Strategic Collaborations for Sales and Business Growth


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Strategic Collaborations for Sales and Business Growth

  1. 1. Strategic CollaborationsPower Your Sales And Business Growth In 42 Days Photo by Mrs Logic Deva Naidu Presents Profit Together Marketing and Training Playbook
  2. 2. Dedication:I dedicate this playbook to small business employees, small businessowners and entrepreneurs throughout the world.You are the lifeblood of every economy.You drive innovation.You focus on developing value.You build businesses in a sustainable and personable manner.This micro manual is humbly dedicated to you.The methods within work.Use them.Deva NaiduFounder and MDProfit Together Marketing and Trainingdeva@profittogether.comDublin, Ireland 2 © Mahadeva Naidu 2012. Let’s work together! Email or visit
  3. 3. Your Playbook (30 sec scan)“This may be the most powerful trend in the history of business ……”, according toThomson Financial.YOUR CURRENT SALES AND MARKETING = INCREMENTAL GROWTH.JOINT VENTURE OR COLLABORATION MARKETING = EXPONENTIAL GROWTH.0 Access larger client lists.0 Integrate your product or service into an established sales or marketing channel.0 Leap into new sectors or markets.0 Plug into an existing distribution network.WITH JOINT VENTURES OR COLLABORATION MARKETING.BUILD IN TRUST QUOTAS AND RISK REVERSAL, YOU ARE SAFE.Scroll below……. 3 © Mahadeva Naidu 2012. Let’s work together! Email or visit
  4. 4. 0 The project can be as small or as large as you wish.0 You will win some and you will lose some. That’s the game of selling.0 Yet With Collaboration Marketing, When You Win, You Win Big. Richard Branson does it. Apple does it. International trade pacts are built on it.As a start up, an entrepreneur and business owner you should too.Massive geometric sales growth with Collaboration Marketing.Gain competitive advantage using Strategic Collaborations.Please continue to the next page for a simple breakdown of strategic collaborations. 4 © Mahadeva Naidu 2012. Let’s work together! Email or visit
  5. 5. Strategic CollaborationsWhat is it? • Strategic CollaborationA strategic collaboration is when 2 businesses get together for mutualbenefit.Usually temporary. On occasion long term. • Sales GrowthMost collaboration between 2 businesses tends to focus on the need to sellmore.The major benefit is with collaboration there is an opportunity to win volumesales. We All Need More Quality Sales ResultsMassive profits occur if the cost per sale is minimal.Collaboration Marketing eliminates major costs and reduces risk. 5 © Mahadeva Naidu 2012. Let’s work together! Email or visit
  6. 6. • Business GrowthWith more sales and profits, you can re-invest into your business to outcreate and out perform your competitors.Some collaborations can focus on non sales activities as well, thereforecreating other forms of competitive advantage.You can collaborate for logistics, manufacturing, distribution or advertising. Use Timelines For Structure And To Build TrustToday, we are going to focus on Collaboration Marketing because: 1. Easy to do. 2. Fast to implement. 3. Simple to measure. 4. Immediate value creation. 6 © Mahadeva Naidu 2012. Let’s work together! Email or visit
  7. 7. • Project Deadline - 42 daysClearly defined milestones = project management.Therefore both parties have a clear timeline to achieve mutually agreedobjectives.Milestones can be set to map the direction of the marketing project.I have spent over 20 years designing and executing sales and marketingprojects and the optimal time from launch to 80% of all sales is 6 weeks.42 days. 7 © Mahadeva Naidu 2012. Let’s work together! Email or visit
  8. 8. Collaboration MindsetBelow are definitions from the Merriam Webster Dictionary.cus·tom·ernoun kəs-tə-mərDefinition of CUSTOMER1: one that purchases a commodity or service.cli·entnoun klī-əntDefinition of CLIENT1: one that is under the protection of another.Treat Your Customers DifferentlyTurn Them Into ClientsThere is a major shift here from viewing your customer as a single sourceof a transaction.To someone that you can have a longer more durable relationship with.Someone you can provide additional service or products to. 8 © Mahadeva Naidu 2012. Let’s work together! Email or visit
  9. 9. Someone that trusts you because you have their best interest foremost.It is now a sustainable relationship that is both rewarding for your client andyourself.What Is the Lifetime Value Of Your Client?2 Case Studies From My Personal FilesCase Study 19 Steps to Secure Sales Growth Above The Present Sales Channel.A Recruitment Consultancy wishes to grow its business by building anotherrevenue stream.So they focus on what they do best yet build another sales channel byadding a new service line.They have a solid reputation in the industry and regarded highly by theircandidates and clients.They specialise in Financial Services Recruitment. 9 © Mahadeva Naidu 2012. Let’s work together! Email or visit
  10. 10. The Process. 1. The Recruitment Consultancy asks their candidates and clients via phone calls and an email survey; “How else can we be of service?” 2. The response is many of their candidates and clients require additional financial services training on an annual basis. 3. The Recruitment Consultancy confirms whether their clients and candidates would appreciate a training option and what are the exact requirements? 4. The Recruitment Consultancy searches reputable training providers. 5. Execute all due diligence required. Secures the best provider. 6. Negotiates a better quality of service and discount. A level that is not available on the “cold” market. 7. Tailors the training option to suit their candidates and clients. 8. Use their own email and contact systems to send out the new training package details, therefore complying with all data protection and regulatory requirements. 9. Sales are shared with the training provider. 10 © Mahadeva Naidu 2012. Let’s work together! Email or visit
  11. 11. THE BENEFITS 1. Their candidates and clients get an exemplary service and deal for a valued service. 2. The training company delivers the training and generates extra sales. 3. The Recruitment Consultancy cultivates a deeper level of trust with their candidates and clients. 4. The Recruitment Consultancy generates more sales and profit. 5. With minimum risk for all parties concerned. Start Viewing Other Businesses as Allies, Partners, Collaborators And Profitable Connections The Financial Services Training Company now can endorse the Recruitment Consultancy to their own clients for additional sales and profits. If sales are made on a monthly basis, then both parties are generating passive income. Exponential income generation. 11 © Mahadeva Naidu 2012. Let’s work together! Email or visit
  12. 12. Case Study 2.10 Steps To Establishing A Sales Function For Start Ups OrEntrepreneurs.A start up software company has a product that is ready to go to market.They are excellent developers, designers and wish to focus on their corestrengths.Yet they need sales.Fast.With minimum or no investment in marketing and advertising.Also they lack consumer awareness or branding.Challenges that can be overcome by aligning with a known and trustedsoftware brand.One with an associated piece of technology or related client profile.A brand that has an existing client list.That is willing to endorse the start up company’s product to their ownclients. 12 © Mahadeva Naidu 2012. Let’s work together! Email or visit
  13. 13. The Process 1 The start up software company executes their due diligence. 2 Approaches 8 mid size software companies that meet the set criteria. 3 Confirm and attend 3 meetings. Pitch and present. 4 1 mid size company says yes. 5 Collaboration planning and negotiation is next. 6 An exemplary deal is formalised benefiting the known software brand’s clients. 7 A 42 day marketing project is designed by the start up software company utilising an external marketing specialist* adhering to the strict guidelines of the known software brand. 8 The start up software company’s product is then endorsed to the established client list via the known brand’s communication and marketing channels. 9 Data protection is adhered to. Trustworthiness and branding is leveraged. 10 Sales closed are shared between parties.* 13 © Mahadeva Naidu 2012. Let’s work together! Email or visit
  14. 14. THE BENEFITS. 1. Clients again get a great product at a better than market deal. 2. The known software brand increases client appreciation as they are providing extended services. 3. The start up software company gets volume sales which it desperately needs. 4. It gets an ally in the market place. 5. It establishes a “presence” in consumer’s eyes.*Collaborations can occur between multiple parties.The external marketing specialist can be paid upfront or share in profits.The marketing project can be scaled up or down depending onrequirements.Perhaps an external call centre can be used as part of the marketingcampaign.Print and online ads can be secured with the promise of future earnings.Related “bonuses” can be outsourced from other companies to aid inclosing sales. 14 © Mahadeva Naidu 2012. Let’s work together! Email or visit
  15. 15. A 42 Day Collaboration Marketing Project.Incremental Sales Growth – your normal sales activities.Organic growth. A marathon race.Exponential Sales Growth – an additional sales channel above your normalsales activity.Dynamic growth. A sprint.That will be implemented a handful of times throughout your year.Why 42 days?The longer timeline from conception to execution, to closing sales, themore chances of failure. 15 © Mahadeva Naidu 2012. Let’s work together! Email or visit
  16. 16. Some of you may disagree.Some of you will agree.42 days for your clients to buy or perhaps escalate to the next stage. There Are Many Ways To Create And Execute Strategic CollaborationsIt creates urgency.For you.For your clients.Emphasise scarcity.Yet your industry may have different needs.Your clients may have a longer buying cycle.Test. 16 © Mahadeva Naidu 2012. Let’s work together! Email or visit
  17. 17. Refine.Use what is best for you.All discussed concepts still apply.7 Touch Points To A YesWith my 20 years of sales and business development.Combined with research with fellow peers and other sales leaders.It is my belief that a potential client needs to be contacted intelligently andwith care for up to 7 times.It takes at least 7 touch points to a yes.Get the YES.If you don’t attain the required result.Only then should the opportunity be reviewed and classified as an “Urgent”or “Later”. 17 © Mahadeva Naidu 2012. Let’s work together! Email or visit
  18. 18. Designed your sales and marketing campaign to cater for this need.The example below has been shaped as an “Education Marketing” Model,with send-outs of information that are relevant to the needs of the potentialclients.Throughout the marketing project, the potential client is given multipleopportunities to understand or purchase your product or service.HERE IS AN EXAMPLE OF A 42 DAY PROJECT.“Education Marketing Model”What is done before the 42 days?All due diligence and research in sourcing potential collaborators.Securing meetings.Finding a strategic collaborator with the same progressive and innovativemindset. 18 © Mahadeva Naidu 2012. Let’s work together! Email or visit
  19. 19. Finalising terms and agreements.Design the marketing project, guided by the Terms & Agreement andMarketing Plan.The 42 days is for the collaboration marketing project only. 1. First week Launch Facebook, Twitter and email campaigns by offering a free gift. Could be a relevant “How To” guide, a webinar, something that is a conversation piece. 2. Second week Follow up on asking if they received “our gift to you”? Also convey a new message distilling the SALE OFFER available. Make sales. 19 © Mahadeva Naidu 2012. Let’s work together! Email or visit
  20. 20. 3. Third week Monitor your results. Refine.4. Fourth week Send Part 2 of the “How To” Guide or webinar . Now include testimonials and past results. Repeat that offer is unique and genuinely available one time only. Make calls. Make sales.5. Fifth week Monitor results and follow up any queries. 20© Mahadeva Naidu 2012. Let’s work together! Email or visit
  21. 21. 6. Sixth week Send out final reminder and inform that the deal is now closing in a few days. Make sales. 7. Last day Send out thank you to everyone that was contacted regardless whether they purchased or not. Include “Deal Finishes Today”. Make sales. Keep the door open if more information is required by clients. Close the marketing project.Win volume sales - in a strategic and unique manner.Build and grow your business in an ethical, entrepreneurial andcollaborative manner. 21 © Mahadeva Naidu 2012. Let’s work together! Email or visit
  22. 22. YOUR NEXT STEP 1. YOUR MOST CRITICAL FOCUS SHOULD BE THE OTHER PARTY. 2. If you have a large client base. Use Case Study 1 as a guideline for your next action. 3. If you need to start or build your client base. Use Case Study 2 as a guideline for your next action. 4. How can your strategic collaborator benefit from the relationship? 22 © Mahadeva Naidu 2012. Let’s work together! Email or visit
  23. 23. 5. What is important to them? 6. What do your clients need? 7. If you focus on other people’s need, you will build trust. 8. It is the right thing to do. 9. It also will create more success. Soar With New PossibilitiesConsider all that I’ve shared with you today.Think seriously about the positive impact Strategic Collaborations canachieve for your business.You can thrive instead of just survive. Soar with new possibilities.It could be the key to all of your business aspirations.I sincerely wish you the best of luck in life and business. 23 © Mahadeva Naidu 2012. Let’s work together! Email or visit
  24. 24. My BioMy name is Deva Naidu. Pronounced Day-Va.As Founder and Managing Director of Profit Together Marketing andTraining I currently serve my clients in: Dublin London Los Angeles MelbourneI have networks of business leads and opportunities in Singapore andMalaysia as well.Mapping market opportunities in Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa and Kerala inIndia at present. • I help start ups, entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses. • To sell more and achieve new capabilities. • I will help you source, design, execute and manage strategic collaborations. 24 © Mahadeva Naidu 2012. Let’s work together! Email or visit
  25. 25. • Locally or internationally.• As I hope to serve my clients in the best manner possible, I tend to structure payment by performance based remuneration. Use The Intelligence And Leverage Of Strategic Collaborations• I only get paid a percentage of revenue or profit I generate for you.• This is an innovative risk reversal policy.• Otherwise I will train and consult you on how to best use collaborations for your benefit. For a nominal fee.• I’ve used sales joint ventures, collaboration marketing and strategic alliances successfully for more than 8 years.• I’ve had various sales, senior management and consulting roles.• In technology, management consultancies, broadcast, print media and retail companies.• Throughout Ireland, Australia and the UK for over 20 years. 25© Mahadeva Naidu 2012. Let’s work together! Email or visit
  26. 26. I studied drama at the acclaimed Victorian College of the Arts, University ofMelbourne, Australia.I’ve been personally mentored by Spike Humer and Jay Abraham. 2 of the world’s pre-eminent joint venture and collaboration practitionersand consultants.I’ve completed various Executive Development Programmes including theOCW Programme MIT Sloan School of Management.Upcoming products from Profit Together Marketing andTraining.My first business book! “Strategic Collaborations: How To Source, Executeand Manage Joint Venture Deals”. Co- authored with Spike Humer.A digital training programme, “Powered By Strategic Collaborations” withlive interaction, webinars, peer to peer forum, mastermind groups and aninternational network. Will include an exciting and relevant range ofbonuses as well.Stay tuned for updates on these new offers in February and March 2012.Strategic Partner scroll below for some testimonials. 26 © Mahadeva Naidu 2012. Let’s work together! Email or visit
  27. 27. Testimonials“Ive known Deva Naidu since 2007. Since then Ive consulted him consistently for sales strategies andsales development execution.I believe, he has the makings of being a thought leader with regards to new models of consultancyservices, value creation, collaboration marketing and of course sales delivery of product or service lines.He is also adept and capable of fast tracking into a new sector where his well honed skills as a creativeentrepreneur can be fully utilised. “Deirdre Waldron, Group Managing Director at Cawley Nea/ TBWA and Agency.comAs Managing Director at Orator Group Pty Ltd, Deva Naidu worked for me as a Senior Manager.“Deva’s responsibilities included people leadership & sales management of a large team of 80.Responsibilities also included; client acquisition, recruitment, development of salesoperational strategy,campaign ownership, creative content, targeting, reporting & analytics, rostering and target achievement.Deva consistently lead his team to overachievement of targets, setting new sales records for thebusiness. Deva also maintained the lowest attrition rate of staff amongst peer teams which lead to highestproductivity levels across all fronts, he achieved this through a strong professional development & trainingprogram that he personally developed and launched across the business, he also demonstratedconsistent strong leadership”.Jason Dillon, Ex - Director CISCO - TVSS – SP APAC and Serial EntrepreneurAs Co - Founder and Non Executive Director of Countrywide Media Deva Naidu worked for me as a StateSales Manager.“Deva joined our senior management team as Victorian State Sales Manager.His primary function was to headhunt, train and coach Sales Executives for his team. To instill a winningmindset, skills and the processes to achieve all set targets. To drive new business development andclose sales, to exceed sales campaign requirements.Deva and his team consistently fulfilled these objectives and did so in a strategic, entrepreneurial andethical manner.Deva’s personal sales leadership style is open, motivating, highly communicative, stern when required,creative and balanced with structure. Deva was a loyal part of our senior management team and onecommitted to building excellence in our business.We are still friends and I wish him all the best as always and thoroughly recommend him for anyopportunity within your organisation”.Tony Cornish. Co-Founder and Non Executive Director Countrywidemedia Austral 27 © Mahadeva Naidu 2012. Let’s work together! Email or visit
  28. 28. Please contact my team and I directly to find out how we can help you realizeyour business ambitions and goals Good luck in your life and business!DisclaimerI am not a legal practitioner and therefore recommend that any Terms and Agreements,or Contracts you generate with any joint venture partners, collaborators meet allstandards and requirements of your business and country’s legal and regulatoryrequirements. 28 © Mahadeva Naidu 2012. Let’s work together! Email or visit