Cem cpd and networking event 2013


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Slides of my talk given at the College of Estate Management's Alumni and guests day at Shinfield Grange. June 2013

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Cem cpd and networking event 2013

  1. 1. Social Media WorkshopCreate an ENGAGING onlinepresence for your brand usingsocial media.CPD and Networking Event 2013College of Estate ManagementJames MottPROJECTBOOK FOUNDERCREATIVECOMMS DIRECTOR
  2. 2. Social Media WorkshopIntroduction - ProjectBookInformation resource• Heritage Register• Products Directory• Event Calendar• Articles• Blogs (PB, Members news & Heritage Orgs)• News (generated from twitter)• Directory of OrganisationsOur membership• Over 500 businesses listed on the website• Including contractors, craftsmen andconsultants in the heritage register.• A wide range of sector professionals rangingfrom archaeologists to architects, blacksmiths towoodworkers.
  3. 3. Social Media WorkshopIntroduction• Social Media Channels (Prism)• The Big 9 main sites• Social Media ModelGetting practical• Developing a social media strategy and setting policy• Setting Goals and objectives• Determining your audience• Your website – keeping brand continuity• Marketing• Monitoring your progress• FinishTalk
  4. 4. Social Media WorkshopSocial Media Prism
  5. 5. Social Media WorkshopThe Nine Main PlatformsFacebook 1.1 billion active users each monthTwitter 500 million usersLinkedIn 200 million usersYouTube Over 1 billion users per monthFlipboard 50 million + readersFlickr 87 million usersWordpress Over 60 million sitesPinterest 50 million usersVimeo 14 million registered users
  6. 6. Social Media WorkshopFocus on: You TubeSuitable for: organisations &businessesFunctions:• Video sharing• Embed• Inform• Build your Brand• Promote events• Educate your audience
  7. 7. Social Media WorkshopFocus on: VimeoSuitable for: organisations &businessesFunctions:• Video sharing• Campaigns• Create a following• Build your Brand• Embed• Find friends easily
  8. 8. Social Media WorkshopFocus on: PinterestSuitable for: organisations &visually appealingproducts, creativesFunctions:• Make and follow ‘themed’ pins• Price items• Online and mobile• Browser ‘pin’ button
  9. 9. Social Media WorkshopFocus on: FlipboardSuitable for: organisations &businessesFunctions:• Magazine• Any content• Mobile App• Online editing• Browser ‘flip’ button• Build your Brand
  10. 10. Social Media WorkshopFocus on: FlickrSuitable for: organisations &businessFunctions:• Best photo sharing site• Upload unlimited pictures• Community• Groups• Quality presentation• Slideshows• Embed on sites
  11. 11. Social Media WorkshopFocus on: WordpressSuitable for: organisations &businessFunctions:• Free software• Blog + Multi function• Low cost themes• Advanced themes• Plugins• Easy to use• User has full control• Any feature you can think of
  12. 12. Social Media WorkshopFocus on: facebook pagesSuitable for: Mostlyorganisations & specialinterest groups/businessesFunctions:• Communication• Building your Brand• Broadcast news• Promotions• Promote events• Information
  13. 13. Social Media WorkshopFocus on: Google+Suitable for: Organisations, businesses and individualsFunctions:• Building your Brand• Broadcast news• Circles to manage people• Hangouts• Great for SEO
  14. 14. Social Media WorkshopFocus on: LinkedinSuitable for: Individuals & organisationsPages for individualsLinkedin GroupsBusiness pagesFunctions:• Get Connected• Build Relationships• Communicate/discuss• Thought leadership• Inform• Crowd Sourcing• Promote• Recruit
  15. 15. Social Media WorkshopFocus on: TwitterSuitable for: EVERYONEFunctions:• Get Connected• Build Relationships• Communicate• Customer Relations• Building your Brand• Broadcast news• Promotions• Promote events• Crowd Sourcing• Get Advice• Get referrals• Educate your audience
  16. 16. Social Media WorkshopSocial Media ModelA U D I E N C E O F 1 0 0 0E N G A G E A N D E D U C A T E Y O U R A U D I E N C EEngageTalkInformRSS | InformationYour Website(Your Space)New ContentBlogBroadcastsNewsEventsEngaged50Semi – engaged300Not engaged – inconsistent | info resources650AUDIENCEEngageTalk RegularlyMeet privatelyAttend eventsContactD E V E L O P A D V O C A T E S | E N G A G E + N U R T U R E
  17. 17. Social Media WorkshopWebsite FeaturesSome Practical Points
  18. 18. Social Media WorkshopSocial Media StrategySocial Media Tools versus StrategyWhich one first?We needa StrategyGo Go Go..
  19. 19. Social Media WorkshopQuestions before StrategyBefore we go too far down any one path, we should ask some questions:Are your customers likely to be online?Are you ready to handle negativity? Platforms like blogs and videos allow fornegative comments, and some company/organisation cultures aren’t ready toengage with those opinions.How will you incorporate this into people’s daily jobs?How will you measure results?How much time are you willing to invest?What’s your willingness to experiment, take risks, and adjust your plans?
  20. 20. Social Media WorkshopStrategy StartersListening: implement at least a rudimentary listening platform.Communications: build a starting place to hold your conversations.Methods: determine the mix of content you intend to create, and build workflow aroundit.Community: most social media strategies have to address community and how you willinteract with the people you seek to gather around your business/organisation.Outposts: develop social network outposts where you can communicate with othercommunities, and also share the way back to your own platform.Marketplace: if your strategy involves making money, build a marketplace external toyour community - keep these separate.Attention: learn how to build awareness and encourage relationships with the mediayou’re making. Learn and adapt
  21. 21. Social Media WorkshopDetermine your goals Increase customer base. Generate leads. Drive sales. Build awareness. Make money from your content. Establish thought leadership. Educate customers. Customer-source part of your product development. Reach new channels of customers. Improve internal communication.
  22. 22. Social Media WorkshopDefining a target audienceThe reason why most fail in the social sphere is that they dont take time to identifywho their target audience is.In fact most companies would make it an objective to market to everyone!The best way to succeed in social media is to identify your target market first and thenwork out how to reach them.There are two ways to identify your target market audience. You can either describe your existing audience Or you can describe what your ideal target audience is.
  23. 23. Social Media WorkshopTarget AudienceThe types of audiences you could be looking to include:.. Local people People in the same sector Anyone Current clients or customers Potential clients or customers Associates of current/potential clients or customers Journalists and editors Bloggers Suppliers Affiliate businesses Thought leaders Special interest groups People defined by age
  24. 24. Social Media WorkshopStrategy- Website FeaturesModern Website Features:• Direct Links to Social Media• Less static content and more fresh content• Ability to add fresh content. Blogs and articles etc.• Keyword rich content• Social Media sharing buttons• Ability to generate comment• RSS FeedsCase Study:http://www.projectbook.co.uk/
  25. 25. Social Media WorkshopRSS Feeds
  26. 26. Social Media WorkshopWho?Who Will Represent you online?Secretary Youngster Computer Geek
  27. 27. Social Media WorkshopWho?Qualities• Social - Friendly• Trustworthy• Creative• Aware of your objectives• Can dedicate 15 – 30 mins per day• Will follow guidelines
  28. 28. Social Media WorkshopPolicyDo we need company guidelines and policies?
  29. 29. Social Media WorkshopMonitoringFree Monitoring Toolshootsuitesocialmentionradion 6 (paid)tweetreachhttp://tweetlevel.edelman.com/kloutmanually i.e Linkedingoogle alertsTechnoratiGoogle Blogsearch
  30. 30. Social Media WorkshopMarketing – SoMe impactMarketingWebsiteE-Marketing,Email Signature.Directories– on and offlineEvents, Exhibitions, courses,CPDBrochures, Answer Phone - CallwaitingBusiness Cards, StationaryPromotions, SponsorshipNetworking, NewslettersPress and PR, BlogAdvertising, Telesales
  31. 31. Social Media WorkshopLets get connected...Facebook PageTwitter @projectbookLinkedIn ProjectBook groupLets getconnectedSpeakerJames MottPROJECTBOOK FOUNDER
  32. 32. Social Media WorkshopLets get connected...CONSULTANCYWe at creativecomms are excitedabout the future of digital marketingand working with your company.Contact us today for a chat, more info + pricesT: 01403 790244W: creativecomms.co.ukT: 08445 611646W: projectbook.co.ukEstablished in 2008, Projectbook provides recognitionand support for the Uk’s leading conservation andheritage professionals as well as putting propertyowners in touch with the right people and information.