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How i gamified my classroom


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Given at VCCS IST Peer Group 2014

Published in: Education
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How i gamified my classroom

  1. 1. MAY CONTAIN CONTENT INAPPROPRIATE FOR CHILDREN professors How I Gamified my Classroom profmikegreene, VCCS IT Peer Group 2014
  2. 2. Michael Greene @profmikegreene 1 (443) 595-7763
  3. 3. Resources
  4. 4. Who is a gamer? 59% of Americans 31 Average Age 42% Female
  5. 5. What is gamification? Using the design elements or mechanics of games in a non-game context. (our classrooms)
  6. 6. Teaching with games Using games to teach concepts abstractly
  7. 7. Things games do well Flow & Progression
  8. 8. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
  9. 9. Things games do well Engagement
  10. 10. Things games do well Collaboration Competition Command
  11. 11. Things games do well Feedback
  12. 12. Things games do well Critical Thinking
  13. 13. Game Mechanics
  14. 14. Progression Mechanics A dynamic in which success is granularly displayed and measured through the process of completing itemized tasks.
  15. 15. Progression Mechanics Levels: Ramp up and unlock content
  16. 16. Progression Mechanics Points: Increase the running numerical value of your work.
  17. 17. Investment Mechanics or Behavioral Momentum is the tendency of players to keep doing what they have been doing.
  18. 18. Investment Mechanics Achievements: Earn public recognition for completion.
  19. 19. Investment Mechanics Appointments: Check in to receive new challenges.
  20. 20. Investment Mechanics Collaboration: Work with others to accomplish goals.
  21. 21. Investment Mechanics Virality: Be incentivized to involve others.
  22. 22. Investment Mechanics Synthesis: Work on challenges that require multiple skills to solve.
  23. 23. Feedback Mechanics Information should be released in the minimum possible snippets to gain the appropriate level of understanding at each point during a game.
  24. 24. Feedback Mechanics Discovery: Uncover pockets of knowledge.
  25. 25. Feedback Mechanics Infinite Play: Learn until you become an expert
  26. 26. Feedback Mechanics Bonuses: Receive rewards.
  27. 27. Feedback Mechanics Countdown: Tackle challenges in a limited amount of time.
  28. 28. Feedback Mechanics Loss Aversion: Play to avoid losing what you have gained.
  29. 29. My Gamified Classroom ITE 119: The RPG The Game Manual
  30. 30. My Gamified Classroom EXP and Inverted grading
  31. 31. My Gamified Classroom Infinity Play, kind of
  32. 32. My Gamified Classroom Achievements and Bonuses
  33. 33. My Gamified Classroom Live Demo
  34. 34. What the student’s say
  35. 35. What the student’s say I would remove the game mechanics. It makes the class confusing. Have lectures in class instead of on youtube.
  36. 36. What the student’s say I think it’s fine/good/great. The terminology was confusing at first but I got the hang of it and I am used to it now.
  37. 37. What the student’s say I like the game mechanics and would not change a thing because it is creative and encourages me to do my work.
  38. 38. The journey thus far… Any automated grading reduces expected time on all grading Confirmed nothing replaces good pedagogy Change is hard, planning is necessary
  39. 39. Moving Forward Have 2 translations of my course MOAR Gear Checks Leaderboards Appointments Teach with games Graphic Design
  40. 40. Resources
  41. 41. Michael Greene @profmikegreene 1 (443) 595-7763