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Pgi sp kit

  1. 1. Partner and Sponsorship Kit T: 909.576.1411 E:
  2. 2. The Story Project Gulf Impact came together after weeks of planning by team member Matt Smith before departing from California. Using the power of social media, Matt came in contact with Gavin Garrison and Heather Rally, with the mission of telling the truth about the hazardous health effects being faced by people down in the Gulf. The project has already conducted a diverse set of interviews, ranging from fishermen and restaurant owners to biologists, environmentalists, toxicologists, veterinarians and representatives from federal agencies. Social media keeps bringing to the surface more heartbreaking stories.
  3. 3. Mission Project Gulf Impact’s mission is to document the economic, environmental and human health impacts of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. This Project seeks to provide a voice for residents of the Gulf and hopes to capture the social, political and environmental climate surrounding one of the greatest environmental disasters of our time.
  4. 4. Goals Project Gulf Impact has three simple goals: 1. Get back down to the Gulf immediately; 2. Work with partners there to set up a headquarters to manage the information resources and relief efforts of the organization, working with vetted non-profit professionals who are supporting our startup efforts; and 3. Report from the scene, putting together a documentary film that will tell the story of the hazardous health effects of the BP oil spill.
  5. 5. How You Can Help Project Gulf Impact is actively seeking partners and sponsors to support its efforts in the Gulf. Whether financial support, distribution partnerships, in-kind donations or volunteers, the residents of the Gulf are desperately in need of someone to tell their story and provide relief.
  6. 6. Partnerships Project Gulf Impact (PGI) seeks Partners in the following capacities: ➡ Web Partners willing to feature PGI banner ads and videos on their sites. ➡ Distribution Partners willing to feature Project Gulf Impact on their own blogs and online news sources as well as forward PGI content to other networks. ➡ On the Ground Partners willing to contribute to the relief efforts on the ground in the Gulf.
  7. 7. Sponsorships Project Gulf Impact (PGI) seeks Sponsors to come in and support the Project at various levels. Financial support is critical to the citizen reporting from the team, which has had over 260,000 users watch its videos on YouTube and thousands more see the Project featured at Netroots Nation and on national news websites.
  8. 8. Sponsor a Month $10,000 sponsors Project Gulf Impact for a month of its critical work. ➡ Month sponsors will be: ➡ Featured on the homepage of Project Gulf Impact website. ➡ Featured within the Project Gulf Impact materials. ➡ Have the opportunity to create ads for use in Project Gulf Impact videos and web live streamed events. ➡ Be exposed to the network of activists and young people passionate about the work of the Project.
  9. 9. A Day of Your Pay Sponsors Many people in the Gulf are left jobless. Contributing a day of your own pay or an amount equivalent to your employees’ pay for a day will make a big difference for Gulf residents. ➡ A Day of Your Pay contributors will: ➡ Have the opportunity to place their name on the Project Gulf Impact website. ➡ Be featured in Project Gulf Impact materials. ➡ Be exposed to the network of activists and young people passionate about the work of the Project.
  10. 10. Premiere Sponsors $50,000 will support the documentary film efforts of Project Gulf Impact and lead to the worldwide premiere of the film. The film will stand as a testament and reminder about the need for a sustainable plan for Gulf relief no matter what the disaster. The BP oil spill is just the beginning. ➡ Premiere Sponsors will: ➡ Be featured in the promotion of the documentary. ➡ Featured on the Project Gulf Impact website, within print materials and in video ads. ➡ Be exposed to the network of activists and young people passionate about the work of the Project.
  11. 11. Patron Sponsors $5,000 will support the provision of relief materials like food, clean water, gas cards and other supplies to residents of the Gulf. ➡ Patron Sponsors will: ➡ Be featured in website advertisements. ➡ Receive placement in the network’s action alert emails.
  12. 12. Impact Sponsors $1,000 will support the efforts of Project Gulf Impact to fundraise $100,000 in 100 days to continue efforts through December 2010. ➡ Impact Sponsors will: ➡ Be listed on the Project Gulf Impact website. ➡ Receive placement in the network’s action alert emails.
  13. 13. Questions For questions regarding partnerships and sponsorships, please contact Christina Gagnier. T: 909.576.1411 E: