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Trybull poetry anthology


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Trybull poetry anthology

  1. 1. PoetryAnthology
  2. 2. SadCrushing, sad, disap- pointed, broken. Everywhere, sur-rounded, everything a part. Nothing is right, and all is bad.Everything hurts, eve- rything stings. Everything, is sad.
  3. 3. RussiaA gentleman dined in RussiaAnd that’s where he met his wife ShawThey ate rice and had miceWhen they left they said “nice”So he got on a plane with dear Shaw.
  4. 4. HaikusHaikus are much fun But sometimesthey don’t make sense Refrigerator
  5. 5. Never Meet The bird willfly through sky,And I will walk on ground, but we will never meet,
  6. 6. PeruA gentlemen dined in PeruWearing nothing but a shoeSo his date went awayAnd he cried near all daySo we went to the market to poo.
  7. 7. Life is Life is, Life is fun, Life is hard,Life is simplistic, Life is.