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How to write an rfp


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How to write an rfp

  1. 1. How to Write an RFP
  2. 2. What is an RFP?• A Request for Proposal (RFP) is an invitation for suppliers, through a bidding process, to bid on a specific product or service.
  3. 3. RFP Process• Create Selection Committee & Decision Criteria• Finalize Schedule of Events• Completion of an RFP• Create Initial Target List of Vendors• Initial RFP Announcement/Send• Submission Deadline• 1ST round Proposal Review• Narrow Down to Finalists• Vendor Finalists Review• Selection of Vendor• Final Contract Negotiation
  4. 4. Information to PROVIDE Vendors in an RFP• Background on your organization• Your contact information• Schedule for the proposal process• Criteria for making your decision• Basic summary of the project, including overarching goals and timeline• Project’s target market, if applicable (customers, users, stake holders)
  5. 5. Information to PROVIDE Vendors in an RFP cont• Detailed overview of the project ° Primary goal ° Secondary goals ° Budget ° General scope ° Time frame ° Business requirements ° Creative/design requirements ° Functional requirements ° Content type/Content development needs ° Existing technical environment/requirements ° Your preferred working relationship requirements
  6. 6. Information to REQUEST from Vendors in an RFP• Vendor company information ° Company background/history ° Quick overview of services and capabilities ° Management or key personnel bios ° Contact information• Vendor’s proposed solution ° Basic summary of the solution ° Solution methodology/process • Development plan • List of tasks • Timeline
  7. 7. Information to REQUEST from Vendors in an RFP cont• Proposed budget • Cost of services • Required 3rd party costs • Support and maintenance ° List of deliverables ° Proposed Project Team• Vendor references ° Show examples of previous work ° Provide client references ° List awards/accolades and special certification
  8. 8. Your Assignment• RFP Exercise – In this assignment students are required to submit to the professor an RFP (no more than two pages in length). The RFP will outline a call for a location to host a dinner to be held in May 2013 for a new Alumni event to be planned and implemented in support of the Hospitality and Tourism Management Scholarship Fund (expected number of guests = 100). The budget for the dinner is approximately $75 a head. The RFP may contain the following components: • A background on our organization; • The organizations’ contact information; • A schedule for the proposal process; • The organizations’ criteria for making your decision; • A basic summary of the project, including overarching goals and timeline; • An outline of the project’s target market (customers, users, stake holders); • A detailed overview of the project which may include: ° A budget; ° A list of any business requirements; ° A list of and creative/design requirements; ° A list of functional requirements; ° A list of any content type/content development needs. • A list of information companies need to provide in order to fulfill the requirements of the RFP.