LA MIGLIORE ESPERIENZA DI PRODUTTIVITÀ                                        • Modificate documenti in contemporanea con ...
ACCESSO                                                                          •          OVUNQUE                       ...
COMPATIBILITÀ CON LE                                                                                                      ...
•••    LA MIGLIORE                           ACCESSO                           COMPATIBILIT                         MASSIM...
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Office 365 per professionisti e piccole impreseInclude...                                   FUNZIONALITÀ CHIAVE •         ...
Esigenza di sincronizzazione di ActiveDirectoryCapacità di sincronizzare/gestire gruppi di utenti    Bisogno di funzionali...
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Piani per Aziende - opzioni di acquisto flessibili    •      Opzioni di fatturazione mensile o annuale    •      Acquista ...
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•      •                                                                                           Avviso      •          ...
Offerta tradizionale e quella Cloud
Windows IntuneUna soluzione "all-in-one" per la gestione dei PC         Gestione Online &            Protezione           ...
•   Protezione dei PC•   Gestione degli updates e alerts•   Assistenza remota•   Inventario hardware e software•   Gestion...
Customize   Develop   Integrate   Package   Distribute
La Windows Azure platform è una piattaforma di servizi “su scala           internet”, ospitata nei data center di Microsof...
Microsoft Office 365 Presentazione
Microsoft Office 365 Presentazione
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Microsoft Office 365 Presentazione


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  • Microsoft® Office 365delivers the power of cloud productivity to businesses of all sizes, helping to save time, money and free up valued resources. Office 365 combines the familiar Office desktop suite with cloud-based versions of Microsoft’s next-generation communications and collaboration services: Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Lync Online. Office 365 is simple to use and easy to administer – all backed by the robust security and guaranteed reliability you expect from a world-class service provider.Microsoft Office 365 Includes:Microsoft® Office Professional PlusThe world’s leading productivity tool now seamlessly connected and delivered with cloud services – for the best productivity experience across the PC, Phone and Browser.Exchange OnlineCloud-based email, calendar and contacts with always-up-to-date protection from viruses and spam.SharePoint OnlineCloud-based service for creating sites to connect colleagues, partners and customers.Lync OnlineCloud-based instant messaging, presence, and online meeting experiences with PC-audio, video conferencing and screen sharing. Key Microsoft Office 365 Benefits:Anywhere-access to email, documents, contacts, and calendars on nearly any device Work seamlessly with Microsoft Office and the other programs your users already count on everydayBusiness-class features including IT-level phone support,  guaranteed 99.9% uptime, geo-redundancy, and disaster recoveryPay-as-you-go pricing options which give you predictability and flexibility for all or part of your organizationLatest version of Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS), which has millions of business users today Microsoft® Office 365 for small businesses offers an easy-to-use set of web-enabled tools for small businesses, independent consultants and professionals looking for business-class productivity services. Working with the tools people know and use today, Office 365 provides anywhere access to email, important documents, contacts, and calendars on nearly any device. It’s free for the first 30 days and then just $6 per user per month. Microsoft® Office 365 for enterprises brings together cloud versions of our trusted communications and collaboration software with our familiar Office Professional Plus desktop suite. It is designed to help meet your IT needs for robust security, 24/7 reliability, and user productivity.We have a variety of plans to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and varying IT needs. Priced from $2 - $28 per month per user, each plan has the same 99.9% uptime guarantee and includes the security and support you expect from Microsoft. Office 365 offers great flexibility by allowing businesses to provide users access to only the services they need and pay-as-you-go pricing options. Microsoft® Office 365 for education provides your institution with the same great communication and collaboration experiences used in enterprises around the world while saving time and money. Microsoft Office 365 for education delivers all of this and more while training students on familiar software which employers depend upon.
  • Office Professional PlusWith Microsoft® Office Professional Plus, you get the latest version of the Office applications, seamlessly connected and delivered with cloud services, so you can access your documents, email, and calendars from virtually any device. Office Professional Plus includes the new Office Web Apps, online companions to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, which let you review and make light edits to documents directly from a browser.Features:The flexible pay-as-you-go, per-user licensing of Office Professional Plus provides your organization with purchasing flexibility, and robust management and deployment tools give you the IT control to adapt to evolving business needs.Master your inbox and calendar with Conversation View and other advanced management tools in OutlookLeverage the power of business and social networking right within Outlook with the Outlook Social ConnectorCollaborate with control and confidence with co-authoringInstantly share slideshows, across town or around the world with PowerPoint Broadcast Slide ShowCreate presentations that are as brilliant to watch as they are easy to create with new video and photo editing tools in PowerPoint Quickly work with hundreds of millions of rows of data in Excel. Transform enormous quantities of data into meaningful information Work from virtually any place and any device with the Office Web Apps 1SharePoint OnlineMicrosoft® SharePoint Online brings together the familiar SharePoint Server technology now delivered as an online service making the power of the cloud work for your business. SharePoint Online provides a central place where people can create sites to connect colleagues, partners and customers. Features:Access to a personal site for individuals to store documents, share interests and quickly access their content from anywhereDesigned to work with the Microsoft Office applications individuals having been using for decadesBusiness units or workgroups can create team sites to share documents, task lists, and schedules to keep everyone in syncCreate project sites using SharePoint Online to automatically track documents, monitor project tasks, and milestonesCreate sites to communicate business priorities and information to the entire organization Build vibrant and engaged communities inside and outside your organizationCreate sites to manage and share information securely with partners and customers Social Networking capabilities such as activity feeds, blogs and wikis to help build community Financially-backed, guaranteed 99.9% uptime Service Level AgreementPlatform FeaturesSingle Sign OnToday in Microsoft Online Services, users have an Online services identity that is separate from their domain login and password. A sign in application runs in the system tray of each user’s machine, which stores their Online password, so they don’t have to type it in every time. It’s a workable solution that achieves a single-sign-like experience. When the 2010 server products come to Microsoft Online, you will be able to use Active Directory Federation Services, an enterprise-class tool for federating your Active Directory with Microsoft Services. Your employees will be able to access services with their domain credentials, the same way they access the on-premises applications they use today, and there will no longer be a need for a sign-in tool.With ADFS you can also customize the login page used for authenticating OWA users (the same page is used for other federated web-based applications)Let’s look closer at how ADFS 2.0 (also known by its code name, “Geneva”) works. Geneva is a web download for Windows Server 2008. To enable federation with Online Services, you first set up a Windows 2008 server and install ADFS as a server role. Then you use a “Federate with Online” tool/wizard to set up a trust between on-premises AD and Online Services. Once that is in place, when users accesses Exchange Online, they are redirected to the local Geneva server for authentication first, and then a SAML token is passed to the cloud service to log the user in. Passwords are not synchronized to the cloud, or stored there. User benefits: Overall benefit for end users is improved productivity No usability issues with remembering two identities and passwords – lower confusion and frustration Common experience across Online Services (Sharepoint Online, OC Online, etc) in Wave 14Administrator benefits: Overall benefit for IT is better manageability and lower TCO Since it is a server-side solution, they don’t have to spend time deploying and maintaining a client-side application Passwords are not synchronized to the cloud. Microsoft never sees credentials or password Enterprises retain security control over user accounts and password expiry Low touch, easy to set up and manage -- no change to AD code or alteration of enterprise deployment of AD is required Decreased helpdesk calls from end users forgetting their passwordsOther benefits: With ADFS, you can deploy multi-factor authentication. This includes soft certificate and smartcard authentication out of the box (not RSA or Swivel)You can customize the login page for Exchange Online and your other federated Web applications (keep in mind it’s the same page as used for all federated web apps, not just OWA.Richer Admi InterfacesThe way to manage your Exchange Online environment today is using the Microsoft Online Administration Center (MOAC). The web-based interface is easy to use but currently it is fairly limited in terms of administrative power. Exchange 2010 gives you a much richer set of tools to manage and customize your Exchange Online environment.Microsoft Online Admin Center Exchange 2010 includes a number of new native web-based management features, which are collectively referred to as the “Exchange Control Panel,”which enhance the capabilities of the Microsoft Online Admin Center.Exchange Management Console:For managing an on-premises Exchange Server installation, the tool of choice for administrators has long been the Exchange Management Console. In Exchange 2010, you can use the robust capabilities of this familiar tool to manage your cross-premises Exchange environment.Remote PowerShell: With Exchange 2010, the robust scripting capabilities of PowerShell now extend to the datacenter, allowing you to manage their hosted environment across the Internet.The introduction of these management capabilities means that you can move your environment to cloud without giving up control. You can offload task while retaining control over essential management features. Youcan let the Microsoft datacenter staff manage servers, hardware, and storage, but still retain control over settings and configuration, and rolling out features that are visible to your org.Let’s take a closer look at each of these management tools.Simplified UIFor the Standard offering, we will be providing a new user experience. Today, we have four different portals depending on the usage needs. In H2 2010, we will be consolidating the subscription, administration and end user portal into one. We will have role based access capabilities that will only allow users to access and see the features that they have rights too. Another significant improvement tied to the previous slide is we will be removing the need to have a sign-in client for users of ADFS or non-ADFS. End users will be able to managed their Online password (non-ADFS users) directly with the portal. To ensure end users working with Office clients to have best possible experience. We will be provide customer a service connector that automatically updates the PC with the correct patches to ensure Office works well with Online. This is only required when working with Office clients. Web scenarios do not require the Service Connector.Here are some of the other key UI design goals: Consolidate Separate ExperiencesOne site, one navigation system across the entire lifecycle of learn/try/buy/manageGetting setup is done through one site, end-to-endOne login, one identity across all experiencesShared look & feel for all workloads within the platformGetting Started with Online is EasyUsers don’t require a Live ID to sign-up & setup, instead reserve a namespace & login ID for themselvesUsers set their own initial password for their trialInitial Sign-up process is simplified and very lightweightYour prescribed setup tasks are based on your answers to a “setup assessment”Updated Information Architecture Revised organization of top-level elements, MOCP/Marketing/MOAC are now all represented at the top levelFlatter navigation scheme (2 levels instead of 3)Improved page types:Standardized, toolbar-style grids with filteringFull-page wizards & property sheets for simpler layouts & localization optionsExtensible, Consistent Workload Marketing & Management ExperienceWorkloads can create consistent Service Cataloging pages in our catalogConsistent Deep-link pages for each service organized in a common wayConsistent Header link within workloads to return to the central management consoleNew platform requirementsOperating System RequirementsXP SP3 with RPC over HTTP patchXP Home and Media Center edition only for managed identity deploymentVista SP2 Windows 7Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger), 10.5 (Leopard), 10.6 (Snow Leopard)Office Client RequirementsOffice 2007 SP2 and aboveInvestigating support for Outlook 2003 with Exchange OnlineInvestigating support for Office 2003 with SharePoint OnlineOffice 2008 for Mac & Entourage 2008 Web Services EditionService Connector with .NET 2.0 or later (highly recommended)New Office Communicator ClientMac Messenger 9 Browser RequirementsInternet Explorer 8 is required for XP Internet Explorer 7 for Vista users Firefox 3.xSafari 4.x
  • With Office 365, we can give you a solution designed for your needs:Virtually anywhere-access to your email, important documents, contacts, and calendar on nearly any deviceIs easy to try out, simple to learn, and straightforward to useCreate a password-protected portal to share large, hard-to-email files both in and outside your organizationPowerful security features help protect your data and it’s backed with a 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Many small businesses have not had access to these tools, either because they did not have the expertise or budget to deploy these products.It is easy to try, easy to buy, and most importantly it’s to administer and it works great with Office. It also includes a financially backed SLA.Another key feature is the ability for customers to easily create and manage a public website. Customers can take advantage of capabilities like Lync Online that allow them to host virtual meetings with their customers or suppliers.Office 365 Plan P1 will be priced at $6/user/month, which allows a small business who has limited IT capabilities and limited IT budget to take advantage of a very powerful set of productivity services.
  • When is Office 365 for small businesses not enough?When customers are using Active Directory to sync their environment or manage their line-of-business applications. Active Directory sync is not supported in Office 365 for Small Business.When customers are looking for email archiving for compliance or are using Blackberry devices.When customers plan on growing beyond 50 users.When customers want 24x7 phone support for their IT staff as a key feature and capability, or want to use tools like Powershell to manage their environment.
  • Much like our BPOS offers today with deskless worker, we’ll have a Kiosk worker offer as part of the K Family. This set of family plans is designed for the user that doesn’t have messaging and collaboration today so it’s a low cost way of expanding your footprint in an account and giving customers a common platform for communicating to their workers.There are a couple of key changes in this line up from our current deskless offer. The first and foremost is that we are moving from Outlook Web Access Lite to full OWA. In addition, we’ll add POP support for Exchange so this allows customers to access their mail via a client or device.As we shift to the right-hand side, it’s important to talk about the enterprise IW as well. This really is the high volume family plan. The Plan E family. Designed for your enterprise workers. It includes a larger mailbox at 25 gb, full client connectivity with MAPI, it’s mobility with Active sync, Lync for real-time communication (both instant messaging and conferencing), as well as enterprise features for exchange and Sharepoint. And of course Office Professional Plus. All of these capabilities are part of the Enterprise family. So let’s spend a few minutes diving into the Plan E Family…
  • With Office 365, we offer new flexible purchase options:Monthly or annual billing provides flexibility and control of IT costs. With monthly billing you can scale up or down as needed and only pay for what you needNew feature plans help customers get the most out of the service at the best possible value.Combining an enterprise plan with a kiosk plan is easy so you can supply the capabilities needed for different user needs.
  • The Security Program takes a risk-based, multi-dimensional approach to putting in place the necessary & adequate safeguards across all aspects of a service. The Program aims to define security requirements applicable to people, processes and technology, and implement corresponding controls & capabilities across the services themselves, the supporting platform and infrastructure components, as well as the hosting facilities and the hardware residing within them. Role & Responsibility of the Security Program: Help ensure services are developed in a secure manner. Microsoft’s Secure Development Lifecycle plays a critical role here. Help ensure the services are operated in a secure environment. Security controls exist across and within all layers of a given service, which supports the principle of defense-in-depth.Help ensure that services and infrastructure are monitored for configuration errors, vulnerabilities, security events and anomalous behavior.Help ensure incidents are promptly detected and a mature incident management process not only addresses the immediate issue, but identifies and corrects the cause.Help ensure personnel are adequately prepared and trained to identify security issues and provide notification through the appropriate procedure.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Presentazione

    1. 1. LA MIGLIORE ESPERIENZA DI PRODUTTIVITÀ • Modificate documenti in contemporanea con i vostri colleghi. • Conducete riunioni online con colleghi, partner e clienti con tanto di audio, video e condivisione dello schermo. • Gestite e condividete importanti documenti e informazioni personali con i colleghi LA MIGLIORE ACCESSOSiti personali. attraverso COMPATIBILIT MASSIMA CONTROLLO ESPERIENZA OVUNQUE* il calendario con colleghi, partner e clienti. • Condividete À SICUREZZA E ED DI CON LE AFFIDABILITÀ EFFICIENZA IT • Condividete documenti, elenchi di attività e programmi per mantenere sincronizzati i gruppi diPRODUTTIVITÀ lavoro con i siti del APPLICAZIONI team. NOTE Presentazione di riunione online con audio e video da PC a PC Supporto per compatibilità browser Facile connessione con altri utenti Aggiornamento dello Capacità di registrazione Creazione condivisa in Wordla condivisione e nellorganizzazione con stato pubblicazione del calendario in Outlook Siti personali in SharePoint Esperienza Office familiare Create siti per condividere documenti con Condivisione di desktop e applicazioni SharePoint colleghi e partner con e lavagna virtuale AttivitàPresenza Messaggistica istantanea * Laccesso da dispositivi mobili dipende dalla qualità e dalla disponibilità della rete delloperatore. ** La connessione in modalità sicura non garantisce di per sé la completa sicurezza della connessione.
    2. 2. ACCESSO • OVUNQUE Ricco accesso client in linea o non in linea tramite le applicazioni per desktop Office su PC e Mac. • Visualizzazione e modifica dei documenti con Office Web Apps su una vasta gamma di browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari). LA MIGLIORE ACCESSO COMPATIBILITin arrivo daMASSIMA di browser con Outlook Web App. • Accesso alla Posta una vasta gamma CONTROLLO ESPERIENZA OVUNQUE* • Accesso a posta, contatti, calendario e siti SharePoint da centinaia di À SICUREZZA E ED dispositivi, compresi Windows Phone, Nokia, Android, iPhone e BlackBerry. DI CON LE AFFIDABILITÀ EFFICIENZA IT • Singola casella di posta in arrivo per gestire posta elettronica e posta vocale con laPRODUTTIVITÀ APPLICAZIONI messaggistica unificata. NOTE • Connessione protetta** su Internet con HTTPS senza bisogno di VPN. Compatibilità per laccesso in mobilità attraverso molti dispositivi Office Hub Accesso a SharePoint in Windows Phone 7 Applicazioni Web con supporto per compatibilità browser Accesso a PowerPoint Outlook Web App * Laccesso da dispositivi mobili dipende dalla qualità e dalla disponibilità della rete delloperatore. ** La connessione in modalità sicura non garantisce di per sé la completa sicurezza della connessione.
    3. 3. COMPATIBILITÀ CON LE APPLICAZIONI NOTE • Funziona senza problemi. Agli utenti è richiesta una formazione minima per essere subito produttivi. • Gli scenari di distribuzione ibridi consentono agli utenti in loco e online di lavorare insieme senza interruzioni. • I diversi piani disponibili offrono un modo economico per fornire funzionalità di produttività aziendale LA MIGLIORE ACCESSO COMPATIBILIT MASSIMA i componenti dellazienda. familiari a tutti CONTROLLO ESPERIENZA OVUNQUE* À SICUREZZA E con lultima ED • Rimanete aggiornati esperienza di DI CON LE produttività attraverso un servizio a sottoscrizione. AFFIDABILITÀ EFFICIENZA ITPRODUTTIVITÀ APPLICAZIONI NOTE Outlook Outlook Web App * Laccesso da dispositivi mobili dipende dalla qualità e dalla disponibilità della rete delloperatore. ** La connessione in modalità sicura non garantisce di per sé la completa sicurezza della connessione.
    4. 4. ••• LA MIGLIORE ACCESSO COMPATIBILIT MASSIMA CONTROLLO ESPERIENZA OVUNQUE* À SICUREZZA E ED• DI CON LE AFFIDABILITÀ EFFICIENZA IT PRODUTTIVITÀ APPLICAZIONI• NOTE * Laccesso da dispositivi mobili dipende dalla qualità e dalla disponibilità della rete delloperatore. ** La connessione in modalità sicura non garantisce di per sé la completa sicurezza della connessione.
    5. 5. MICROSOFT® OFFICE 365 METTE TUTTA LA POTENZA DELLA PRODUTTIVITÀ NEL CLOUD ACONTROLLO ED EFFICIENZA IT DISPOSIZIONE DELLE AZIENDE DI QUALSIASI DIMENSIONE PER RISPARMIARE TEMPO E DENARO E• Supporto di un professionista IT 24/7 tramite telefono o ticket elettronici.• Portale sullintegrità del servizio e feed RSS per fornire DISPONIBILI LE RISORSE DI MAGGIOR VALORE RENDERE NUOVAMENTE informazioni aggiornate sulla disponibilità del servizio.• Gestione semplificata tramite una singola interfaccia di amministrazione con accesso basato sui ruoli. LA MIGLIORE ACCESSO COMPATIBILIT MASSIMA CONTROLLO• PowerShell remota per consentire la creazione di script per le attività di routine e laccesso ai dati non ESPERIENZA elaborati per i report. OVUNQUE* À SICUREZZA E ED DI CON LE• Criteri di aggiornamento del servizio "IT friendly" che lasciano il controllo. AFFIDABILITÀ EFFICIENZA IT PRODUTTIVITÀ APPLICAZIONI NOTE * Laccesso da dispositivi mobili dipende dalla qualità e dalla disponibilità della rete delloperatore. ** La connessione in modalità sicura non garantisce di per sé la completa sicurezza della connessione.
    7. 7. ACCESSO OVUNQUE A POSTA ELETTRONICA, DOCUMENTI IMPORTANTI, CONTATTI E CALENDARIO CON QUALSIASI DISPOSITIVO. Posta elettronica e Siti Web e Office Web Apps calendario collaborazione• • •• • • •• • •• • Messaggistica istantanea e Tempo di attività del 99,9% riunioni online• • •• • •••*(solo BIS)
    8. 8. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •10
    9. 9. Office 365 per professionisti e piccole impreseInclude... FUNZIONALITÀ CHIAVE •  •  Office 365  • (Piano P1) •  • € 5,25  CHF 8  •  utente/mese  •   
    10. 10. Esigenza di sincronizzazione di ActiveDirectoryCapacità di sincronizzare/gestire gruppi di utenti Bisogno di funzionalità di archiviazione avanzate2 Archiviazione della posta elettronica per la conformità legale 3 Necessità di BES Server Blackberry Enterprise Aumento degli utenti a >50 4 Oltre 50 PC aziendali attuali o previsti Supporto telefonico 24x7 5 Maggior contatto diretto rispetto al supporto della community
    11. 11. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •13
    12. 12. Piani per Aziende - opzioni di acquisto flessibili • Opzioni di fatturazione mensile o annuale • Acquista solo ciò che ti occorre, con adeguamento per accesso o per difetto in base alle esigenze Piani per aziende Piani per chioschi multimediali Piano K1 Piano K2 Piano E1 Piano E2 Piano E3 CHF 5.26 CHF 13.25 CHF 13.25 CHF 21 CHF 34.25 €9 € 14,25 € 22,75 € 3,57 €9 utente/mese utente/mese utente/mese utente utente Posta elettronica, calendario,    contatti, antivirus/antispam Chiosco SharePoint Online   Siti di SharePoint    Conferenze    Chiosco SharePoint Online   Messaggistica istantanea e presenza    Office Web Apps   Office Web Apps  Office Professional Plus (come  servizio) Moduli e flusso di lavoro  Access/Visio/Excel Services  Componenti aggiuntivi disponibili: Spazio di archiviazione aggiuntivo per documenti Utenti Extranet aggiuntivi Servizio di sincronizzazione BlackberryNota: i piani E1 e K1 sono paragonabili alle attuali offerte BPOS, ma alcune nuove funzionalità Office 365 potrebbero richiederelacquisto di un piano aggiuntivo.
    13. 13. 15
    14. 14. • • • • • •16
    15. 15. 17
    16. 16. 18
    17. 17. • • Avviso • Scelta • Divulgazione • Milano, 15 Dicembre 2011 – Microsoft ha annunciato che Office 365 è la prima e unica piattaforma a offrire primari standard di privacy e sicurezza delle informazioni per i clienti che operano nellUnione europea e negli Stati Uniti. Nellambito del proprio impegno contrattuale con i clienti, Microsoft sottoscriverà i requisiti previsti per le Clausole modello UE, che consentono ai clienti di certificare la conformità alla severa Direttiva sulla protezione dei dati della Commissione europea e alla19 legge "Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act" (HIPAA) in vigore negli Stati Uniti.
    18. 18. Offerta tradizionale e quella Cloud
    19. 19. Windows IntuneUna soluzione "all-in-one" per la gestione dei PC Gestione Online & Protezione + (Sottoscrizione del servizio) (Client Upgrade Subscription) Fornito da Download from Microsoft Microsoft
    20. 20. • Protezione dei PC• Gestione degli updates e alerts• Assistenza remota• Inventario hardware e software• Gestione delle security policies• Gestione delle licenze• Aggiornamento a Windows 7 Enterprise
    21. 21. Customize Develop Integrate Package Distribute
    22. 22. La Windows Azure platform è una piattaforma di servizi “su scala internet”, ospitata nei data center di Microsoft presenti in differenti continenti, che fornisce una piattaforma semplice, affidabile e flessibile per creare applicazioni web e serviziCompute Storage Management CDN Relational data Data Sync Connectivity Access control
    23. 23. Contattaci: