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Famous sociologists and anthropologists


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Famous sociologists and anthropologists

  1. 1. Michael Crichton, writer1. As a child, love danger, dinosaurs,and science.2. Major in anthropology3. Write books like Jurassic Parkand Micro.“Life is wonderful. Its a gift to bealive, to see the sun and breathe theair. And there isnt really anythingelse."
  2. 2. 1. Survive being a prisonerof war.2. Go to graduate school inanthropology.3. Teach and write the truth.“I want to stand as close to theedge as I can withoutgoing over. Out on theedge you see all the kindsof things you cant seefrom the center.”Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., writer and professor
  3. 3. Jane Goodall, primatologist1. Major in anthropology.2. Live with (and for) God’screation.3. Become a world-renowned sage."We have the choice to usethe gift of our life tomake the world abetter place--or not tobother"
  4. 4. Steve Riggio, founder of Barnes & Noble1. Enjoy books.2. Major inanthropology.3. Start a businessdoing what youlove.
  5. 5. Tracy Chapman, singer-songwriter1. Show unusual aptitude at theukulele by age 3.2. Major in anthropology incollege.3. Use your talent to promoteawareness of AIDS,poverty, and injustice.“At this point in my life Id liketo live as if only lovemattered”
  6. 6. Mick Jagger, singer1. Study anthropology in college.2. Start a band (note: the name“Rolling Stones” has alreadybeen used).3. Rock for the rest of your life.“I must be careful not to gettrapped in the past. That’swhy I tend to forget mysongs.”
  7. 7. Jomo Kenyatta, founding father of Kenya1. Born in rural poverty, maximize everyopportunity that comes your way.2. Study abroad (including anthropology,under Bronislaw Malinowski).3. Become president of a newlyindependent African state.“God said this is our land, land inwhich we flourish as people... wewant our cattle to get fat on our landso that our children grow up inprosperity; and we do not want thefat removed to feed others."
  8. 8. 1. Be born into a royalline.2. Major inanthropology(Trinity College)3. Be a prince!“Do you seriously expectme to be the firstPrince of Wales inhistory not to have amistress?”Prince Charles of England
  9. 9. Yo-Yo Ma, cellist1. Master several musicalinstruments beforeage 4.2. Study anthropology atHarvard.3. Become world-classcellist.“When you learn something from people, orfrom a culture, you accept it as a gift, and it isyour lifelong commitment to preserve it andbuild on it.”
  10. 10. Martin Luther King, Jr.1. Observe the worldaround you, especiallyits injustices.2. Major in sociology.3. Revolutionize societyfor the better.“Darkness cannot drive outdarkness; only light can dothat. Hate cannot drive outhate; only love can do that.”
  11. 11. Saul Alinsky, community organizer1. Notice poverty.2. Major in archaeology, studysociology.3. Start a movement ofcommunity organizing andgrassroots struggles for justice.“Change means movement.Movement means friction. Onlyin the frictionless vacuum of anonexistent abstract world canmovement or change occurwithout that abrasive friction ofconflict.”
  12. 12. Michelle Obama, first lady1. Major in sociology.2. Write Senior Thesis on raceissues. Hers was “Princeton-Educated Blacks and the BlackCommunity.”3. Be a good supervisor at work(that guy you’re supervisingmight just marry you and thenbecome President).“One of the lessons that I grew up with was toalways stay true to yourself and never let whatsomebody else says distract you from your goals.And so when I hear about negative and falseattacks, I really dont invest any energy in them,because I know who I am.”
  13. 13. Ahmad Rashad, sportscaster1.        Major in sociology2.       Play professional football (make aMiracle Catch!)3.       Be a notable sportscaster“Sports can unite a group of people from differentbackgrounds, all working together to achieve a commongoal. And even if they fall short, sharing that journey is anexperience theyll never forget. It can teach some of themost fundamental and important human values: dedication,perseverance, hard work, and teamwork. It also teaches ushow to handle our success and cope with our failure. So,perhaps the greatest glory of sport is that is teaches us somuch about life itself.”
  14. 14. Alonzo Mourning, former center of theMiami Heat1.       Major in sociology while excellingat college athletics.2.        Have an amazing NBA career.3.       Invest in society through charitiesfor at-risk kids, research for kidney disease,and encouraging other athletes to bephilanthropists.“I have to be prepared at all times.”
  15. 15. Paul Shaffer,bandleader on David Letterman Show1.    Be Canadian.2.    Major in sociology.3.     Let your talent shine (he’sworked on Broadway, Saturday NightLive, and the David Letterman Show).“That sociology degree that I got from theUniversity of Toronto actually comes inhandy. You have to be able to deal withpeople--as a band leader--a lot of it isdealing with people.”