]project-open[ on Amazon AWS


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Getting started with ]project-open[ using Amazon AWS Elastic Cloud in 10 minutes

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]project-open[ on Amazon AWS

  1. 1. ]project-open[ V4.0 onAmazon AWS Elastic CloudGetting started with ]project-open[ within10 minutesWeb: www.project-open.comWiki: www.project-open.orgTwitter: www.twitter.com/projopFacebook: www.facebook.com/projectopen.orgMail: info@project-open.com
  2. 2. Amazon AMI Virtual Machine Image A ]project-open[ virtual machine image is available for instant deployment: Thanks to the ]po[ partner Promit and the team from Rock Solid IT forproviding the image. The following slides with walk you through the process of setting up ]project-open[ within about 10 minutes (or 15, if you don’t have an Amazon accountyet). For questions and suggestions about this AMI please use the SourceForgeforum at:http://aws.amazon.com/amis/-project-open-ami-v-1-5-1369664509http://sourceforge.net/p/project-open/discussion/295937/thread/ea7e74dc/
  3. 3. Please select a data-center close to youPlease start off byentering the URL fromthe previous slide
  4. 4. Please select a data-center close to youYou need to havean Amazon accountassociated with acredit card
  5. 5. Please select:“M1 SMALL”]po[ will not work with a “T1Micro” instance!
  6. 6. The default value areOK for a productioninstance of ]project-open]. You
  7. 7. This is the default:Your database will be lost aftertermination (not stop…), butbackups will be saved on /dev/sdf
  8. 8. These tags are completelyoptional.
  9. 9. You need to create akey pair, unless youalready have a keydefined previously.
  10. 10. Your new key will allow you to logto your virtual machine as “root”.
  11. 11. You can create alertsoptionally.
  12. 12. The new instance is running now.The new instance is runningnow.This is the name for yournew server. We will use thisin the next page
  13. 13. Select your virtual machine andclick on “Connect” forconnection parametersFor SSH connection to yourserver please select yourvirtual machine and click on“Connect” for connectionparameters
  14. 14. For Web access just pasteyour instance name from thelast slidePlease login withsysadmin@tigerpond.comand password“system”
  15. 15. You have to go throughthis configuration wizardfor the basicconfiguration.You will be able to runthis wizard later andmodify your settings.
  16. 16. We get here after selectingvalues from the previous 7slides.Please click (open in newwindow) the known issues ofthis version and review theknown issues.Depending on the issues youmay decide to upgrade later.Finally start theconfigurationprocess
  17. 17. Please scroll down to the endof the page and restart your ]po[ server to activate thechanges.The restart may take 30-90seconds, depending on yourtype of instance.
  18. 18. This is the normal restartmessage.
  19. 19. You will have to login again assysadmin@tigerpond.com/with password “system”.
  20. 20. The “Home” page includes a new“Interactive Administration Guide” thathelps administrators to configure thesystem.We offer training and support.]project-open[ is a large and flexiblesystem. There are many configurationoptions that might confuse you.Please save yourself time and help usto finance development by contractingof our services.Nobody would expect to be able toconfigure a SAP or Navision ERPwithout training.The section below will guide youthrough some of the most importantconfiguration steps.Please click on the (?) icon for help foreach step.
  21. 21. Thank you Web: www.project-open.com Wiki: www.project-open.org Twitter: www.twitter.com/projop FB: www.facebook.com/projectopen.org Mail: info@project-open.com