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Quick ProGreen Commercial Presentation


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Quick ProGreen Commercial Presentation

Published in: Technology, Business
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Quick ProGreen Commercial Presentation

  1. 1. The difference can be SEEN!
  2. 2. 1. Acoustic Ceiling Tile Restoration2. Wall Cleaning3. Carpet Cleaning4. Upholstery Cleaning5. Concrete & Masonry Cleaning6. Building Maintenance7. Organization
  3. 3.  1. Save Money  Grow Your Business! 2. Restore Your Image  Impressions Last! 3. Solve Your Maintenance Problems  Focus on your business 4. Beat Your Competition  Become Number One!
  4. 4. Acoustic ceiling tiles need to be cleaned regularly to: - Prolong acoustic tile life - Restore acoustic value - Restore fire resistant value - Enhance lighting and reflection - Enhance visual appearanceThe safest and most affordablecleaning method available! - Remove Pollutants - Improve Indoor Air Quality - Protect your image
  5. 5.  Painting (A BIG NO-NO!)  Reduces and eliminates fire resistant value  Reduces and eliminates noise resistant value  Peels upon removal  Just a band-aid solution for a real problem Replacement (A Financial Mistake!)  Extremely Expensive  Doesn’t solve the problem  Hard to find matching tiles  Replacing in stages creates a checkerboard ceiling  Not economical
  6. 6.  Revolutionary Air Cell Technology  Low Moisture (Save water, save the environment!)  Avoids Over-Wetting (No mold, mildew, and allergens)  Cleans Deeper and Lasts Longer (You save BIG!)  Avoids Re-Soiling (Better results)  Fast Dry Time (Fast turnaround, BACK IN BUSINESS!)  Environmentally Safe (Non-toxic & Biodegradable)  No business Interruptions (Stay in business, MAKE $$$)  Quiet (No disturbance to customers, tenants, etc.)  Non-Hazardous (No hoses, No accidents, No problems)
  7. 7.  Keeping up with maintenance is a chore! We have a solution for almost every problem! We can take full responsibility for your maintenance needs! You focus on what you’re good at, and we’ll focus on what we’re good at!
  8. 8. ProGreen Maintenance Engineers We do more than just maintenance! We build lastingrelationships, and true solutions to maintenance problems!