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Webinar on PRINCE2 + Agile - by Ashish Dhoke (projectingIT)


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This is a Webinar given by Ashish Dhoke (Managing Consultant @ projectingIT) as a guest speaker for APMG International.

Topic of this Webinar is "Integrating Managment and Delivery using PRINCE2 + Agile"

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Webinar on PRINCE2 + Agile - by Ashish Dhoke (projectingIT)

  1. 1. www.apmg- Welcome to this APMG-International WebinarPRINCE2 + Agile = Management & Delivery
  2. 2. Welcome & Agenda• Welcome & Introduction• About APMG-International• About your presenter – Ashish Dhoke• THE KEY CONTENT• Questions & Answers• How to find out more• Close
  3. 3. About APMG-International• Global Examination & Accreditation Institute• Official accreditation/qualification body for Cabinet Office (formally OGC) PPM portfolio• Full portfolio of professional management qualifications• Accredit ATOs & ACOs (250)• HQ in UK; Operational offices in 9 countries• Over 15,000 examinations sat every month• Full details at
  4. 4. Presenter• Ashish Dhoke – over 15 years of experience in delivering IT solutions. Has managed software projects using PRINCE2 and Agile.• APMG-International accredited PRINCE2 and Agile Project Management trainer.• Ashish is a PMP and P3O certified practitioner.• Currently working as a Project Management Consultant and Trainer• Good experience and knowledge of using Agile, Scrum and Microsoft Software Framework for delivering software projects.• Ashish is a lead trainer at projectingIT for PRINCE2 and Agile
  5. 5. Purpose of this Presentation Describe how projects within a “PRINCE2” environment can be delivered in an “Agile” way
  6. 6. Contents• Overview of PRINCE2®• Overview of Agile• Why bring them Together?• How they can work Together?• APMG Agile Project Management Qualifications
  7. 7. Introducing...
  8. 8. Agile Project Management Source• Agile Project Management is based on DSDM Atern – DSDM - The oldest established Agile approach • Originally launched in 1995 – Owned by The DSDM Consortium • A not-for-profit collegiate organization • – Established and proven integration between *DSDM®Atern® and **PRINCE2®*DSDM and Atern are Registered Trade Marks of Dynamic Systems Development Method Limited in the United Kingdom and other countries** PRINCE2® is a Registered Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce in the United Kingdom and other countries.
  9. 9. Contents• Overview of PRINCE2®• Overview of Agile• Why bring them Together?• How they can work Together?• APMG Agile Project Management Qualifications
  10. 10. The PRINCE2 Framework Principles Templates Themes Tailoring Processes Roles
  11. 11. Principles of PRINCE2Continued Business JustificationDefined Roles and ResponsibilitiesLearn from ExperienceManage by StagesManage by ExceptionFocus on ProductsTailor to suite the Project Environment Good Practices
  12. 12. The PRINCE2 Journey Initiation Subsequent Final Pre-project Stage Delivery Stage(s) Delivery Stage Directing a ProjectDirecting SU SB SB CPManaging IP Controlling a Stage Controlling a Stage Managing Product Managing ProductDelivering Delivery Delivery
  13. 13. Delivery of a Stage Controlling a StageManaging Work Package PM Products Work Package Product Descriptions Team Plan Checkpoint ReportDelivering TM Issues Managing Product Delivery
  14. 14. Why we need Agile?
  15. 15. PRINCE2 does not include the mechanics of “Delivery”
  16. 16. Rationale for using Atern.. Communication Problems Delayed ROI Late Delivery Challenges Delivered Changing solutions isn’t Minds really what was required Unused Features
  17. 17. Understanding Project VariablesIf you hit aWhat is Driving the Project? Problem, where do you Negotiate?
  18. 18. Traditional Project Management BA DesignStakeholders Developer PM WP SME/ UAT Tester
  19. 19. With Atern.. BA Solution Tester Business Visionary Solution Developer Project Manager TL Bus AmbassadorStakeholders Tech Coordinator The Team
  20. 20. The Structure of Atern
  21. 21. The Basics of Atern
  22. 22. Focus on Business Needs • Business Roles • Business Products • MoSCoW Prioritization • Timeboxing Atern Principles
  23. 23. Deliver on Time • MoSCoW Prioritization • Timeboxing Atern Principles
  24. 24. Collaborate • Business Roles • Facilitated Workshops Atern Principles
  25. 25. Never Comprise Quality • Testing Products • Early and Integrated Testing • Regular Reviews throughout Lifecycle • MoSCoW • Timeboxing Atern Principles
  26. 26. Build Incrementally from firm Foundations • The Lifecycle • Feasibility and Foundations • Exploration and Engineering Atern Principles
  27. 27. Develop Iteratively “If I had asked users what they • Iterations they would want, • Reviews have said... Faster Horses” – Henry Ford Atern Principles
  28. 28. Communicate Continuously and Clearly • User involvement and empowerment • Stand-up and Facilitated Workshops • Clearly defined Roles • User Involvement • Models and Prototypes • Early Instances of Solution Visible Atern Principles
  29. 29. Demonstrate Control • Timeboxing • Reviews • Planning Products Atern Principles
  30. 30. The Atern Lifecycle ProcessesStage Plans Work Package Team Plans
  31. 31. Directing Level BusinessAtern Roles Sponsor Project Business Project TechnicalManagement Level Visionary Manager Coordinator Team Business Leader Advisor Development SolutionTeam Level Solution Developer Business Ambassador Business Solution Analyst Tester OtherOthers Workshop Facilitator Atern Coach
  32. 32. Atern Practices
  33. 33. The Integrated ModelGovernance and Control Solution Development Managing Product Delivery
  34. 34. PRINCE2 AgileMacro Level Controls Micro Level Controls
  35. 35. What we will Discuss..• Overview of PRINCE2®• Overview of Agile• Why bring them Together?• How they can work Together?• APMG Agile Project Management Qualifications
  36. 36. APMG Agile Project Management• Simple Multi Choice Exam• Duration of Exam = 1 Hour• Total Questions = 60• Pass Mark is 30 (50%)• APMG Agile Project Management Foundation Certificate Foundation Certification
  37. 37. APMG Agile Project Management• Complex Multiple Choice Objective Style• Duration = 2 hour• 4 Questions of 15 Marks each• Pass Mark is 30 [50%]• Open Book Exam – Agile Project Management Book• Passing APMG Agile Project Management or DSDM Foundation is a pre-requisite Practitioner Certification
  38. 38. About projectingIT• APMG Accredited Training Organization for PRINCE2 and Agile Project Management• Project Management Trainings• Customized Learning Solutions for Corporate• eLearning and Online Learning Services• Experts in Microsoft Project Server• Interested to know more about PRINCE2 and Agile? Contact• Visit us:
  39. 39. Finally...PRINCE2 = Management and Control Agile = Delivery and Development
  41. 41. How to find out more...• About APMG-International •• PRINCE2 •• Agile Project Management •• APMG-International ATOs •
  42. 42. www.apmg- Thank you for attending! Find out more at our