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Final project spring2013 Figure Drawing


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Narrative Art

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Final project spring2013 Figure Drawing

  1. 1. Final Project: Narrative Figure Drawing Drawing II, III and Advanced
  2. 2. Narrative art• Narrative—or story—art represents events taking place over time. These events may, however, be compressed into a single image that implies something that has already happened or is about to take place.• art/
  3. 3. Narrative Recreation• Recreate scene from history or from a fictional story.• Recreate a scene from a magazine advertisement, a video game, or a music video.• Recreate a memory, or a scene from contemporary life.
  4. 4. Continuous NarrativeColumn of Trajan
  5. 5. simultaneous narrative
  6. 6. monoscenic
  7. 7. Chris Van Allsburg
  8. 8. EdwardHopper
  9. 9. Norman Rockwell
  10. 10. Norman Rockwell• Behind the Scenes: norman-rockwell-behind-the-camera-at-the- brooklyn-museum-new-york/
  11. 11. Assignment DescriptionCreate a series of drawings that incorporate the figure in a narrative sense. The drawings must relate in some way, “series”. Incorporate color or mark making as a sense of emphasis and/or emotion.• Minimum 3 drawings• Size, 18 x 24 inches or larger• All materials as needed• Artist Statement about project required
  12. 12. To Think About• Number of figures needed• Poses• Setting, background• Props, objects• Lighting• Materials: surface, does not have to be paper
  13. 13. Sketchbook or Journal• At least 3 ideas by Wednesday• Have one idea by end of today• 3 drawn sketches or magazine ads, print outs, books, illustrations, photographs, etc.• Each sketch, written notes about ideas• Theme?, concepts, messages, narrative, symbols• Poses for the models• Media, surface and materials
  14. 14. Work Schedule• April 17 Final Project workday• April 22 Final Project workday• April 24 Final Project workday• April 29 Final Project workday Museum/Gallery Visit 2 Due• May 1 Last Day to Work with Models Sketchbook Due• May 6 & 8 Open Lab or work at home, finish final project• May 13 Final Project Due with Artist Statement