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International PGC Profile


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What Global Business houses need in India we can provide the same to them here in India to setup Liason office, Branch Office, and Project office with ease of services and Mind.
We provide Corporate,Finance and Legal Facilities to global Business Companies In India.

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International PGC Profile

  1. 1. 1.18 billion, 1 out of 5 people in world is Indian Population 29 states and 6 union territories States 18 official languages, 114 languages, 216 mother tongues and 900 dialects Language Over 129 million English speaking population English Language India
  2. 2. Jack Welch General Electric India is a developed country as far as intellectual capital is concerned. John Redwood Economic competitiveness Policy Group, UK India is now a truly land of opportunity Dan Scheinman, Cisco System Inc. as told to Business Week, August 2005 We came to India for the costs, stayed for the quality and are now investing for innovation Peter Loescher President and Chief Executive Siemens I have never seen India so dynamic, vibrant and full of business opportunities By 2032, India will be among the three largest economies in the world
  3. 3. Require 26.53 million houses during period of (2007-12) World's largest (DTH) satellite TV market with 36.1 million subscribers We require1.75 million hospital beds by the end of 2025 Travel & tourism demand is expected to reach US$ 266.1 billion by 2019. Have 13% refrigerator penetration as compared to over 90% in Australia 59.33% of Populations access mobile as compared to 147.3% of Russia 12 cars per 1000 people as compared to 842 in USA India Business Opportunities
  4. 4. Doing Business in India Indian topicalities India is typical in many ways. One needs to understand and appreciate it. Right partner Local Partner (and the right one) is critical especially for small and mid size Indian operations Two way opportunities Explore manufacturing in India directly or outsourced for sale in India or to enhance competitiveness in global markets. Market potential to be specifically assessed Assess market potential based on one’s reach and target customer segment. Distribution is a challenge in India due to lack of quality infrastructure Costs understanding One can hire a factory worker for less than US $ 80 for a month and it is not uncommon to pay a Marketing Manager upwards .INDIA is Cost efficient as compared to many other countries. Indian systems One may find fluctuating maturity while doing business in India as compared to developed countries
  5. 5. India Entry Options Indirect Presence Importers Agents Licensing Direct Presence Partial Presence Full Presence Liaison Office Branch Office Project Presence Wholly owned Joint Ventures
  6. 6. PROGLOBAL CORP provides makes feasible solutions to foreign enterprises interested in doing business in India. One stop India Entry Solutions range from market assessment to developing entry strategies to setting up local business including partner search and hiring key people and even restructuring India specific zone and maintenance as we are a group of professional bouquet offering firm one stop shop for your needs. Who we are?
  7. 7. What we do? Market Study Entry Strategy Business Plans Joint Ventures/Investment options Entity Setup Running the businesses for you
  8. 8. Market Study Market Products Customers & Competition Trade & Distribution India Entry Options  Do you Know the likely demand and supply of your products/service?  Do you know the market segments for your products/service in India?  Do you know the growth drivers for your products/services?  Do you know the challenges in the market place for your products/services?  Do you know categories related to your product/service prevalent in the Indian market?  Do you know competitive products/services available including their details like Brand, Price, Features, brochures etc. as applicable?  Do you know the customer segments for your products/services in India?  Do you know how customers would purchase your products/services in India?  Do you know your competitors in India?  Do you know relative competitive strengths and weaknesses of key players?  Do you know the sales channels in India for your Products/Services in India?  Are you aware with key trade practices like Margins, Credit terms, Stock and other key terms for each of sales channel?  Do you know FDI Policy as relevant for your product/services  Do you know the potential India entry options for your products/services?
  9. 9. Business Plan Market Study, Market overview, Competition & Customer profiling Legal and Financial study including legal structure Technical feasibility Direct & Indirect Taxes including import & Exports, tariffs, restrictions, benefits Labour Laws and its impact on client business Incase of exit, issues related to Repatriation of capital, Dissolution, Closure of Units/ Offices Financial plan including project cost, profitability estimates, cash flows and balance sheets Steps for implementation of India entry strategy
  10. 10. Joint Ventures/Investment Options Partner Selection Criteria Partner Search Negotiations and Discussions Agreement  Develop Partner selection criteria and also the short list criteria in consultation with Client  To identify and shortlist suitable Partner for the Client & presenting the same to the Client  Assist Client in negotiations and discussions with prospective Partner Legal advice for drafting and finalization of Partner agreement is not included in Pristine scope  We assist in finalisation of JV agreements in consultation with lawyers meeting the business objective.
  11. 11. Entity Set Up Defining India entry objectives and milestones jointly Detailed action plan and timelines to achieve the predetermined goal Dedicated project manager having requisite experience Works with pre agreed budget and cost Less surprises and risks of India Entry Ideal for small and mid size enterprises It is not a consulting
  12. 12. THANK YOU B-45,Office no-106 Amar Plaza Near I P Extension New delhi-110092