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Gasps orientation gsu cit fslides - 11.17.11 - tma


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Gasps orientation gsu cit fslides - 11.17.11 - tma

  1. 1. COMMUNITY INITIATIVETASK FORCETraining and Technical Assistance – Coaching Team
  2. 2. Roles & ResponsibilitiesThe primary role of the CITF Coach is to:Partner with the RPS team to move the GASPS providersthrough the SPF process;Assist the RPS team in gaining a better understanding of thespecific needs of GASPS providers;Ensure timely and appropriate guidance throughout the SPFprocess.
  3. 3. Training and Technical AssistanceTraining: To increase knowledge and skills of SPFusing various state approved toolsTechnical Assistance: Coach GASPS providers tounderstand and adopt the principles of SPF
  4. 4. Getting Help Has Never Been EasierSupport ElementsRPS: Regional PreventionSpecialistGSU Coaches: Georgia StateUniversity Prevention CoachesElectronic ControlCoordination Operations(ECCO): T/TA tracking system
  5. 5. Your First StopVisit the GASPS Portal:• To submit questions or request support via ECCO• Access documents• Learn about upcoming events
  6. 6. Electronic Control Coordination Operations (ECCO): ECCO allows you to submit questions and request Training and TA support at any time Web-based and accessible from any browser
  7. 7. Using ECCO To enter ALL contract related inquiries To enter ALL requests for technical support or training regarding any aspect of GASPS
  8. 8. Steps for Entering an ECCO Request Go the GASPS Portal at Click on the ECCO link Enter all of the requested There will be a screen information to the best of shot placed here your knowledge Enter the nature of your concern/request Click Submit
  9. 9. ECCO Helps Share Provider Needs Provider RPS/GSUExpect to receive a follow-up call with a response or requesting additionalinformation to address the matter within 1-2 business days.
  10. 10. What Never Gets Entered Into ECCO Personal information (i.e. SSN, personal addresses) Gossip Non-factual information
  11. 11. Your RPS Team Review your progress reports Address ECCO requests Visit your operations Provide training, technical assistance, and guidance on contractual and GASPS related issues
  12. 12. Your GSU Support Provide the research for SPF application Collaborate with RPS to provide training on SPF related issues Administer technical assistance on SPF related issues
  13. 13. Training & Technical Assistance ModalitiesIn an effort to maximize TTA resources andcreate minimum staff burden for GASPSproviders, RPS/GSU will employ the followingmodalities to deliver TTA services: Face to face training/TA sessions (F2F) Conference Call TA sessions (CC) Conference Call/Screen Share TA sessions (CSS) Webinar trainings (WT)
  14. 14. Face-to-Face (F2F)  F2F sessions can be scheduled for training or technical assistance  Typically focused around the current SPF step or transition  Product/deliverable centered
  15. 15. Conference Call (C) C sessions are generally used to handle very specific issues or general care and share. Conference call-in instructions will be sent out via email prior to the call with an agenda and additional details to prepare for the call.
  16. 16. Conference Call/Screen Share(CSS)  CSS calls can be used for TA with one or multiple providers.  Call in/log in instructions will be sent out via email prior to the call with an agenda and additional details to prepare for the call.  is the system used by CITF for distance-based training and TA.
  17. 17. Webinar Training (WT) WT can be used for training with multiple providers. Instructions will be sent out via email prior to the webinar to register and provide additional details to prepare you for the webinar.
  18. 18. Support Team by RegionRegion RPS Team GSU CITF Team1 Kristie Burchett* Marcus Bouligny - Coach2 Becky Croft3 Kimberly Fluellen Tiffiany Aholou - Coach4 Tamika Jonas*5 Tamika Jonas Shayla Bennett - Coach6 Deanne Bergen Dr. Jim Wolk, PI* Interim Adriel Jones – Logistics Dr. Amy Glass – Research