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Proforma Portfolio 2011- Joe Noonan


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Joe Noonan / Proforma...B2B Agency providing Print / Promo / 3D Marketing Solutions

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Proforma Portfolio 2011- Joe Noonan

  2. 2. INTEGRATED SOLUTIONSPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS Proforma is a solutions-driven graphic communications company with a history of success connecting brands with consumers.PRINTING SERVICES While some companies simply provide products, Proforma provides integrated solutions that deliver your message, changeBUSINESS DOCUMENTS perceptions and drive sales. Think of us as your full-service creative agency without the agency fees.ECOMMERCE SOLUTIONS Whether you are implementing an employee incentive program,MULTIMEDIA designing a direct marketing campaign or generating buzz for an upcoming event, Proforma uses creativity and innovation to connect you with your audience. Every project is an opportunity to explore, with our clients, the unlimited possibilities and potential this collaboration brings. Allow us to make a measurable difference for your marketing communications.
  4. 4. PROJECTANNIVERSARY RECOGNITIONCUSTOMERTEKNIONBUDGET CHALLENGE$70,000 Teknion, a leading international designer, manufacturer and marketer of office systems and related office furniture products, was looking for a creative campaignPRODUCTS DELIVERED solution to recognize its 25th Anniversary. They turned to Proforma for creative ideasMULTIMEDIA that would excite their employees and customers alike.PRINTED MATERIALSPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS SOLUTION Proforma recommended a retrospective video to commemorate Teknion’s 25 years of success which Teknion agreed was a great idea. Proforma produced the video which offered a professional, yet personal, look at a company that has successfully grown from 400 employees to a worldwide corporation of more than 4,000. It was unveiled at NeoCon, an industry tradeshow for office furniture and interiors. Along with creating the video, Proforma recommended a number of commemorative anniversary items to reward Teknion’s employees for their dedication to the company. The items included eco-friendly tote bags, logo’d bottled water, mint boxes and t-shirts with custom anniversary graphics. RESULTS Completely satisfied with the promotional products and overall campaign, Teknion continued working with Proforma on the second part of the anniversary celebration. Among other items, custom, eco-packaged hard copies of the now-popular anniversary video were sent to all of their employees worldwide.
  5. 5. I N T E G R AT E D P R O M O T I O N A L S O L U T I O N S people business environment
  6. 6. PROJECTDIRECT MAIL CAMPAIGNCUSTOMERBALLY TECHNOLOGIESBUDGET CHALLENGE$235,000 Proforma’s client, Bally Technologies, a leading supplier of gaming products, was looking to promote their new “Hot Shot” slot machines. The new machines werePRODUCTS DELIVERED progressive; they link to the same model in casinos across the country allowing thePROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS jackpot to grow almost exponentially, so the campaign needed to have a national reach.PACKAGINGLABELSAPPAREL SOLUTION To promote the new machine, Proforma suggested using the Hot Shot slot machine’s prominent flame theme to link all of the elements together. The Hot Shot campaign was two-tiered. The promotion had to convince casino decision-makers to put the machines in their casinos and drive consumer traffic to the machines. To reach the decision-maker at the casino, Proforma used a private label bottle of hot sauce packaged in a firecracker tube. A few days after the promotion was sent, Bally Tech’s sales representatives followed up with the recipients. To drive the consumer market, the Hot Shot machines were introduced in several ways. Consumers were invited to casino nights where they tried out the new machines. Other promotions included the creation of more than 100,000 mini hot sauce bottles with the same custom-designed labels featured on the decision-maker’s giveaway, 60,000 t-shirts, and 100,000 custom boxes of red hot mints. RESULTS The campaign was an enormous success. Bally Tech’s Hot Shot machines received placement in casinos throughout the country. Consumers flocked to the new machines and enjoyed the rolling jack pot.
  8. 8. PROJECTAWARENESS CAMPAIGNCUSTOMERROSETTABUDGET CHALLENGE$12,000 Proforma was approached by Rosetta, an interactive agency, for collaboration on the “Jersey Doesn’t Stink” campaign to break the stereotypes that plague the state.PRODUCTS DELIVEREDPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTSAPPAREL SOLUTION To promote the campaign, Proforma worked to create just the right costume for actors to wear around Time Square in New York City, as well as identify custom green pine tree air fresheners to be used as giveaways at local events. Proforma was able to perfectly match the costume and air fresheners. While the actors were dressed as green pine trees, they were handing out identical air fresheners, tying the campaign together and ensuring the message was heard… or in this case smelled. RESULTS With messages on billboards, websites, Facebook and Twitter, people all over New Jersey and New York are now aware of the “Jersey Doesn’t Stink” campaign. Promoting the campaign couldn’t have been accomplished without Proforma’s creativity, as the products helped to create a buzz about the promotion.
  10. 10. PROJECTECO-FRIENDLY PROMOTIONCUSTOMERTOYOTABUDGET CHALLENGE$9,000 Pat Lobb Toyota of McKinney was the first dealership to be awarded the US Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)PRODUCTS DELIVERED certification. As a leader in hybrid car technology, they had the eco-friendly buildingPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS and cars covered. They were now looking to incorporate ‘green’ options into theirAPPAREL marketing mix. SOLUTION Understanding Toyota’s commitment to the environment, Proforma suggested a variety of eco-friendly products including items made from corn plastic, recycled plastic, recycled tires and more. The items were all at similar price points to their current products, requiring no additional ‘green.’ Proforma didn’t stop there… we suggested a lightweight, high quality polo shirt made from bamboo and recycled plastic for the sales staff. Not only did it keep them cool in the summer, it offered a $20/per shirt cost savings over the previous shirt. RESULTS Pat Lobb Toyota has been pleased with the results of the eco-friendly products which are perfect conversation starters about Toyota’s hybrid cars. With the new apparel options, the company’s sales professionals are outfitted in high quality, eco-friendly attire that they love.
  12. 12. PROJECTMULTIMEDIACUSTOMERCYBEXBUDGET CHALLENGE$20,000 How do you attract more attention at a tradeshow than anyone else? Proforma helped Cybex Exercise Equipment with this very dilemma. Cybex had purchasedPRODUCTS DELIVERED a 6,000 square foot space at an international tradeshow and needed a tangibleMULTIMEDIA return on their investment. The real challenge was that the event was just two months away. SOLUTION Proforma recommended using large format videos to attract and keep the attention of attendees. While Cybex had existing video footage, it was outdated and not properly positioned for the short attention span of tradeshow attendees. Proforma was confident that new video footage could be shot, edited and produced within the tight time frame. RESULTS The result was a pair of videos that turned heads and delivered the message with unforgettable impact. Cybex couldn’t have been more pleased about the number of people who stopped by their booth during the show.
  13. 13. P U M P I N G U P R E S U LT S W I T H M U LT I M E D I A WAT C H V I D E O N O W
  14. 14. PROJECTEVENT PROMOTIONCUSTOMERBT AMERICASBUDGET CHALLENGE$13,100 BT Americas specializes in integrated network and communication solutions for multi-site organizations. When they were looking to create a tradeshow hospitalityPRODUCTS DELIVERED suite that topped the previous year’s, they turned to Proforma.PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTSPRINTED MATERIALS SOLUTION Proforma discovered a quote from a past attendee, “84% of C-Level executives would ‘bet’ that data security was going to be an issue they would face for the next decade.” With this in mind, Proforma pitched a poker themed event around the phrase “Don’t gamble with your Network IT Security.” BT loved the initial proposal and gave Proforma full control of the theme, commercial printing, graphic design, giveaways and more. Proforma created, designed and produced the pre-event literature and signage and went ‘all-in’ by arranging for Chris Moneymaker (2003 World Series of Poker Champion) to play cards with some of BT Americas’ prospects and clients. To make the event even more memorable, Proforma developed authentic, custom poker chips and lanyards with printed invitations. RESULTS The hospitality suite hit the jackpot! The total number of attendees reached 600, double the number that was expected.
  15. 15. G O I N G “ A L L I N” F O R A H O S P I T A L I T Y S U I T E
  16. 16. PROJECTONLINE CORPORATE ATTIREPROGRAMCUSTOMERCHEESECAKE FACTORY CHALLENGEPRODUCTS DELIVERED The Cheesecake Factory® was having an operational problem creating a consistentECOMMERCE SOLUTION look among employees. Female servers were having trouble finding a white, buttonPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS down collar oxford shirt with a good fit, and the black pants never matched eachAPPAREL other. The corporate office was interested in developing a uniform dress code that was compliant with the law against mandating that employees buy specific uniforms. SOLUTION Proforma proposed eight different samples of pants and shirts without the logo so that the items could be deemed “multi-use” which ensured compliance. With input from servers and the corporate office, Proforma created an online store for employees to purchase their uniforms. The store helped The Cheesecake Factory maintain a consistent corporate identity and allowed for a simple ordering process. RESULTS The corporate office and employees were pleased with the final selection. They eventually added other items including corkscrews, waitbooks and ties. The online store is running smoothly with monthly orders that continue to exceed expectations.
  18. 18. PROJECTAWARENESS CAMPAIGNCUSTOMERINDIANA UNIVERSITY-PURDUEUNIVERSITY INDIANAPOLIS CHALLENGEBUDGET Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) was facing a challenge that$4,325 many other colleges and universities across the country face. On average, only three of 10 freshmen were completing their degree requirements within four years at publicPRODUCTS DELIVERED universities in Indiana. The majority were taking six or more years which increasedPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS their student loan debt substantially. On a search to find a way to encourage students to complete their degrees in four years, the university contacted Proforma for help. SOLUTION Proforma proposed a countdown clock that would last for four years and consistently remind students the clock is ticking towards graduation. Even within a tight budget, Proforma found a clock that had a battery life of five years and was programmed with an alarm to sound at 10:00 AM the morning of graduation. RESULTS The university was pleased with the finished products which were very well received by the students. The clocks generated so much attention they were featured in the Indianapolis Star and on the local PBS radio station for their unique ability to keep the students on track for an on time graduation.
  19. 19. T O P - O F - M I N D P R O M O T I O N A L C A M PA I G N
  20. 20. PROJECTTRADESHOW PROMOTIONCUSTOMERGESBUDGET CHALLENGE$8,000 GES, a large company that provides exhibition and event services nationally, was looking for a way to draw traffic to their tradeshow. The theme of the event was “the power of 5,”PRODUCTS DELIVERED which stood for the five core competitive advantages of working with GES.PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTSPRINTED MATERIALSCUSTOM PACKAGING SOLUTION Proforma identified the perfect idea - an energy drink promotion. Not only did it tie in well with the theme, but energy drinks are very popular with all age groups and have seen an increase in popularity over the past few years. The energy drink would be used in a direct mail campaign, as well as at the tradeshow booth. It was produced in a custom container featuring GES and “the power of 5.” Custom packaging was also created for the direct mail campaign. The can was placed in a tube with a four color process wrap and black rubber end pieces along with a letter inviting them to the event. The cans were also given away at the GES tradeshow booth, which helped remind attendees about the “power of 5” energy theme, even after the tradeshow was over. RESULTS The client said it best! “It is clear that our pre-show energy mailer was a huge success! Not only did we create some great pre-show buzz, but the accolades from attendees who stopped by our booth were overwhelming. Most importantly, our lead count increased by 46% over last year - a direct result of a stellar pre-show mailer! Thank you again for being a great partner and helping us achieve our tradeshow campaign objectives.”
  22. 22. PROJECTINCENTIVE PROGRAMCUSTOMERCEMENTATIONBUDGET PROBLEM$15,000 Proforma worked with Cementation, an employee placement company specializing in mining operations to create a program that rewarded employees for safety.PRODUCTS DELIVERED The company was challenged with developing a program that appealed to itsECOMMERCE SOLUTION employees while overcoming the shipping challenges due to the rural location ofPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS the miners’ homes. SOLUTION Proforma worked with the client to develop an online rewards store which included products that appealed to a broad range of personalities. Employees received points for consecutive safe days that could be used to order prizes. Proforma also established a relationship with a local delivery service and arranged for special shipping plans including flying products to their destination when necessary. RESULTS The safety rewards program went off without a hitch. Since the launch, it has expanded from 12 to more than 120 products and increased in availability from 200 to 1,200 employees. The program was recognized by the Promotional Products Association of Canada as the “Best Safety Program” for its success with encouraging miner safety.
  23. 23. S A F E T Y P R O G R A M S T H AT D I G U P R E S U LT S
  24. 24. PROJECTSEASONAL PROMOTIONCUSTOMERLABATTBUDGET CHALLENGE$1,297,000 Several years ago, Labatt USA approached Proforma to work on their winter promotion. The theme “Real Pond Hockey” was inspired by Labatt’s Canadian roots.PRODUCTS DELIVERED The promotion was launched at the nationally televised NHL Winter Classic outdoorPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS hockey game. The promotion continued to be featured at the “Labatt Blue USAPRINTED MATERIALS Pond Hockey Championships” which included 144 teams, 18 rinks and 1 big frozenAPPAREL lake in Eagle River, WI. Labatt was looking for Proforma’s expertise in selectingPACKAGING more than 50 promotional products to accompany this large-scale promotion. SOLUTION Proforma suggested a number of hockey-themed items including table top hockey games, custom decorated hockey goals, sticks, jerseys and trucker caps. The star of the program, however, was the “toque,” or fleece cap, in the shape of a hockey helmet. Proforma recommended kicking off the “Real Hockey Program” with an “in-pack promotion,” where these hats were inserted into Labatt Blue beer cases so that fans everywhere would have the hats on hand for both tournaments. The in- pack promotion was featured in a television commercial with NHL players wearing the hats as well. RESULTS The campaign was a huge success and Labatt USA learned they could put their trust in Proforma, negotiating a three-year contract for Proforma to provide solutions for all manufacturing, warehousing and distribution of Labatt’s promotional and print merchandise.
  25. 25. H O C K E Y P R O M O T I O N T H AT W I N S
  26. 26. PROJECTSELF PROMOTION CAMPAIGNCUSTOMERSELF PROMOTIONBUDGET CHALLENGE$75,000 Proforma’s creative team was tasked with answering the question, ‘how does a company that specializes in creative services promote its expertise?’ The companyPRODUCTS DELIVERED was looking to develop a campaign that would position them as the go to marketingPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS resource for clients spanning numerous industries. The objective was to increasePRINTED MATERIALS brand awareness, promote its services and attract the attention of decision makersPACKAGING at Fortune 5000 companies.FULFILLMENT SOLUTION The Proforma Creative Team developed a targeted direct mail piece promoting Proforma, a full-service marketing resource without the high agency fees. The campaign introduced recipients to Pete, a stress ball business man who is stress free because he leaves his marketing campaigns to Proforma. Each mailing was delivered in a custom box that included a personalized, handwritten note, the Pete stress ball and Proforma-branded tissue paper, creating a complete branded look. RESULTS Pete’s the most popular guy on the block! The 3-Dimensional mailer created a buzz with recipients and generated a 60% appointment rate, leading to millions of dollars in potential business. Pete has helped open doors with companies who don’t traditionally book appointments based on mailings. In fact, many top level decision makers have called Proforma asking where they can get more Petes.
  27. 27. FOR PETE’S SAKE: GET NOTICED This is Pete. stress Pete is free. Pete works with Proforma.