Building and packaging highly scalable services for maximum market penetration (Michael Toutonghi)


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  • Is it going to be PA?Will we cover enough of the market by growing our channel to >?
  • Parallels provides a complete ecosystem to enable you to profit from the cloudIt starts with 100s of applications and serivces you can sell to meet the needs of your customers directly or to go thorough a reseller channel to extend your reach.
  • Building and packaging highly scalable services for maximum market penetration (Michael Toutonghi)

    1. 1. Building and Packaging Highly Scalable ServicesMichael Toutonghi, Parallels CTO
    2. 2. Who Am I?• 10 years of startups - Started my first company (CAD workstations) in 1982 - Multiple systems oriented startups (schedulers, device drivers, runtimes)• 10 years at Microsoft (developer – VP/DE) - Led Windows 95 kernel development - Started and led Microsoft’s Java runtime - Microsoft’s .Net platform co-founder - Founded Microsoft eHome to launch Windows Media Center Edition• After that, I really started learning about high-scale… Profit from the Cloud™ | 2
    3. 3. 2004 – 2007, CEO, WebFives social network • Many services working together - Account, relationship management - Secure sharing service, friends, groups - Mobile client, AJAX, PC - Custom P2P network for optimizing unreliable infrastructure - Ingestion servers - Audio, video, image transcode pipeline - Logging pipeline - Data processing platform • Scale - Data processing pipelines - Scale out of tiers and subsystems - P2P firewall bridging - Media transcoding - Advertising • Customer acquisitionWebFives Social Network Profit from the Cloud™ | 3
    4. 4. 2007 – 2011, Technical Fellow, Microsoft• Microsoft Advertising - 10s of billions of ads served daily - Terabytes of daily logs, petabytes of data - < 40ms + latency SLAs - User correlation across 100’s of millions daily unique visitors - Web activity analysis - Bayesian networks - Real-time data pipelines - Real-time, geo-scale marketplace optimization based• Microsoft Midori Profit from the Cloud™ | 4
    5. 5. 2011 – present, CTO, Parallels• Desktop Virtualization Business - Parallels Desktop for Mac – Virtualization for Macs - Parallels Workstation – Virtualization for PCs - Parallels Mobile – Access your Mac or PC from anywhere• Service Provider Business - Parallels Plesk Panel - Parallels Business Automation Standard - Parallels Automation - Parallels Virtuozzo Containers - Parallels Cloud Server – Distributed Storage, Virtualization Profit from the Cloud™ | 5
    6. 6. How do you acquire customers?XaaS Virtuous CirclePC Software Virtuous Circle• Direct (Yandex, Google, Facebook, Vkontakte)• Through distributors with scale (OEMs, Telcos, etc.)• Integrate with standards of an ecosystem ? Profit from the Cloud™ | 6
    7. 7. How do you acquire customers?• Direct (Yandex, Google, Facebook, Vkontakte, Salesforce) - User focused - Sticky, low churn services - Traditional and viral marketing - Direct sales• Through distributors with scale (OEMs, Telcos, etc.) - Close smaller number of large deals - App stores and marketplaces - Volume provides ROI on custom development and integration• Integrate with standards of an ecosystem - Facebook API, identity – reach consumers - Real-time bidding APIs – reach advertisers / publishers / agencies - Application Packaging Standard (APS) – multi-SP enablement Profit from the Cloud™ | 7
    8. 8. The APS Enabled Ecosystem VAR Value Add Services applications Wholesale SI Vertical Hoster Small Hoster Direct
    9. 9. Application Packaging Standard – HistorySP-Hosted ServicesSP-Hosted Services SP-Hosted / SaaS Service Integration APS Service Bus Profit from the Cloud™ | 9
    10. 10. APS Version 2 –• APS specification defines - Package formats (XML meta description, JSON schema, HTML 5) - Core API for resource integration within common user context - Extensible REST interface description w/inheritance - HTML 5/Javascript UI extensibility - Common PHP runtime support for any infrastructure• APS controller provides - Implementation of specified formats and REST enabled access to packaged resources - Proxy for APS REST endpoints, providing security, common resource and endpoint namespace• APS runtime provides - Infrastructure independent deployment of PHP APS resources into compatible shared hosting environment - PHP library for easy implementation of and access to APS resources Support for Linux, Windows native, and Windows.Net environments Profit from the Cloud™ | 10
    11. 11. Common Provisioning and Integration Interfaces• APS Controller API Service Integration - Service discovery - Cross-service communication and dependencies APS Service Bus - Notifications• UI extensibility for ordering, provisioning, and configuring• Integration, cross- sell, and up-sell enablement• Multi-protocol SSO - OpenID Connect - SAML, … Profit from the Cloud™ | 11
    12. 12. Inheritance, Dependencies, and Discovery• Extensible REST APIs APS Resource - Interface Inheritance - Dependencies Mailbox - User-aware resource discovery - Notifications - Single sign-on Zimbra Exchange• Benefits User Subscription - Many SPs, one integration Traffic E-Commerce - Common service types with Shaper different implementations • VEs, C&C, Web, etc. Virtual Web Content Environment Management - Services can auto-integrate for a better user experience Exchange Anti- spam/virus Profit from the Cloud™ | 12
    13. 13. Custom UI integration into provisioning workflow Profit from the Cloud™ | 13
    14. 14. Single Sign On (SSO) – UI Authentication• Pluggable protocols with support for SAML, AD, and OpenID Connect• Easy UI integration eliminates client access to credentials Login OpenID IFrame OAuth Welcome to The Blog! SAML Etc. 01-01-12 This is first record in my Blog which I’m going to …. 02-01-12 This is my second record in my Blog, which I wrote on the second day… APS Controller HTTP REST Endpoint /resources/ APS Application APS Application HTTP REST HTTP REST Endpoint Endpoint /wordpress/ /provider/ Profit from the Cloud™ | 14
    15. 15. Meta-Cloud Example – Pluggable IaaS via APS APS SC PlatformMeta APS Packet APS Packet APS Packet APS Packet IntegrationCloud (VPS-NG) (vCloud) (SystemCenter) (…) Modules vCloud System Management IM … Modules Director Center PCS PCS ESX ESX Hyper-V Hyper-V … …. Service PCS ESX Hyper-V …. Nodes --- Implemented in the scope of APS 2.0 --- Will be possible to implement by partners when APS 2.0 is available
    16. 16. Key Points• In addition to solving technical challenges, develop a great customer acquisition plan - Who is your customer? - How will they find, use, purchase your service? - How can you leverage appropriate channels of distribution? - How will your service work with others?• If you target business, expand your reach by APS packaging your SaaS services and applications• Let us know if you’ve got ideas for further enabling the SaaS transition – we may want to hire you! Profit from the Cloud™ | 16
    17. 17. Thank you – APS & Parallels Website• APS Documentation & Development Tools• APS Questionnaire (• APS Support Queue• APS Certification• APS Application CatalogParallels Automation Test Bed (via• Parallels Automation -• Parallels Plesk Panel Information & Product Downloads -• Parallels Partner Network - (registration required)• Parallels Technical Network (PTN) - (registration required) Profit from the Cloud™ | 17