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JDD 2016 - Celine Boudier - Code For Life


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Do you remember when you wrote your first line of code?
Lucy and Chris remember. It was January 2016 for Lucy. By now, she is familiar with all basic coding concepts. Lucy is 6 years old. For Chris, it was about 10 years ago, but he wished he had learnt earlier. Chris is 28.
In January, Lucy’s teacher introduced Code for Life into the classroom. Ocado Technology's Code for Life is a free, open source project whose first web game, Rapid Router, teaches programming to primary school children. It offers fun activities for pupils and materials to support teachers.
When Chris was Lucy's age, nobody told him about programming and now he wishes he had access to tools such as Code For Life. That's why he has been working with a team of like-minded volunteers for two years on the project, helping improve the first web app and think about new ones such as an artificial intelligence game for teenagers, to inspire children like Lucy.
Care to help or to know more? You will hear about the Code For Life development pipelines, the new ideas, the volunteering coordination and how the team wants to make sure children and teachers will have the best programming experience.

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JDD 2016 - Celine Boudier - Code For Life

  1. 1. Celine Boudier Ocado Technology
  2. 2. About me - First programs on calculators - ENSTA ParisTech - Statistical text mining (Exalead) - Robots (Aldebaran)! Apps for kids with ASD - Code For Life (Ocado Technology)! Non-profit initiative that delivers free, open-source games that help all students learn computing @CelineBoudier
  3. 3. Wait, what? @CelineBoudier
  4. 4. Code For Life @CelineBoudier
  5. 5. Code For Life @CelineBoudier
  6. 6. “Teaching children to program is not just about nurturing the next generation of software engineers; being able to write code is a transformative and disruptive meta-skill that needs to be seen as being of huge potential value whatever your future holds. I would go so far as to say that it is a survival skill that our children need to acquire to flourish in the increasingly digital and online future that awaits them.” Paul Clarke, Director of Technology at Ocado Teach computing to children? @CelineBoudier
  7. 7. What about the teachers? @CelineBoudier
  8. 8. What about the teachers? @CelineBoudier
  9. 9. So... @CelineBoudier
  10. 10. Rapid Router: Blockly to Python - 1st game, for primary schools - From visual programming in Blockly to Python - Progression in computing concepts @CelineBoudier
  11. 11. Teaching Resources - Solutions - Lesson plans - Unplugged activities - Students' progress @CelineBoudier
  12. 12. Games are programmed... ?? @CelineBoudier
  13. 13. Some next projects... - MMO game for teenagers to learn Python and AI - Rapid Router iOS app - Redesign of the portal - Translations - Partnerships - More levels, More skills! @CelineBoudier
  14. 14. User Research "A lot of members of staff have got addicted to it!" - teacher @CelineBoudier "We love code for life because we don't have to teach" - teacher "What is your gaming skill level" - "better than you" - teenager
  15. 15. Coordination @CelineBoudier
  16. 16. Pipeline +FUN! @CelineBoudier
  17. 17. Cheat Sheet! Thank you! ocadotechnology/codeforlife-portal ocadotechnology/rapid-router ocadotechnology/rapid-router-unity ocadotechnology/aimmo @codeforlifeuk @CelineBoudier Thank you!