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PLNOG 18 - Arne Heitmann - Open Ethernet Switches – Decoupling Switch Software and Hardware


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PLNOG 18 - Arne Heitmann - Open Ethernet Switches – Decoupling Switch Software and Hardware

  1. 1. PLNOG18 | Warsaw, March 6th 2017 Arne Heitmann | Senior System Engineer EMEA | Mellanox Technologies Open Ethernet Switches – Decoupling Switch Software and Hardware | Freedom to choose the Best Solution
  2. 2. © 2017 Mellanox Technologies 2 Mellanox Overview  Ticker: MLNX  Worldwide Offices  Company Headquarters  Yokneam, Israel  Sunnyvale, California  Employees worldwide • ~ 2,900 Ticker: MLNX
  3. 3. © 2017 Mellanox Technologies 3 Comprehensive End-to-End Ethernet Product Portfolio NICs Cables NICs Optics Switches Automation & Monitoring Management software
  4. 4. © 2017 Mellanox Technologies 4 Freedom to Chose Any Software to run on Any Hardware Open Ethernet Open Ethernet SwitchClosed Switch Vendor’s proprietary Software Only Open and Flexible SolutionLocked Down Solution Quagga SONiC
  5. 5. © 2017 Mellanox Technologies 5 Pre-Requisite: An open bootloader Example - ONIE  ONIE – Open Network Install Environment  Enables installation of any Network OS on Open Ethernet switch systems  Open Source project adopted by OCP  Mellanox SN2000 switch systems are pre-installed with ONIE First Power Up ONIE boots on local CPU Configures management network Locate and executes NOS installer Boot from NOS
  6. 6. © 2017 Mellanox Technologies 6 User Space Applications Low Level Drivers Hardware System Drivers Control Plane Management Plane Data Plane Complete Separation of Hardware and Software Switch Drivers Abstraction Layer Open and Standard APIs SDK
  7. 7. © 2017 Mellanox Technologies 7 User Space Hardware Switch Abstraction Interface SAI / SDK  Network OS can work on top of SAI and / or directly on SDK  Both are user space models  SAI defines abstraction layer which is hardware agnostic  SAI is an open source promoted by Microsoft and Dell and adopted by OCP (Open Compute Project) Switch SDK Network OS Protocols, Control, Management
  8. 8. © 2017 Mellanox Technologies 8 Linux Switch  Any Linux application  Any Linux distribution  Upstream kernel driver for direct switch hardware access  Any Spectrum Switch system and ASIC Kernel Hardware Linux OS Linux Network Stack User Space Linux Applications Protocols, Control, Management Quagga GoBGP
  9. 9. © 2017 Mellanox Technologies 9 Linux Switch under the Hood: mlxsw – Mellanox Switch Drivers mlxsw_pci mlxsw_core mlxsw_spectrum Port netdev sw1p1 Port netdev sw1p2 Port netdev sw1pN Switchdev infrastructure bridge (L2) tc (Traffic Control) ip (L3) FDB APIs Flow APIs FIB APIs Operations Notifications User Space Kernel Spectrum system p1 p2 pN  Each port is represented in the kernel as standard NIC port • Access to link state and I/O statistics  Using standard Linux tools, ports can be: • Bridged • Bonded • Tunneled • Divided into VLANs • Configured for L3 routing  Driver mirrors Linux network state to the hardware
  10. 10. © 2017 Mellanox Technologies 10 Getting started Get Spectrum • Order any of the ONIE based Spectrum switches • The SN2100 is a great choice for evaluation system Install Linux • Get your favorite Linux distribution • Switchdev evaluation package based on Fedora is also available here • Install it on Spectrum using ONIE / PXE • Update kernel version if needed (instructions) Run Traffic • Your L2 / L3 Spectrum switch is ready! • Configure the network using standard Linux network tools / applications • Traffic is routed directly by the switch HW
  11. 11. © 2017 Mellanox Technologies 13 SN2700 – 32x100GbE (64x50GbE)  Ideal 100GbE ToR / Aggregation SN2700B – 32x40GbE  Ideal 40GbE ToR / Aggregation SN2410 – 8x100GbE + 48x25GbE  25GbE  100GbE ToR SN2410B – 8x100GbE + 48x10GbE  10GbE  100GbE ToR  33% Higher uplink capacity SN2100 – 16x100GbE ports  Ideal storage/Database Switch  Highest 25GbE Density per rack unit SN2100B – 16x40GbE ports  Ideal storage/database switch  Highest 10GbE density per rack unit Open Ethernet Spectrum Switch Portfolio • Predictable Performance • Fair Traffic Distribution for Cloud • Best-in-Class Throughput, Latency (300ns), Power Consumption • Zero Packet Loss
  12. 12. © 2017 Mellanox Technologies 14 A world of options TurnkeyNetworkOS UserDevelopedNetworkOS (ontopofSDK,SAIorSwitchdev) Linux Applications Linux OS GoBGPQuagga SONiC SDK
  13. 13. Thank You