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PLNOG 17 - Stefan Meinders - Slow is the new Down


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In this presentation, we will review trends in Over-the-Top (OTT) traffic usage, user behavior and rapidly growing volumes of video streaming from services such as Netflix. The amount of video traffic carried by networks and its interconnections is significant. Delivery methods and encryption are challenges for today’s methods of network analysis—as are unexpected network changes that can drastically impact subscribers, transit costs, and network overload. Recent research unveiled that existing monitoring tools cannot cope with these variations in traffic delivery, caching strategies, and encryption. Finally, we describe how the use of “big data” techniques and multi-dimensional databases combined with global internet service mapping provides new insights into traffic delivery, consumption, and quality.

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PLNOG 17 - Stefan Meinders - Slow is the new Down

  1. 1. The Operational Intelligence Company
  2. 2. | Confidential | Do Not Redistribute 2 Slow is the new Down Stefan Meinders ( PLNOG Krakow September 2016
  3. 3. | Confidential | Do Not Redistribute 3 How to measure QoE? What does SLOW mean? Is SLOW still different from DOWN? How to detect Slowness?
  4. 4. OTT Industry defined the method ‣  Key Performance Indicator [KPI] for (Video) Over-The-Top [OTT] Services is" Average Bitrate [ABR] per stream ‣  Netflix = Speed Index (ISP Ranking) ‣  Google (Youtube) = Video Quality Report ‣  Cable Labs = Video Streaming Score (Deepfield Technology) ‣  Cable Operators (ISPs) like to understand their network performance and compare themselves to others | Confidential 2016 | Do Not Redistribute 4
  5. 5. Why does this matter? ‣  If there is not enough capacity available, OTT Services will stop working. ‣  Slow is not an option for streaming video ‣  Streaming video has “soft” realtime requirements ‣  Networks and OTT delivery techniques are more complex ‣  How is the content reaching my network and transported to my subscribers? ‣  Do I have on-net caches? Effectiveness / Utilization? ‣  Is there a direct peering connection to the OTT providers? ‣  Private peering or IX? ‣  Is a CDN delivering the content or any part / component of the service? ‣  Catalogue, Login, … ‣  Understanding the “Cyber Supply Chain” is an important aspect ‣  Today’s tools do not provide sufficient information to maintain KPIs network wide | Confidential 2016 | Do Not Redistribute 5
  6. 6. | Confidential | Do Not Redistribute 6 Company Understand and Manage Video Distribution High Speed Scaling? 50-60% of all traffic is video. Are you providing the best quality? Supporting Adaptive Bitrate? UHD HD SD
  7. 7. Quantify the Impact | Confidential | Do Not Redistribute 7 Quantify the exact impact in terms of subscribers affected by outage. How many calls did your call center review for this CMTS? 759 users on this CMTS lost Netflix for 4.5 hours!
  8. 8. | Confidential | Do Not Redistribute 8 Understanding OTT Services in Your Network
  9. 9. Where is the content coming from? 9 Company Internet Usage Evolution and how content is delivered ‣  Today 30 sites generate 60% user traffic ‣  High Value Traffic is delivered from CDNs ‣  IXPs are Game-Publishers choice ‣  Transits deliver “Other” ‣  Adult Content
  10. 10. Internet Trends – “The New Internet” | Confidential | Do Not Redistribute 10 New Interconnections ‣  Increasing volumes of peering at IXP and edge data centers. Significant growth in secondary markets. Growing consolidation in content delivery and sources.
  11. 11. CDN Traffic 2016 | Confidential | Do Not Redistribute 11 2016 CDN Observations ‣  CDN is the network ‣  Most traffic is adaptive bitrate ‣  Coordinating cache fill times becomes important and cache placement a growing issue ‣  Growing commercial agreements around CDN delivery and efficacy (e.g. locality) ‣  New CDN entrants (e.g. Fastly, CloudFlare, CloudFront) gaining market
  12. 12. | Confidential | Do Not Redistribute 12 Company How is the content transported? Hidden in http[s]? Legacy tools provide insufficient visibility by flow collection Can DPI answer the question: WHO IS ENCRYPTING VIDEO TRAFFIC?
  13. 13. Encrypted vs Un-Encrypted - Netflix Delivery Comparison | Confidential | Do Not Redistribute 13 Compare performance and usage of encrypted vs. unencrypted Netflix traffic
  14. 14. QoE Reporting | Confidential | Do Not Redistribute 14 ‣  Deepfield’s patented Network Service Map enables a major advance in QoE service assurance measurement: DPI measurements without the hardware or probe infrastructure. ‣  New OTT QoE metrics like ABR and number of instantaneous subscribers and streams in any slice of the network. ‣  Visualize the performance of all major OTT video sites in a segment of the network ABR # Subscribers
  15. 15. QoE Reporting | Confidential | Do Not Redistribute 15 ‣  Deepfield’s patented Network Service Map enables a major advance in QoE service assurance measurement: DPI measurements without the hardware or probe infrastructure. ‣  New OTT QoE metrics like ABR and number of instantaneous subscribers and streams in any slice of the network. ‣  Visualize the performance of all major OTT video sites in a segment of the network ABR # Subscribers
  16. 16. Traffic Engineering and Analysis | Confidential | Do Not Redistribute 16 ‣  This Example shows Dropbox moving away from Amazon using their own AS and Datacenters ‣  It results in increasing transit traffic / costs
  17. 17. | Confidential | Do Not Redistribute 17 Cloud Genome Logic Engines Our patented service map logic discovers the supply chain of every OTT service on the Internet ‣  Provides DPI+ visibility by providing not just services but also CDN awareness ‣  QoE performance management without the need for new hardware. Say goodbye to specialized DPI and probe appliances ‣  Service Map discovers end points, and discovers encrypted services
  18. 18. | Confidential | Do Not Redistribute 18 Use Cases
  19. 19. Correlate per service tonnage with any network component 19 Traffic Engineering / Cloud Intelligence How much Youtube traffic over this Verizon transit link is being consumed by premium enterprise customers in Boston How much Netflix did your Qwilt cache in Boston deliver last week? Did traffic delivered by your video content server in NYC stay in the NYC region? How much HBOGO traffic is Akamai delivering from this router to 6MB DSL customers
  20. 20. 20 Service Assurance What is the ABR of Netflix streams consumed by premium cable users in Boston on this Level 3 link How many WhatsApp users are on the radio tower in Brussels? What is the QoE of YouTube users delivered from caches in London? What number of HBOGO users were affected by the Akamai link outage and how much did their ABR decrease? Performance - Correlate per-service Average Bit Rate (ABR) or Latency with any network component Business Impact - Correlate per-service stream counts with any network component
  21. 21. | Confidential | Do Not Redistribute 21 How it basically works
  22. 22. Deepfield Connectors & APIs | Confidential | Do Not Redistribute 22
  23. 23. Combining Data | Confidential | Do Not Redistribute 23
  24. 24. Deepfield Platform | Confidential | Do Not Redistribute 24 Network Logic Horizontally scalable, fully self-contained software architecture. " Download and run on your servers or use Deepfield SaaS. Service Map Logic Real-Time Streaming Query Language Machine Learning Alerting Connectors Visualization
  25. 25. | Confidential | Do Not Redistribute 25 Performance Deepfield Logic Engines Correlate and Measure Data Sets with Network Topology Map Service Map Deepfield logic engines automatically correlate complex datasets across multiple heterogeneous real-time connectors. From understanding traffic across thousands of router interfaces to tracking the complex server- side interactions of a single gamer, Deepfield simplifies network management with easily understood reports and synthesized, actionable data at the business level.
  26. 26. | Confidential | Do Not Redistribute 26 Deepfield Network Wide Monitoring Correlate and Measure Data Sets with Network
  27. 27. | Confidential | Do Not Redistribute 27 Question?
  28. 28. | Confidential | Do Not Redistribute 28 Thank You Find more information about the evolving internet: