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  1. 1. Line
  2. 2. THE FORMAL ELEMENTS →line and value →light →color and pattern →textureand volume →shape →space motion →time and Some works also contain : →chance →improvisation →spontaneity →engaging senses sight other than
  3. 3. LineA line is a moving point, having length and no width.Actual lines physically exist and can be broad, thin, straight, jagged…Implied lines do not physically exist, but appear to be real.
  4. 4. A line’s direction describes spatial relationships. Horizontal - imply inactivity. Vertical - the potential of action. Diagonal - suggest movement, like falling trees. Curving - suggest flowing movement.
  5. 5. Lines have direction: →horizontal →vertical →diagonal →curved →meandering
  6. 6. Line quality expresses a range of emotions, fragility, roughness, anger, whimsy, vigor...
  7. 7. Compare - Utagawa Kunisada. Shoki the Demon Queller,c.1849–1853. Woodblock print, 14" × 9 1/2". Burrell Collection, Glasgow.With Paul Klee, They’re Biting, 1920.Drawing and oil on paper, 121/4" × 91/4". Tate Gallery, London.
  8. 8. Gesture lines - rapid, sketchy marks mimicking the movement of human eyes when examining a subject.
  9. 9. Outline - follows the edges of a silhouette of a 3-d form with uniform line thickness.
  10. 10. Contour lines mark the edges of a 3-d object with varying line thickness and with some internal detail.
  11. 11. Cross-contours - repeated lines around an object and express its 3-dimensionality.
  12. 12. Lines can produce tones, or values, as in parallel lines of hatching.Parallel lines in layers is crosshatching. Crosshatching Many thin, parallel lines create the illusion of a gray tone, parallel lines layered on top of each other create darker gray tones
  13. 13. Expressive vs. analytical line
  14. 14. Line and other Art Elements• Line and shape: contour and cross contour• Line and value: hatching and cross hatching• Line and texture• Line and color
  15. 15. Contour Line
  16. 16. Cross contour
  17. 17. Line as Representation and Expression• Gesture• Gestural• Calligraphic• Implied line
  18. 18. Gesture
  19. 19. In the Style of Giacometti