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4Developers 2015: People Skills for Geeks - Michał Parkoła


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Speaker: Michał Parkoła

Language: English

Technical skills are the foundation of an engineering career but without people skills your success will be severely limited and your life much less happy.

Understanding even a little bit about how people think and feel and learning some basic interaction skills can go a long way.

In this talk you will learn three basic skills:

1) Two simple rules for listening
2) Three paths to reach hearts and minds
3) Four steps to challenge your own beliefs


Published in: Software
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4Developers 2015: People Skills for Geeks - Michał Parkoła

  1. 1. People Skills for Geeks Michał Parkoła
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Level 1: How to listen
  4. 4. Don’t talk
  5. 5. Don’t think about talking
  6. 6. But, but, but, …
  7. 7. But I know what you’re gonna say!
  8. 8. Let her say it anyway!
  9. 9. But it doesn’t make any sense!
  10. 10. In what context could this
 make some sense?
  11. 11. Listen? Don’t talk Don’t think about talking
  12. 12. Level 3: Don’t believe
 everything you think
  13. 13. The Work 1. Judge your neighbour 2.Write it down 3.Ask four questions 4.Turn it around
  14. 14. Is it true?
  15. 15. Can you absolutely know it’s true?
  16. 16. What happens (how do you act)
 when you believe this?
  17. 17. Who would you be without this thought?
  18. 18. Join us!