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GM Food


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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GM Food

  1. 1. FOODTRANSGENIC Ricardo Vargas
  2. 2. IndexWhat are transgenic foods?Transgenic plants and crops.The transgenic animals.Obtaining transgenic animals.Improvements in GM food.GM foods are a risk?Situation in USASituation EuropeSituation in SpainSituation in Catalonia
  3. 3. What are transgenicfoods?A transgenic or genetically modified food is thatwhich, through genetic engineering, has introduced agene, called transgene or has been deleted orchanged gene itself.
  4. 4. Plants and GM crops.Genetic modification of plants and crops currently occurs in avery usual. Thus we attempt to achieve greater productivityand improved food crops produced. Also used in theproduction of medicines, vaccines, etc..
  5. 5. CornThe corn is moreresistant to insect attackthanks to carrying a genefrom the bacteriumBacillus thuringiensis.
  6. 6. PotatoesThe transgenic potatocontaining starch rathertake a golden color andwithout much oil whenfrying.
  7. 7. RiceThe transgenic rice iscapable of producingvitamin A: required to view,to prevent vision problemsassociated with diets ofthe vitamin.
  8. 8. The transgenic animalsA genetically modified animal containing one or moregenes that do not belong to the animal is any productof interest.
  9. 9. SalmonSome fishes, with the idea that they grow faster,companies make that it workers introduce thehormone of growing, its the case of salmon.
  10. 10. Animals producers of milk Companies want that some cows, goats and sheep produce milk with less lactose, with the idea that poeple is allergic to it, can drink that.
  11. 11. How to have a modified genetically a animal1. Create an ADN recombinantthat has the gene of interest2. Introduce the ADN modifiedto mammalian cell3. Find the proteine of interestemade
  12. 12. Improvements in geneticallymodified food-The maturation is slower.-Improvement of quality.-Production of substances.-Resistance to herbicides and pesticides.
  13. 13. Are the MG a danger? Avantatges: -Possibility to eat food with a bigger valor of nutrition and less grase. -Production of fatty acids for specific use, nutritional or industrial. -More time of conservation of the products. -More production. -The plantations give more products.
  14. 14. disadvantages:-Can be hibridation.The gene can be developed how it wasntprovided.-The floor and the water can becontaminated by the excess of the toxine.-Can appear virus or weeds more violent.-The genetically modification iscontagious.-With that, companies have the power infood, sometimes the GMO is moreexpensive than conventional food.-The biodiversity is lost.-They arent labeled in the trade.
  15. 15. Situation in USAThe goods are for USAs farmersUsa introduced MGs in trade without announcementUSAs farmers likes MG, so they dont use a lot of chemicsThe little contries that doesnt accep MG, are threaten by USAUSA forced farmers to use MGUSA companies of food, say that their MG are healthyUSA says that MG are gonna save world hunger
  16. 16. Situation in Europe and the rest of the worldEurope no recieves good from GMThe movement no-GM started in GermanyEurope attacked hard big companies, and they stop to sell GM products in EuropeIn 2001 Europe aproved GM products with big controls of them They say that the nutrition wolrd problem, is a problem of distributionThe fishes modified genetally are extremly dangerousWe will depend of GM products
  17. 17. Situation in SpainThe European Union is against the planting of transgenic seeds and in general. Spain is the first country to use the method of cultivationAragon and Catalonia are the regions with highest number of plantations.Currently there are more genetically modified plants animals corn, soybeans and cotton are major crops modified by man.
  18. 18. Situation in CataloniaNowadays Catalonia is the community that has more transgenic plantations of Spain,Catalonia is the second European territory where more GMOs are grown in Europe, especially corn, with 26,000 hectares.Currently, a project being proposed against transgenic foods in Catalonia.
  19. 19. Thanks for youratention!