Na review process overview mb mv.2 1.4.13 909am


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Na review process overview mb mv.2 1.4.13 909am

  1. 1. + GASPS Needs Assessment Review GASPS NeedsThe GASPS NA review process of theNeeds Assessment reports will take Assessment Reviewplace during the month of January, Process Jan 7, 20132013. Presented by the GSU CITF TA/ Training Team
  2. 2. + Purpose of the Peer Review The purpose of conducting a Peer Review Process is for providers to gain knowledge and exchange ideas, experiences, and information while also providing constructive feedback to their peers.
  3. 3. + Objective of the Peer Review The objective of this process is for reports to be reviewed for adherence to the Needs Assessment Report Template and Data Collection Guidance, and to be certain that there has been adequate consideration in identifying high-need areas and at-risk populations, as per the State’s selected goals.
  4. 4. + Process Overview Needs Assessment (NA) Review Process Highlights All NA related documents should be uploaded to Lunch-Box Needs Assessment Review Process is two levels: Peer Review and State Review Peer Review Starts: Jan 7, 2013 – Ends: Jan 18, 2013 State Review Starts: Jan 7, 2013 – Ends: Jan 31, 2013 Each provider (PC) will be signed a maximum of two (2) NA reports to review and provide feedback. RPS will act as a conduit for the review process. All review documents, notes, and other related items should be sent to RPS. Review documents and tools are available at Video overview of tools are available at
  5. 5. + Review Tools OPSP / RPS will assign the report you are to review. Please look for this information from OPSP on your assigned report(s).  Required Items: 1. Completed assigned report(s) (provided by RPS and OSPS) 2. Needs Assessment Review Process Document (pg. 1, at ga- This is a guide, and does not need to be submitted to your RPS. 3. Needs Assessment Review Process Tool (Pgs 2, 3 & 4) (at This will be submitted to your RPS / OPSP.
  6. 6. + Review Tools Review Question Sections: Introduction Community Mobilization and Resource Assessment Purpose Methodology Results and Findings Challenges and Barriers
  7. 7. + Review Tools 3-Tier Rating Scale: Outstanding - All elements are clearly addressed, well conceived, thoroughly developed, and well supported. Documentation and required information are specific and comprehensive. Minimum or no revisions required. Satisfactory - Elements are addressed (although some do not contain necessary detail and/or support). Most documentation and required information are present and acceptable. Some revisions and information are required. Submit updated report. Marginal - Few, if any, elements are addressed. Documentation and required information are deficient or omitted. Substantial revisions and inclusion of missing documents required. Need to revise and re- submit report.
  8. 8. + Review Tools First, sign the confidentalty aggreement…Please sign the confidentiality statement below and submit to theRPS with all the Needs Assessment reviewed documents.Confidentiality StatementI understand that the Needs Assessment report and required attachmentsare to be kept private and confidential. I attest that I will not share anyinformation or documents provided to me with anyone. I will be mindfuland respectful to the confidentiality and protection of my peers’ privacy.___________________________________________________________ Organization’s Director or Manager (on behalf of the review panel)
  9. 9. + Review Tools Fill out the Peer Review Assessment page Peer Review Form for Needs Assessment Report Name of Reviewing Community: X-ville GA (example) Name of Reviewer/Organization: CITF TA Team (example)
  10. 10. + Review Tools Review and score - matrix
  11. 11. + Review Tools Review and score - additional questions
  12. 12. + Next Steps  Please hold your ECCO Requests on the review process until you have received your assigned report.  Your assigned reports will be e-mailed to you this week. The state will do the review and paring reviewers to communities  If you receive a large report and you are not able to complete your review by Jan 18th, please contact your RPS.  You can find the review tools at the website; please download and review them.  When review is complete, send your completed review sheet to your RPS. Please do not share your feedback with others, with the exception of the RPS and OPSP state office.