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BD - Teacher Manuela Melo


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Published in: Education
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BD - Teacher Manuela Melo

  1. 1. (Save) (Our) (Souls) Our little Avatar protects !
  2. 2. (Save) (Our) (Souls) Our little Avatar protects ! Once the Little Avatar was cleaning his room and felt someone was in danger. He was looking and found an animal that was called Iberian Wolf. He thought "poor guy! "And the Little Avatar took the garbage from the forest. The Iberian wolf was very happy and thanked him. The Iberian wolf was very happy and can survive without the trash forests. Sónia Jordão, 9 years old - 4th grade
  3. 3. (Save) (Our) (Souls) Our little Avatar protects ! At sea, the dolphins asked for help (SOS) to Avatar because there were a lot of pollution in the sea. The Avatar arrived with a rowboat and saw that the animals were sad because they had noticed a lot of pollution. He cleaned but also thought that there was much confusion. Grasped in its maritime collection and took two giant nets to catch the sea junk and put the trash in your super dustbin. Dolphins and other animals thanked him for having their habitat back. Alexandra, 9 years old – 4th grade
  4. 4. (Save) (Our) (Souls) Our little Avatar protects ! The superhero was passing by when he saw a plant that said "Help me!". She was dying and he was sad. The superhero had an idea and started to sweep and clean up around the plant. Everything was beautiful, with a radiant sun! The plant thanked superhero. He was very happy. Roberto - 9 years old – 3rd grade
  5. 5. (Save) (Our) (Souls) Our little Avatar protects ! There once was a very sad dolphin that lived in the sea that was all polluted. After a while it appeared the Avatarinho coming to save the dolphin before he died. The Dolphin said: - Aaaaajuda me! The Avatarinho replied: - Look, I'll help you. Come jump on this network! -Okay. The Dolphin jumped to the network and Avatarinho took him to a very large aquarium. When they arrived the Avatarinho said: -You stay here while I clean this tank sea pollution now and then you can go back to your habitat. And every day the Dolphin awaited the arrival of Avatarinho ... Lara - 9 years old – 4th grade
  6. 6. (Save) (Our) (Souls) Our little Avatar protects ! It was once an animal called White Tiger was very sad because its wood was polluted and was full of garbage. Our Avatar told the White Tiger: That pollution is here! The White Tiger sought help from avatar. The other day, thought the avatar in the White Tiger said. The avatar knew what to do to help the White Tiger. He decided to take all trash from the forest. The White Tiger was very happy. Diana - 9 years old – 3rd grade
  7. 7. (Save) (Our) (Souls) Our little Avatar protects ! There was once a White Tiger who lived very happy until one day their habitat became polluted glasses only existed on the ground. It was a great heat, while burning their habitat. The White Tiger, stricken, fled until he saw something moving in the air to come in your direction. When the White Tiger saw him put out the flames he saw what looked like an alien. The fire was very intense and no one could erase. But the Avatar would never give up, because I wanted to save that animal from the clutches of flame and death. The Avatar did not give up ... He believed he would get it and used all his forces. Finally succeeded! The Avatar grabbed the glasses and got - the green recycling center. The White Tiger thanked and thanked him very much. After Avatar was taking care of their planet. "Earth in other adventures with ever more successful missions. Marco- 9 years old – 4th grade
  8. 8. (Save) (Our) (Souls) Our little Avatar protects ! One day the Avatar saw a dolphin which was at sea. He saw the sea full of garbage, boots, cans, papers, ... The Avatar began cleaning the sea. He early saw the dolphin sad but when the sea became more clean the animal became increasingly happy. He continued to clean up the sea. Cleaned, cleaned and cleaned until everything clean! When he was just putting a sign saying: "Do not throw rubbish into the environment, for the sake of animals." People started to treat very, very well the environment and Dolphin went on to have a healthier life. Sofia - 9 years old – 4th grade
  9. 9. (Save) (Our) (Souls) Our little Avatar protects ! Once the hero was walking at the sea and saw a dolphin. The hero thought that everything was polluted sea and began treating dolphin, gave him food and cleaned his habitat. The hero put all waste in a bucket and was put in the dustbin. The hero was doing some research and discovered that this animal is endangered. The hero still got more information and noted that there were other animals in danger and helped them. So the animals are still alive! Ricardo - 9 years old – 3rd grade