The games factory 2 alien wars


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The games factory 2 alien wars

  1. 1. THE GAMES FACTORY 2 Alien Wars Creation
  2. 2. LIBRARY  Library toolbar is a useful way of adding objects and items already created  View – Toolbar – Library Window
  3. 3. GAME CREATION  Initial Setup  New file  Change Properties  Creating and Renaming Frames  Main, Game, High Score
  4. 4. MAIN MENU FRAME SETUP  Place the objects in the game that you will need  Objects are on the cd  Use the library menu  Open up frame from Storyboard Editor  Set up the scene by dragging the objects onto the screen  Change properties (x,y) to put an object in a precise position
  5. 5. SETUP  The Game’s Frame Setup  Double click the Game in the Workspace toolbar  Change the library location  Drag the objects onto the frame  Change the positions  Highscore Page  Repeat
  6. 6. EVENT PROGRAMMING  Work on each frame separately  Allows you to program the events that will bring all three frames together  Go to Event Editor
  7. 7. MAIN FRAME COMPONENTS  Create a comment to explain the game  Comments are notes for the developer and do not affect the game  Right click on the event number and select Insert |A Comment  Start Playing Music  New Condition, right click icon for storyboard controls  Choose Start of Frame  Under the sound object, stop all music, play sample  Make some Objects Fade  Start of Frame, set transparency  Buttons  Either Quit or Move to Game Frame when clicked  React to Mouse Over
  8. 8. TEST CONDITIONS FOR MAIN  Music is not playing  Event to determine if music has stopped playing  If so, it will play the music again  Setting Transparency to 0  Use the Special Object (looks like a computer monitor)  Choose compare two general values  Retrieve data from object  Choose animation – get semi-transparency  Add -8 to take 8 away from value
  9. 9. BUTTON EFFECTS  Each image has two animation frames  Normal button  Second frame is button in highlighted state  New Condition  Right click on the mouse pointer and keyboard  From the pop up menu, choose mouse  Check for mouse pointer over an object  Choose Btn_Play object  Change Animation Frame  Next Condition – Change it back when Mouse isn’t there  Do both for the Quit Button
  10. 10. USER CLICKS  Buttons for Play and Quit  New condition – When user clicks an object  Play a sound  Move to a different frame  For the quit button, End the application
  11. 11. PROGRAMMING THE GAME FRAME  Initialize the game and set the score value  Check the music and see if it is playing  Stopping the ship from leaving the screen  Players score and level is on top layer  Creating the enemy ships on the screen  Space bar and bullets  Position of bullets, destroying them  Checking for Collisions  Creating more enemies and adding a level  Getting the enemies to shoot
  12. 12. GLOBAL VARIABLE  When the game starts, set a global value to 0  Global Variable can be used throughout the game and can be used to take a value from one screen to another (for example, lives)  Special Conditions  Select the Global Variable S  Set to 0
  13. 13. GAME NEEDS  Stopping the Ship from Leaving the Screen  Test position of player  Select frame area left and right  Display Always on Top  New Condition – Special object – Always  Select (for each object) order – bring to front
  14. 14. CREATING A GROUP  Creating Enemy Ships  Need to create new ships  Create a group that will run once at the very start of the game to create an initial wave of enemy ships and then will be enabled when all ships have been destroyed  Set Global Value L for level placement  Create Object (create a copy of what is off screen)  Repeat for each  Write the current level placements (pg 243)
  15. 15. PLAYER SHOOTING  Create Bullets One at a Time  Player won’t be able to fire again until bullet hits or is destroyed  Two condition event  Checks the number of bullets on the screen  If this is less than one, checks if the user is pressing the space button  If both are true, the event will run the actions  Play a sound  Shoot a bullet  Position of Bullets – Off screen does not count  Destroy bullets that move off screen
  16. 16. COLLISIONS  Check for a collision between bullets and enemies  Add 20 to the global value  Play an exploding sound  Add 20 to the score  Destroy the robot  Destroy the bullet  Set the score  New Condition – Check for collision, select each object  Add each action above (pg 246)
  17. 17. FIGHTING BACK  Recreate the Robots when they die for continuous play  Condition – If robots equal 1, make new robots  Go back to initial group – Level Placements  Robot Firing  Choose robot at random every 2 seconds  Set shooting animation  Set bullet  Set animation back to non shooting  Check for collision between Robot Bullet and Spaceship
  18. 18. HIGH SCORES FRAME  Two simple events  Music  Move Player back to Main