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This is a presentation by Majorem Lending on solar aircon which it intends to finance, refer, resell, remarket. Solar air con enables those who are heavy users of air conditioners to save up to 50% of solar power needs. By harnessing the power of the sun, the thermal collector preheats the refrigerant prior to be being evaporated, thus less power is needed to run the compressor. A smaller compressor may be needed. The cycle time of solar aircon is 2 out of 8 minutes vs 6 out of 8 minutes for conventional. The power consumption of inverter equipped air conditioner is that not much lower than conventional. Solar aircon is now available in the PHL with sales and after sales, spare parts available.

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Majorem lending solar aircon presentation

  1. 1. Cheaper power for our people
  2. 2. A presentation by Majorem AFFORDABLE POWER TO THE PEOPLE GROUP
  3. 3. Solar aircon now in the PHILIPPINES
  4. 4. Using Thermal Energy to cool homes cheaper
  5. 5. The hotter it gets, the better the air conditioner works
  6. 6. Savings by as much as 50% on your air con power bills
  7. 7. Introducing the solar air conditioner!
  8. 8. Using the power of the sun to make your aircon work better at lesser cost
  9. 9. Contact Eddie at Majorem Lending 0922 873 0171
  10. 10. Contact: Eddie email:
  11. 11. For sales and agency inquiries, contact Eddie: 00922 873 0171, email:
  12. 12. Wall and ceiling mounted units
  13. 13. Ceiling mounted
  14. 14. Solar aircon plus water heater
  15. 15. Centralized air conditioning – 10 tons capacity
  16. 16. How solar aircon works: The solar collector, thermal unit, preheats the refrigerant before entering the condenser, the evaporator, and the compressor. The compressor does not have to work hard, as in conventional air con units, thus, you can use lower capacity compressor, and cycle time is reduced to only 2 minutes out of 8, resulting in lower
  17. 17. Thermal collector
  18. 18. Industrial applications: for inquiries, contact Eddie CP # 0922 873 0181, email:
  19. 19. Installation by HVAC technicians in progress, thermal collector visible, works even in bad weather
  20. 20. A local installation in progress; for inquiries contact Eddie at Majorem: 0922 873 0171;
  21. 21. JUSCO, the main distributor is based in SBMA and has been in business since 2002; was engaged in logistics, import export, construction, heavy equipment business
  22. 22. It has well qualified HVAC technicians, sales and service centers for technical assistance, sales presentation, consultation and customer service, inventories, and spare parts
  23. 23. One of the 33 Luzon dealers; supporting sales and service of the solar air con
  24. 24. A sample solar aircon used at the JUSCO, hq of the main distributor in the PHL, stand alone unit
  25. 25. Solar aircon works best among the three: 2 minutes cycle out of 8 and lower power consumption all through out. Inverter does not work well as promised/hyped
  26. 26. The nearest competitor of solar aircon is inverter equipped aircon. It is expensive, and does not deliver the promised efficiency and savings, and is less reliable because of trouble prone computer box
  27. 27. JUSCO Execs at China Plant
  28. 28. China plant manufacturing for JUSCO PHL market
  29. 29. Sol Solaire uses the reliable Panasonic compressor; it used by a leading PHL brand bearing a US brand
  30. 30. The reception area for the JUSCO HQ in SBMA
  31. 31. At Worldbex exhibit in WTTC
  32. 32. The prices of Solaire are very competitive. Prices are 70 - 80% less than the nearest competitor. The high end competitor charges up to 130% more.
  33. 33. Using solar air con can make a household or an office save up to 30% of total electricity bill; for most of offices and homes, aircon electricity bill accounts for 30 to 40% of the total. By saving up to 50% with solar aircon..
  34. 34. Using solar air con is our way of contributing to green innovation, clean and green movement
  35. 35. By saving energy which has become scarce (it is limitless as some people may think) we help save the earth for future generation
  36. 36. Majorem Lending Investors is committed for giving affordable power to the people by creating the AFFORDABLE POWER TO THE PEOPLE GROUP
  37. 37. The components of its business model are: l. Solar energy 2. Solar air con 3. Energy savings device as LED 4. Solar pump
  38. 38. For sales inquiries contact: Mr. Eddie Borejon, cp 0922 873 0171; Agents and supporters are welcome Visit our website: