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Progemec s.r.l. - Oil & Gass

  1. 1. engineering servicesVia Filetti Superiore - 03031 Aquino (FR)Tel: +39 338 3103227 / +39 333 1867706 Fax: +39 178 2222647 E-mail: October 2011
  2. 2. COMPANY HIGHLIGHTSPROGEMEC is an expert provider of advanced and specialized engineering and R&D servicesfocused on process and mechanical engineering, serving as a technical partner to its customers.Since the beginning of its activities, PROGEMEC’s philosophy has been focused on developingclose collaborative relationships with its clients.This objective is achieved by becoming an extension of our clients’ engineering and technicalstaff, working together to face any challenge.In order to meet all of the client´s requests, PROGEMEC takes one each and every projectguided by the company´s three main principles: Specialization, Flexibility and Adaptation. PROFILE AND STAFF STRUCTURE Business Developer• Foundation: January 2011; CAE/FEA Engineer Process Engineer• Current staff: 7 resources Design Engineer (6 technical + 1 administrative) Electrical Engineer Languages Graduate
  3. 3. INTERNATIONAL ACTIVITYSince its foundation, in January 2011, PROGEMEC has been involved in international projectsworking together with Italian and Spanish customers and partners. Currently PROGEMEC hasbeen developing its international operations with a principal focus on Europe.The company estimates that foreign markets will comprise nearly 25 per cent of the company´stotal revenue in 2011.A special and strong partnership has beenmade with CADE, a specialized engineeringand R&D services company, with a deepexperience in advanced energy, thermaland process engineering. Mechanical EngineersNowadays PROGEMEC can be defined as Process engineers DraughmanCADE Italian mirror, within Italian market. Bussines Development Founded: 2003 Current Staff: 20 employees
  4. 4. INDUSTRIES SERVED RENEWABLE AEROSPACE AUTOMOTIVE MARINE OIL & GAS INDUSTRIAL ENERGIES• Aerostructures • BIW • Hull and • Pressure Vessel • Home Appliances • PV plant & CSP• Aero Engines • Seating Structures Design & Analysis • Medical Devices Preliminary, components • Powertrain & • Machinery & • Heat Exchanger • Off-road Definitive and• Aero Interiors chassis Systems • Towers and Equipment As built design• Aero Systems • Interiors & • Deck Machinery columns • Machines for • BioGas plant Exteriors • Accommodation • Piping routing Food & Beverage design• Manufacturing support • Mold design & Interiors • Piping detailing • Sheet & Tube • Windmill • Life Saving & Metal Forming design• R&D specific • Die design • Bill of Materials projects Fire Fighting Machines • Development • Cooling system • Detailed Equipment • Machines for of special • Jigs & Fixture engineering • Navigation & pharmaceutics mechanical Design • Water components communication desalination • HVAC • Process • Support Equipment Equipments Automation • Boilers structure • R&D specific • Special purpose • Assembly design and projects machines Automation validation • R&D specific projects 4/22
  5. 5. SERVICES PROVIDED CIVIL & PROCESS MECHANICAL CAD CAE ELECTRICAL AUTOMATION ENGINEERING ENGINEERING ENGINEERING• Data • Structural • Technology • Product • Preliminary, • Production Conversion Analysis development Development Definitive, Automation• 2D to 3D • Metal Forming • R&D • SPM Design Executive & As • Pick & Place Conversion Simulations • Process • Presses & Dies Built Design; design• 3D modeling • Composites & Simulation Development and • Health and • Assembly• 2D detailing Plastics • Energy efficiency design safety in the Automation Simulations and thermo- • Medical construction • Testing• Data Migration • Static & Dynamic economic Equipments industry Automation Analysis optimization Development • Construction • Vision • Thermal • Safety • Food & Beverage design & inspection Transient engineering Equipment management systems Analysis (atex-hazop-sil) Development • Project • Leak testing • CFD • Basic • General and management Equipments • NVH Engineering specific purpose • Design Validation • Design of machine & Optimization process Development equipments 5/22
  7. 7. SERVICE DELIVERY MODELWith the goal of obtaining the best solution This support consists of the application ofavailable and maximizing effectiveness and some or all the following disciplines:efficiency, it is necessary to understand theimplicit problems of these technologies and therelated equipment during all stages. FINITE ELEMENTThis task can only be achieved by applying all the ANALYSISengineering disciplines involved in the design,fabrication, start-up and operation phasestogether with a comprehensive knowledge and COMPUTATIONAL HEAT TRANSFERvast experience in numerous industrial fields. FLUID DYNAMICSPROGEMEC combines advanced capabilities inmechanical and process engineering workingcollectively with its clients to achieve theseobjectives. PROCESS DYNAMIC SIMULATION SIMULATIONPROGEMEC supports its clients by providingcustom-made engineering solutions adjusted tosuit the nature of the client´s projects andtechnical capabilities.
  8. 8. CAD SERVICES Concept Design Detailed ManufacturingEngineering Engineering Engineering Support Drawings conversion: paper -> digital; 2D -> 3D Concept and product design 3D Modeling and Assembly Manufacturing and Assembly drawings Design validation and optimization Reverse Engineering Production cycle definition Technical documentation 8/22
  9. 9. CAE SERVICES Model Building Engineering Design Post-Processing and Pre-Processing Analysis OptimizationFEM Modeling OptimizationStatic Analysis NVHDynamic Analysis Composites & Plastics AnalysisNon-Linear Analysis Welding SimulationsComputational Fluid Dynamics Sheet Metal Forming SimulationsBuckling Analysis Crash & Impact AnalysisFatigue & Creep Analysis Thermal Analysis 9/22
  10. 10. CADE’S Capabilities & Technologies CAPABILITIES TECHNOLOGIESTechnology development and Heat Transferupgrading Waste Heat RecoveryIntegration, operational assessmet Refrigeration & coolingof technologies and equipment Steam GenerationTroubleshooting Gas Cleaning process BiogasBasic engineering – process design &simulation Biodiesel DryingProcess Equipment. Design,evaluation and upgrade Mixing
  11. 11. R&D PhilosophyDue to the specialized nature of PROGEMEC PROGEMEC actively integrates internal R&D PROGEMEC takes advantage of beingand CADE´s activities, new applications, activities within its business structure in integrated in a strong University network andpotential upgrades and transfers of order to face these challenges and generate technical partnership with most important FEMtechnology from one sector to another are knowledge that allows us to develop new software and services providers in order tocommonly required in order to take on our technologies, applications and products. count on the most significant institutions inclient’s most challenging projects. technology and R&D for support and collaborative work. R&D Activities Equipment CLIENT / Advanced PARTNER Engineering Services Technology Business Development Know-How B2B NETWORK Strategic R&D Activities  SOLAR  WASTE TREATMENT AND ENVIROMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES  BIOMASS / BIOGAS  WASTE HEAT
  12. 12. SERVICES Advanced Mechanical EngineeringAdvanced Mechanical Engineering for industrial equipment based on FEA(Finite Element Analysis)R&D.Fitness for Service assessment for industrial equipmentOperational Life expectancy analysisStructural analysis, linear, non-linear, bucklingThermal-Mechanical AnalysisThermal Transient AnalysisFatigue analyses and evaluation, for short&long term thermal / pressureloading cycles.Full Dynamic Response, Spectrum, Harmonic, Modal AnalysisCFD Analysis (computational fluid dynamics) Complementary servicesConventional Process and Mechanical Equipment Engineering.Pressure vessel designThermal, hydraulic and mechanical designProcess designData sheet issueDimensional, Layout and Detailed manufacturing drawingsPiping Engineering (Piping specifications, Piping design,Pipe Stress Analysis and Support Design)
  13. 13. SERVICESAdvanced energy, thermal and process engineeringAdvanced Energy, Thermal and Process Engineering.Technology Development. R&D.Integration, evaluation and improvement of technologies and equipmentDynamic simulation of process & equipment and integrationEnergy efficiency and thermo-economic optimizationSafety engineering (ATEX-HAZOP-SIL) Complementary services Conventional Plant & Process Engineering Basic and detail engineering review and supervision FEL analysis Process Engineering (P&IDs, PFD, etc.) Engineering specifications review Definition and calculation of main process equipment (pumps, heat exchangers, filters, vacuum groups, vessels, etc.) Definition and calculation of auxiliary services (steam, HTF, blanketing/inertization, compress air, etc.) Purchasing Engineering
  14. 14. Case StudyValidation research for desing modifications in flare gas recoveryObjective: Analysis of flare substitution needsTasks to be carried out:Validation research of flare system with new K.O. drum and liquid seal including: Inlet gas temperature calculation at the flare base by Modeling of gas cooling across PSVs and along lines (alkylation – MHC/ALE) Vacuum phenomenon analysis in flare collectors Temperature profile calculation at flare shaft in stationary and transient conditions HAZOP studyMechanical research of flare including: Stationary CFD analysis + Structural FEM analysis based on process data obtained
  15. 15. Case StudyPRESSURE EQUIPMENT ANALYSIS  Study of thermal - structural response at critical parts.  Fatigue analysis  Dynamic / Static performance  Design criteria / code compliance  Thicknesses optimization  Nozzle to Shell junctions  Nozzle allowable stress  Skirt to shell to head junctions  Shell Transitions  Internal pipes and supports
  16. 16. Case StudyPRESSURE EQUIPMENT  Study of thermal - structural response at critical parts.  Fatigue analysis  Dynamic / Static performance  Design criteria / code compliance  Thicknesses optimization  Nozzle to Shell junctions  Nozzle analysis  Skirt to shell to head junctions  Shell Transitions  Internal pipes and supports  Saddles  Lifting Trunnions and Lugs
  17. 17. Case Study HEAT EXCHANGERS Thermal design as per TEMA Mechanical Design Fatigue analysis Performance analysis Exergetic analysis Dynamic / Static performance Thicknesses optimization Nozzle to Shell junctions Nozzle allowable stress
  18. 18. Case StudyWASTE HEAT BOILER Thermal & Process design Mechanical Design Tubeside lining Wind shields Fatigue analysis Performance analysis Exergetic analysis Dynamic / Static performance
  19. 19. Case StudyWASTE HEAT BOILERS Thermal & Process design Mechanical Design Tubeside lining Wind shields Fatigue analysis Performance analysis Exergetic analysis Dynamic / Static performance
  20. 20. Case StudySILOS AND TANKS  Structural / Mechanical Design  FEM analysis  Validation of Design not covered by standard codes  Thicknesses optimization  Dynamic response for agitators / external loads
  21. 21. Case StudyFLARES AND STACKS  Thermal & Process design  Mechanical Design  Fatigue analysis  Dynamic / Static performance  Self supported  Guyed  Derrick supported  KO drums  Molecular seals
  22. 22. Case StudyFLUE GASAnalysis and optimization in non-conventional structuresand equipmentFEA/CFDSeismic and Dynamic AnalysisFatigue AnalysisTroubleshooting By-Pass Systems Ducts Stacks Dampers
  23. 23. Case StudyFLUE GASAnalysis and optimization in non-conventional structures andequipmentSeismic and Dynamic AnalysisFatigue Analysis By-Pass Systems Ducts Stacks Dampers
  24. 24. Case StudyBIODIESEL PRODUCTION PLANTSOwner’s EngineeringProcess and Detail Engineering.Purchasing and Construction Management
  25. 25. PROJECT REFERENCES Flares & StacksClient / Final Client Description DatePrematecnica ACS - COBRA Castor Project. FEM Analysis of Vent Stack 2010ENEL Marcinelle CCGT Power Plant BELGIUM. FEM Analysis of Steam Boiler Stack 2010METKA Brazi CCGT Power Plant ROMANIA. FEM Analysis of Steam Boiler Stack 2010 Centre de Traitment Multifilières de Déchets Ménagers avec Valorisation Energétique – MarsellaCERNEY FRANCE. FEM Analysis of Steam Boiler Stack 2010 Pressure Vessels and Heat ExchangersClient / Final Client Description DateTechnip Iberia FEM analysis for pressure re-rating in reactor 2011Tecnicas Reunidas Mercury Removal Reactor FEM analysis (Repsol Bolivia) 2011Welders Mechanical design of BEM Type Heat Exchanger 2011Degussa Mechanical Design of Heat Exchanger 2011GEA Batignolles CFD transient analysis and FEA structural-fatigue analysis of air cooler 2011 FEM analysis and internal steam pipes flexibility stress analysis for process reactor. Castellon 2011BP Oil RefineryFelguera Fatigue FEM Analysis for Coke Drums. 2010Conoco Phillips Wilhelmsshaven ugrader projectTecnicas Reunidas FEM Analysis for Flexicoker Regenerator 2010 Elefsis Refinery Upgrade Project (Greece)Bachiller Fitness for service assesment. FEM analysis of Poland Molten Salt Reactor according to 2010 AD2000. PolandFoster Wheeler FEM Analysis for vacuum distillation column 2010
  26. 26. PROJECT REFERENCESClient / Final Client Description DateTICONA Fatigue FEM Analysis "Reactor 301B1040" according to AD2000 - S2 2010 (TiGer) Ticona Kelsterbach Relocation Project (Germany)Conoco Phillips Wilhelmshavener Raffineriegesellschaft (Germany) 2010 Fatigue FEM Analysis “COKE DRUMS D-6130 A/B” according to ASME VIII Div. 2Technip Validation FEM analysis for new connection of aero -refrigerator 644-E-3 2009 Tarragona Refinery FEM analysis of skirt-to-shell junction at item 32-v- 007 Bed Silo CokeHellenic Petroleum Elefsis Refinery Upgrade Project (Greece) 2009 Reconversao da refinaría de Sines PortugalGALP FEM Analysis of skirt-to-shell joint at Item HIGH TEMPERATURE SHIFT REACTOR - 2009 HR-R-4 according to ASME VIII Div.2 Thermal - Structural FEM Analysis accordint to ASME VIII Div. 2 of Skirt to ShellRepsol junction for process reactors. Cartagena Refinery (11 items) 2009 Hawiyah Plant Expansion (Saudi Arabia)Saudi Aramco Thermal –Structural FEM Analysis of top head to shell and tray support to shell 2008 junction (3 items) Gas Treating Facility Hawiyah Plant Expansion (Saudi Arabia)Saudi Aramco FEDD GAS K.O. DRUM Thermal –Structural FEM Analysis 2008 Thermal-Structural FEM analysis of process reactor in post welding – heat treatingRepsol Cartagena Refinery 2007 FEM analysis of Skirt to Shell junctiont in fuel-oil reduction unit (coker blowdown)Petronor according to ASME VIII Div. 2. Murkiz - Spain 2007 Cartagena Refinery. Hydrocracking Unit.Repsol Stripper Detail engineering 2007 Ju’aymah Gas Plant Project (Saudi Arabia)Saudi Aramco Fatigue FEM Analysis “Butane Dehiydrator” according to ASME VIII Div. 2 2007 Refinery “General Lázaro Cardenas” Ninatitlan Veracruz (Mexico)PEMEX Thermal-Structural FEM Analysis of skirt-to Shell junction in process column 2007
  27. 27. PROJECT REFERENCESClient / Final Client Description Date Dung Quat Refinery Project (Vietnam)PETROVIETNAM FEM analysis of Trunnions-to-shell junction for elevation operation in Process Column 2006 Thermal-Structural FEM Analysis of Skirt to Shell and catalyst tray support to shell junction inREPSOL reactor HDS-NCX according to ASME VIII Div. 2 2006 Process EquipmentClient / Final Client Description DateROMPETROL Deaerator Thermal & Process Design 2011ROMPETROL Steam Dryer Thermal & Process Design 2011 Feedwater HeatersClient / Final Client Description DateTherco Thermal design of LP heaters and Bypass Condenser 2010Schelde Exotech Thermal design review of LP Feedwater Heater 2009ESB Thermal design of LP and HP feedwater heaters 2006Endesa Thermal design of LP Feedwater Heater 2006TNB Thermal design of HP Feedwater Heaters 2003
  28. 28. PROJECT REFERENCES FLUE GAS SystemsClient / Final Client Description DateNational Petrochemical Co./ Ilam Petrochemical Complex .IRANTECHNIP KTI S.p.A. BY PASS System FEM Analysis. Detail engineering 2009Niger Delta Power Holding Gas Turbine Open Cycle Plant .Port Harcourt, NIGERIACompany of Nigeria BY PASS System FEM Analysis. Detail engineering 2009 Puente Nuevo Combined Cycle Plant Córdoba-SpainENEL Ducts and Racks FEM Analysis 2008 Escatron Combined Cycle Plant. Spain 2008Tecnicas Reunidas BY PASS System FEM Analysis. Detail engineering Vasilikos Combined Cycle Plant. Cyprus 2007GE Energy BY PASS System FEM Analysis. Detail engineeringPETROBRAS T-Box Dumper Oil Platform P-53 Marlim Leste - BRAZIL 2006Alstom UK FEM Analysis. Detail Engineering N-S Gas Ducts (General Furnace Fumes) Gibraltar Refinery Spain 2006CEPSA FEM Analysis Gas Distributor FEM analysis 2006Wingas GmbH VD-Station Mallnow GermanyAbu Dhabi Water and Umm Al-Nar Independent Power and Water Project UAE 2004Electricity Company (ADWEC) Diverter FEM Analysis Escombreras Combined Cycle Plant Murcia - Spain 2004Iberdrola BY PASS System FEM Analysis. Detail engineeringIran Power Development Management Co. Kerman Combined Cycle Plant Kerman – IRAN 2004MAPNA Diverter and Flue Gas ValvesIran Power Development Management Co. Kazeroun Combined Cycle Plant Fars - IRAN 2004MAPNA Diverter and Flue Gas ValvesIran Power Development Management Co. YAZD Combined Cycle Plant - Yazd - IRAN 2003MAPNA BY PASS System FEM Analysis. Detail engineeringIran Power Development Management Co. NEKA combined cycle Plant Mazandaran - IRAN 2003MAPNA BY PASS System FEM Analysis. Detail engineering
  29. 29. PROJECT REFERENCES Waste Heat BoilersClient / Final Client Description DateROMPETROL Thermal design of Waste Heat Boiler. FEM Analysis 2011ROMPETROL Thermal design of Waste Heat Boiler. FEM Analysis 2010EBL Troubleshooting WHB for Biomass Power Plant 2008Takreer Writing maintenance and repair procedures 2005ABB Lummus Thermal design of Waste Heat Boiler 2005SAFCO Thermal design of Reformer Waste Heat Boiler 2004Sasol Troubleshooting Gasifier Waste Heat Boiler 2001 Steam GeneratorsClient / Final Client Description DateInvista Textiles Design review for Kettle Steam Generators 2008Enwesa Design review of Steam Generator for Solar Power Plant 2006ME Engineering Thermal design of Rotor Air Cooling Kettle Boilers 2005Siemens Thermal design of Rotor Air Cooling Kettle Boilers 2001 CCGT Boiler RoomClient / Final Client Description DateENEL Process and detail engineering 2009METKA Process and detail engineering 2009
  30. 30. engineering services CONTACTS ing. Alessia Mentella, PhDManaging Director & Business Development Manager Mobile: +39 338 3103227 Fax: +39 178 2222647 E-mail: