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The prince2 team


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The prince2 team

  1. 1. The PRINCE2 Team Presented by Ashish Dhoke, PRINCE2 trainer @ projectingIT, a PRINCE2 ATO PRINCE2® is a registered trade mark of the Cabinet Office The PRINCE2 Team
  2. 2. Discuss PRINCE2 - benefits and strengths AGILE - benefits and strengths The PRINCE2 project Why integrate? management team structure, roles and their responsibilities Integrating PRINCE2 and AGILE The PRINCE2 Team
  3. 3. About ME Ashish Dhoke, PMP PRINCE2 and Agile trainer PMO / Project management consultant Around 17 years work experience Software project management Lead trainer and consultant @ projectingIT The PRINCE2 Team
  4. 4. PRINCE2 brings together... People Processes Products The PRINCE2 Team
  5. 5. People The PRINCE2 Team
  6. 6. Initiation Stage Pre-project Subsequent delivery stage(s) Final Delivery Stage Directing a Project Directing SU SB Managing Delivering IP SB CP Controlling a Stage Controlling a Stage Managing Product Delivery Managing Product Delivery Processes The PRINCE2 Team
  7. 7. Products The PRINCE2 Team
  8. 8. People Processes Products The PRINCE2 Team
  9. 9. A stakeholder is anyone who is affected or can affect the project The PRINCE2 Team
  10. 10. t rojec P Executive nager Ma WHO DOES WHAT Senior User Defined roles and responsibilities Senior Supplier The PRINCE2 Team
  11. 11. project interests The PRINCE2 Team
  12. 12. Customer / Supplier environment The PRINCE2 Team
  13. 13. The Project Board Senior User Executive Senior Supplier Together they provide management Represent those who’ll PAY for the project Represent those who’ll DELIVERproducts Represent those who’ll USE the the products control and direction The PRINCE2 Team
  14. 14. Project management team Directing - Project Board Managing - Project Manager Delivering - Team Manager The levels of Management Corporate or Programme management The PRINCE2 Team
  15. 15. The project management team structure Corporate or programme management Project Board Senior User(s) Business, User and Supplier Project Assurance Executive Project Manager Team Manager(s) Senior Supplier(s) Change Authority Project Support Team Members The PRINCE2 Team
  16. 16. Executive .I