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Resilient Heritage Comment

  1. 1. edwardajames Edward… @HeritageHUB s blog onthe #resher conference!16 JulProjectbook James MottInteresting results on this tweetreach report following the Resilient Heritageconference #ResHerWealddownMuseum WealddownMuseumWording is about considering audience. E.g. @Projectbook used few twitter-specificterms in talk so clearer for non-twitter users. #ResHerHeritageHUB HeritageHUB@conservengineer Thank you Richard. Its a shame you missed the receptionat #resher. Missed a very good local history speakerProjectbook James Mott@heritagehub blog on @JonathanFoyle talk yesterday @ ResilientHeritage Built Heritage needs 2 find its mojo #ResHerHouseHistorian Melanie Backe-Hansen@FrancoiseM Not a problem :-) Sounds like #resher went really well!WealddownMuseum WealddownMuseumThanks again @AliceKershaw Day of gd speakers (incl. run thro P’boro history), somethought provoking ideas #ResHer
  2. 2. PickettsConserv Alan Tierney#resher sounds like it was a really interesting day, shame couldnt make it. Anyoneknow if transcript of @JonathanFoyles talk available?edwardajames Edward James#resher Excellent conf yest. Some good papers! Great2see @jamesweirihbc @conservengineer @alicekershaw, and good to meet new ppl!Projectbook James Mott@johnkatcrittall Jonathan Foyle said the sector needs to use the right language if we areto be listened to (no big words) .. #ResHerProjectbook James Mott@alicekershaw: #resher is over, shall we do it again nextyear?Thks @Projectbook @JonathanFoyle @heritagelottery @EnglishHeritage >grtidearedbarncrafts Red Barn CraftsSelection of speakers during the day &of course our own Mr Orme in the eve. was v.well planned. Cheers @AliceKershaw! #ResHer #Peterboroughredbarncrafts Red Barn Crafts@JonathanFoyle Brillant talk, esp Liverpool & Fred Dibnah! Thx for chat &info, hope tomeet again at next #ResHer Lorena (home ed. advocate)HeritageHUB HeritageHUBRT @rondon: Gr8 heritage conf #resher drinks & terrific #peterborough history in 20mins by Stuart Orre in St Johns thx @AliceKershaw...Murray_Girl Emma Robinson
  3. 3. @SamAbelman #resher Great to meet you too, Sam! Will defo keep you up-to-date onthe NPPF latest via Heritage Update - tweet me to subscribeAliceKershaw Alice Kershaw#resher is over, shall we do it again next year?Thanks @projectbook, @jonathanfoyle @heritagelottery @englishheritagejtpostcard John TurnerHad great time at #resher today. Well done to @AliceKershawLynneinPborough Lynne Collinsexcellent talk by Stuart Orme @VIVACITYSPORTS tonight at #resher civic reception. Icould have listened to him for much longer.HistoryNeedsYou Sir James Pennyman@jamesweirhbc @AliceKershaw Thanks too for all the #ResHertweets from everybodyLynneinPborough Lynne Collinswell done @AliceKershaw for all your hard work on such a good #resher conference.Interesting talks.SamAbelman samuel abelman@Murray_Girl Good to meet you today! Keep us posted out for news on pps5 updateetc #ResHerjamesweirhbc James WeirReally good day at #ResHer - variation of topics but all of the moment. Thanksto @AliceKershaw for organising.
  4. 4. JonathanFoyle Jonathan FoyleThanks for comments on m talkat #ResHer, @jtpostcard @pborocathedral @conservengineer and for theinvitation, @AliceKershaw (well done!)SamAbelman samuel abelmanThanks @AliceKershaw for staging a great and resonant day. Much concerned withheritage, its usage, management and yes, funding! #ResherProjectbook James MottSuper day at #resher inspiring talks lovely evening reception - manythanks @AliceKershawFrancoiseM Francoise Murat@HouseHistorian thanks for the rt earlier - interesting facts coming from #resherconservengineer Richard Salmon#ResHer a resounding success. Big thanks to @AliceKershawHeritageHUB HeritageHUBLook at SPAB website to learn about new research regarding retrofit of traditionalbuildings. #resher Edward James@HeritageHUB Yes, hence i will always support sympathetic re-use, because itcontinues a buildings life, and adds to history. #resherrondon Ron DonaldsonRT @AliceKershaw #resher call for new quarries and forests to be funded by the hlf
  5. 5. HeritageHUB HeritageHUBBuildings are important because of their history and life... Jonathan Folyle #resher14 JulAliceKershaw Alice Kershaw#resher the fact that buildings have seen a life beyond ours a secular religion (JF)jamesweirhbc James Weir@JonathanFoyle Thought: perhaps a dedicated prof institution for cons professionalsrather than disparate accreditation schemes? #ResHerconservengineer Richard SalmonWonderful and thought provoking speech by @JonathanFoyle at #ResHer "use them orlose them?"HeritageHUB HeritageHUBJohnathan Foyle et al answering questions at #resher James Weir@JonathanFoyle Not just RIBA that need to focus on historic design & materials - otherprofessional bodies training consultants too #ResHerjtpostcard John TurnerBrilliant talk by @JonathanFoyle at #resherMurray_Girl Emma Robinson#resher The old crusade re. addressing the disparity in VAT rates on new build andrepair & maintenance still a key priority for the sector
  6. 6. AliceKershaw Alice Kershaw#resher architectural training also needs to be integrated with historic materials (JF)AliceKershaw Alice Kershaw#resher call for new quarries and forests to be funded by the hlf14 JulMurray_Girl Emma Robinson#resher Jonathan Foyle - the heritage sector can be too priestlike at times. We need tochoose our language carefully!pborocathedral Sarah McGhie@JonathanFoyle @AliceKershaw unexpected comedy & impersonations with #resherAliceKershaw Alice Kershaw#resher @jonathanfoyle describing showing Fred Dibnah round Hampton Courtpborocathedral Sarah McGhie@JonathanFoyle fascinating & passionate talk at #resher. Maybe sitting on floor butriverted!AliceKershaw Alice Kershaw#resher note that Cathedrals (inc Cantebury) were looked at for demolition in 17thcentury, so use changesrondon Ron DonaldsonJonathan Foyle of world monuments fund keynote engaging #resher "change isinevitable, conservation is managing change" #complexity
  7. 7. jamesweirhbc James WeirConservation is managing change - if nothing else, surely this is the core message ofheritage bodies to be spread? #ResHerMurray_Girl Emma Robinson#resher Jonathan Foyle: conservation is about managing change. Heritage is sexy!FUNDAMEMORIA FdelaMemoriaUrbanaRT @HouseHistorian RT @FrancoiseM RT @jtpostcard: Heritage Tourism is worth£12.4 billion a year #resherMurray_Girl Emma Robinson#resher Rels with corporate sponsors need to be long term, strategic & offer publicity inline with their marketing objectivesCCT_Regen RegenerationRecommend you check out @AliceKershaws Resilient Heritage Conference - full oftweeters using #resher - lots of interesting stuff!Murray_Girl Emma RobinsonIncredible BBQ smell coming from somewhere at #resher! Nose twitching!jtpostcard John TurnerRichmond Station now a community centre with cinema! What a great idea... Weve gotunused railway sheds = cinema! #resherArchAHeritage Karen Averby
  8. 8. Coulnt make #resher today, but am catching up with Tweets from the day- thanks toyou Tweeters!vivslf Vivs Long-FergusonRT @Murray_Girl: #resher Ian Rice says AHF has never been busier. Sign of the timesAliceKershaw Alice Kershaw#resher building preservation more important to AHF than end useAliceKershaw Alice Kershaw#resher ooh my fave AHF project; redundant lighthouse near BarryAliceKershaw Alice Kershaw#resher great mill project, IR notes that most projects AHF funds later get HLF funds14 JulSPAB1877 SPABHearing some really good things about #resher SPAB representative at event is veryenthusiastic!johnkatcrittall John KeleherIm following the Resilient Heritage Conference through the hashtag #resher and forsome reason, I really fancy a bacon buttyMurray_Girl Emma Robinson#resher Great examples of historic building rescues from AHFs Ian R. Outstandingefforts from mostly voluntary BPTs across the UKFrancoiseM Francoise Murat
  9. 9. RT @Murray_Girl: #resher Inspiring stories of careerchangers on traditional skillstraining bursary scheme, fr… (cont) Andy Marshall@AliceKershaw Thanks for the #resher updates Alice - great stuff...robinbrittain Robin BrittainRT @SuButcher: Rt @SamAbelman: hearing about traditional building skills shortageand training schemes available. #ResHervivslf Vivs Long-FergusonRT @edwardajames: Interesting point: social media needs balance between personaland professional. #resherjamesweirhbc James WeirBuilding Bursary Scheme really good for future of trad crafts as will Skills for theFuture.But we also need heritage consultants! #ResHer