1 Discover: Leadership Is Stewardship


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1 Discover: Leadership Is Stewardship

  1. 1. Leadership is Stewardship (Lesson 1) ESBI Mentality (A Bible Based Financial Literacy Teaching)
  2. 2. Leadership Is Stewardship Understanding God’s Principles for Financial Stewardship “If you have not been faithful in the use of [worldly wealth], who will entrust the true riches to you?” (Luke 16:11 NASB)
  3. 3. Leadership, Ownership, and Stewardship God’s Part: • God is the OWNER of EVERYTHING. • God is in CONTROL. • God will provide for our NEEDS.
  4. 4. Our Part: 1. We are stewards of GOD’S possessions. 2. We are to be FAITHFUL. Leadership, Ownership, and Stewardship
  5. 5. Our Part: When we are faithful, we will BENEFIT in three ways: We will grow closer to Jesus Christ. We will develop godly character. We will begin to have financial stability. Leadership, Ownership, and Stewardship
  6. 6. John Wesley’s Financial Rules 1. EARN All You Can 2. SAVE All You Can 3. GIVE All You Can
  7. 7. Earn All You Can The Ant: 1. Initiative --The ant needs no ruler to tell it to work. 2. Industry --The ant works hard preparing food for the future. 3. Integrity --The ant does not labor for money or selfish gain.
  8. 8. Save All You Can 1. Save only if you are also GIVING. 2. Save REGULARLY. 3. Why Save? • Save for unexpected EMERGENCIES. • Save for longer-term NEEDS. • Save for major PURCHASES. • Save for PLANNED GIVING. 1. AVOID get-rich-quick plans and gambling.
  9. 9. Give All You Can 1. Give to your CHURCH. 2. Give to other MINISTRIES. 3. Give to the POOR.
  10. 10. The Blessings of Giving 1. Giving DRAWS OUR HEARTS toward Christ. 2. Giving DEVELOPS GODLY CHARACTER and makes us like Jesus. 3. Giving allows us to put our TREASURES IN HEAVEN. 4. Giving can produce a MATERIAL INCREASE to the giver.
  11. 11. Remove all DEBT as Fast as You Can!
  12. 12. What Scripture Says about Debt 1. Debt is DISCOURAGED. (Romans 13:8) 2. Debt is considered SLAVERY. (Proverbs 22:7) 3. Debt PRESUMES on the future. (James 4:13-15)
  13. 13. What Scripture Says about Debt 4. In the Old Testament debt was a CURSE for disobedience. (Habakkuk 2:5-8) 5. Freedom from debt was a REWARD for obedience. (Deut. 28:1-2,12,15,43-44)
  14. 14. God Has Established the Standard of Honesty 1. God wants us to be COMPLETELY honest. 2. Truthfulness is one of God’s ATTRIBUTES. 3. We cannot be DISHONEST and love God. 4. We cannot be DISHONEST and love our neighbor.
  15. 15. God Has Established the Standard of Honesty 5. Integrity PLEASES God. 6. Integrity PROVIDES security. 7. Integrity ESTABLISHES credibility for ministry. 8. Integrity PROVIDES guidance from God.
  16. 16. Honesty is Required for Leaders 1. A dishonest leader PRODUCES dishonest followers. 2. Dishonesty should DISQUALIFY a person from leadership. 3. Integrity PROLONGS leadership. 4. Integrity is important even in SMALL things.
  17. 17. Three Truths 1. Your money and possessions are a TOOL. 2. Your money and possessions are a TEST. 3. Your money and possessions are a TRADEMARK.
  18. 18. Let Us Pray !