm shifts in the projection screen business. Black Diamond is the first screen solution that allows front projection to succeed in both dark and light environments. Check out the latest Black Diamond screen videos online. Seeing is Believing... Watch The Black Diamond Video www.screeninnovations.com
  2. 2. SOLUTIONS FOR ALL CUSTOMERS Reference Series “Motorized & Fixed” Performance Series “Motorized & Fixed” Sensation Series “Fixed, Pull Down, & Up” Reference Series products set the industry standard for high-end Performance Series products set the standard for value and Sensation Series products offer high quality at aggressive custom screen products. Every innovative screen design is quality. With our Performance Series you will meet your price points. Sensation products are the perfect solution for custom tailored for specific job applications. customers budget while exceeding their expectations. entry level projector / screen bundles. SI’s new Reference Motorized II is the most elegant motorized SI’s new luxurious Performance Motorized III projection screen Sensation fixed offers a 2.5” velvet wrapped frame with projection screen available today. You can now quietly enjoy now includes the latest Somfy quiet-motor technology. our standard matte white screen material. Sensation fixed your home theater in less than 12 seconds with the new ESI Standard amenities include 12 volt trigger, Wall Switch, IR / frames are constructed from high quality aluminum extruded “Electronic Solutions Inc” high speed ultra quiet motor. The new remote, and 24” inches of extra black drop. With all the bells frames. Mounting and installation is quick and easy. “state-of-the-art” ESI motor emits only 3db over average home and whistles included, Performance Motorized offers you most noise with a high-speed of 34-rpm. The motorized projection cutting edge motorized projection screen technology for a Need projection on the fly? SI’s portable screens are the experience has never been so cool. stunning price! quick and easy solution for presentations and portable cinema. Flip out the stabilizing feet, extend the screen, and in The new Reference Motorized design has also eliminated the Performance Motorized less than a minute your screen is ready for action. Portable’s need for a flush mount chassis. Simply select flush or external Screen Sizes - 16:9 - 80”, 92”, 100”, 106”, 110”, 119”, 133” are available in pull-up and pull-down formats. installation. No additional parts or costs exist. Screen Sizes - 4:3 - 77”, 84”, 90”, 96”, 100”, 110” 120” Sensation Portable Pull-Down Currently Reference Motorized includes all screen materials Performance fixed screen models lead the industry with both 16:9 - 80”, 92”, 100”, 106” except Black Diamond. Lunar Gray HD and Gamma HD screen material options. SI’s 4:3 - 84”, 100”, 110”, 117” patented “EZ-Snap”™ tensioning system makes installation a Reference fixed frames utilize SI’s new Ez-Snap system for elastic breeze. Performance Fixed screens include a beautiful velvet Sensation Portable Pull-Up materials and the new patented Bungee system for Black wrapped 2.75” aluminum extruded frame. 16:9 - 60”, 80” Diamond and Acoustic materials. Both systems are backward 4:3 - 60”, 80” compatible allowing customers to upgrade their screen for Performance Fixed future environment compatibility. Screen Sizes from 80”-133”’ in 16:9 ratio Sensation Fixed Screen Sizes from 80”-133”’ in 16:10 ratio 16:9 - 80”, 92”, 100”, 106”, 110”, 119” All Reference Fixed products are available CURVED. Custom Screen Sizes from 77”-120” in 4:3 ratio Matte White 1.0 screen material CURVE radii are available upon request. Screen Sizes from 80”-133” in 2.40:1 / 2.35:1 ratio 2.5” Velvet Frame Standard All sizes and aspect ratios are custom... VISIT THE WEBSITE FOR A VIEW
  3. 3. Screen Science Simplified The days of educated guessing are now a thing of the past. SI has created the Screen Wizard as the simplest way for an end user or professional AV installer to maximize picture quality by selecting the best screen surface for their projector, screen size, and light environment to get a SMTPE standard picture. Will your projector fit the available space? What about your screen? What screen material should I use? To find out, use our Projector Wizard & Screen Wizard by following these 3 easy steps. SI’s cutting edge HD screen materials will change the way you experience home theater. We have the most advanced technologies to maximize every environment imaginable. Black Diamond 1.4 Black Diamond .8 Rear-Pro HD Lunar Maestro HD Gamma Maestro HD Gamma HD Solar HD Lunar HD CONTACT US FOR TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE :: 2105 Denton Dr | Austin, TX 78758 | p(512) 832-6939 f(512) 832-6136 | www.screeninnovations.com