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  1. 1. Chaffey College Fall 2010 <br />Instructor:Tracy HegemanOffice: BE 27Office Hours: Monday: 12:30 - 2:00, 6:00 - 7:00 Tuesday: 2:00 - 3:00Wednesday: 12:30 - 1:30 or tracy.hegeman@chaffey.eduHOMEWORK: Submit to cisgame402@gmail.comYahoo! ID: proftracy - I will be available during office hourse to chat as well as other times. Whenever I am available online you are welcome to chat with me. PhoneTelephone: (909) 652-6845 voice mail only, I will not be by the phone if I am in the computer lab.Textbooks:·  Awesome Game Creation: No Programming Required, 3rd Edition, Jason Darby·  ISBN-10: 1584505346  ISBN-13: 9781584505341 Evaluation:TESTS (4) The lowest score will be dropped (so only your top four will count)300HOMEWORK (8) 50 pts ea - Each assignments will be due at the end of the week. 400DISCUSSIONS/PARTICIPATION - posting on the discussion board and replying to the posts of other students, as well as participating in activities while in class 100FINAL PROJECT - A game and the documentation for the game . This project may be done as a group or individually and should demonstrate each topic or chapter covered, but not emulate previous projects. You may use either GameMaker or The Games Factory. Alternate tools of creation will require approval. The grade for this project will be based on the project and updates throughout the semester200Grading:940 + A4.0900 - 939 A-3.7870 - 899 B+3.3830 - 869 B3.0800 - 829 B-2.7770 - 799 C+2.3700 - 769 C2.0670 - 699 D+1.3630 - 669 D1.0600 - 629 D-0.7599 points or below FNOTE: The Chaffey College Grade Point System includes the + and - scale of grading in the calculation of GPAALSO NOTE: There is not C- for this class because of the difficulty associated with the transferability of a C-ScheduleDateTopicDue16-AugIntroduction to Course 18-AugKey Positions in the Game Team 23-AugHistory of Game Development 25-AugThe Design DocumentHW 130-AugSounds, Music, Graphics 1-SepGame Elements 6-SepHOLIDAY - NO CLASS 8-SepTEST 1HW 213-SepPuzzle Design 15-SepChange and Skill 20-SepStrategy and Decisions 22-SepGame MakerHW 327-SepGame Maker 29-SepGame Maker 4-OctGame Maker 6-OctGame Project UpdateHW 411-OctUnfamiliar Genres 13-OctTargeting a Market 18-OctTEST 2 20-OctThe Games FactoryHW 525-OctThe Games Factory 27-OctThe Games Factory 1-NovThe Games Factory 3-NovGame Project Update 2HW 68-NovFPS Creator 10-NovFPS Creator 15-NovFPS Creator 17-NovFPS CreatorHW 722-NovGame Project Update 3 24-NovGames as Teaching tools, serious games 29-NovCasual Games, Social Networks 1-DecTEST 3HW 86-DecProject Presentation 8-DecProject Presentation 13-DecFINAL 12/13 11:30 - 2:00FINAL PROJAdd/Drop Policy:If you are adding this class, it is your responsibility to complete the registration by the deadline . If you have not completed your registration at that date, you will not be enrolled in the courseIf you wish to drop the class, it is your responsibility to file necessary paperwork with the admissions and records office. Failure to do so will result in an " F" for the class. Start DateEnd DateLast Date to AddDrop Grade RequiredDrop Deadline08/16/1012/17/1008/29/1009/11/1011/19/10Late Work LATE WORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!!Late assignments will not be accepted under any circumstances. If you cannot attend class, it is your responsibility to ensure that your assignment is turned in. There will be no make up exams and no make up assignments. I will drop your lowest exam score during the semester, so you can effectively miss one exam without it affecting your grade.ALL ASSIGNMENTS ARE DUE THE DAY POSTED ON THE SCHEDULEBecause of this strict policy on late assignments and the understanding that you may have problems during the course of the class, I offer several opportunities for extra credit work both in class and outside of class. I strongly encourage you to take those opportunities in case the need may arise where you are unable to complete an assignment. The extra credit will not entirely cover the points of the assignment, but it will help to maintain your grade, if you should need to. BehaviorChaffey College Behavior Code: All members of the Chaffey College community are expected to behave in an ethical and moral fashion, respecting the human dignity of all members of our community and resisting behavior that may cause danger or harm to others which shall include, but not limited to, violence, theft or bigotry. All members of the Chaffey College community are expected to observe established standards of scholarship and academic freedom by respecting the intellectual property of others and by honoring the right of all students to pursue their education in an environment free from harassment and intimidation.  Please review the Student Behavior Code for Chaffey College is an essential component of the student academic experience.  The academic evaluation a student receives for a course becomes a permanent college record and it is critical that such records be accurate and consistent.  The integrity students learn and exhibit at the college will be a model for the professional integrity they practice when they complete the college workPlagiarism, an unlawful act, which is designed as the misrepresentation of the published ideas or words of another as one's own, will not be tolerated in Chaffey College. At the discretion of the instructor, plagiarism will be punishable by either an F for the assignment or an F for the course. Please review the Student Academic Integrity Code is Cheating.. Plagiarism is against the law.. Plagiarism can get you an F in my class!If you use the words, images, ideas, or other intellectual property from any other source in ANY of the work you do in this class, you must give reference to the person whose work it is. If you aren't sure whether or not you should give reference to the author or programmer, then just do it anyway. If you aren't sure how to cite your sources, please refer to the Chaffey College Writing Center for assistance CONSEQUENCESCheating of any form will not be tolerated in this course. You may receive a grade of 0 for any work if I feel that you have cheated. Please just don't do it.HonorsWant to be challenged? Here is an opportunity for you!Chaffey College offers a program - THE HONORS PROGRAM - for students that want to be academically challenged. This program is especially beneficial for anyone wanting to transfer to a University on completion of your program at Chaffey. For more information about the Chaffey Honors Program visit My classes are not yet designated as honors classes, however I will offer to any student who would like to participate the chance to do an honors contract for the class. This will mean that you will get honors credit for the course by doing an outside project. For more information about honors contracts visit the links to honors contracts from CertificatesThere are numerous certificates in CIS that you can earn for taking courses in the department. For the full list, visit the CIS department site ( or contact the department directly.For Internet and Web Development, there are currently several certificates available that you can earn such as:Electronic Commerce Generalist - Prepares students to start and manage businesses on the Internet Internet Support Specialist - Prepares students for the Comptia I-Net+ examination Dreamweaver Web Developer - Prepares students for Internet and Intranet Development using Macromedia Dreamweaver Flash Web Developer - Prepares students for Internet and Intranet development using Macromedia Flash Microsoft FrontPage Web Developer - Prepares students for Internet and Intranet development using Microsoft FrontPage Web Page Developer I - Prepares students for developing Internet and Intranet Web Pages Web Page Developer II - Prepares students for advanced positions developing Web pages and for those applications in Electronic CommerceStudent Resources STUDENT SUCCESS CENTERSIn the last few years, Chaffey College has created Student Success Centers, which offer tutorials, workshops, study groups, and computer access to assist students in their academic development and success. Three of the centers, located on the main campus, are designed to address specific needs:Math Center, PS-12 Reading/ESL Center, SL 17 Writing Center, LibraryThe remaining four centers are multidisciplinary, designed to serve students in all subject disciplines.Main Campus Success Center, VSS-105, Chino Success Center, CCCC-200, Fontana Success Center, CCFC-107Ontario Success Center, CCOC-203Call the centers or consult the college website for more information and detailsDISABILITY PROGRAMS AND SERVICESIf you have a disability documented by a physician or other appropriate professionals and you wish to discuss academic accommodations, please contact the DPS office at (909) 941-2379. Please be sure to allow adequate time to arrange for an appropriate accommodation.EOPS AND CAREExtended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) is designed to ensure student retention and success through academic support and financial assistance for eligible students. Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE) is a program that serves a limited number of EOPS students who are single heads of household parents. It provides additional support beyond those available through EOPS.The ultimate goal is completion of a certificate program, an associate degree, and/or transfer to a four year college.  <br />