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ENG 135 Powerpoint on the Revision Process and how to use track changes.

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Revision 1 091812

  1. 1. TODAY’S AGENDAClass Standards ReminderSome Quick MechanicsRevising at the Draft LevelOverall MeaningParagraph LevelTrack Changes DemonstrationConferences
  2. 2. STANDARDS2 Revisions per paperOffice – Rm. 249 Liberal Arts BuildingOffice hours – 11:20-12:20 Tuesdays and ThursdaysEmail – 24 hours except weekends!
  3. 3. CORRECTIONSGo out on a limbExploreThere’s no such thing as a finished piece; you just have to meet a deadline.
  4. 4. QUICK MECHANICS“a lot”Too, to, twoThey’re, Their, ThereRun-on sentences
  5. 5. A LOTTwo wordsThere is no such thing as an alot
  6. 6. TWO, TO, TOOThe professor told us two times not to make redundant statements. He may need to take that advice, too.Two = a numberTo = a prepositionToo = also
  7. 7. THEY’RE, THEIR, THEREThey’re going to pick up their books and write an essay for class over there.They’re = They areTheir = possessiveThere = place
  8. 8. RUN ON SENTENCESTake a deep breath.Read your sentence out loud.If you’re out of breath, you’ll want to break up your sentence.“This one time, I endeavored to write a run on sentence, which was rather difficult at first because I couldn’t think of anything to say, then I just decided to start saying stuff that came to my head and as it came to my head, it became easier to write a run on sentence without taking a breath, and thankfully commas exist otherwise I’d be choking trying to read this sentence out loud.”
  9. 9. AT THE DRAFT LEVELRevision is an ongoing processConstantBuilds upon last segment
  10. 10. SOME TECHNIQUESSet aside your first draftWork from Printed Text (or with Track Changes)Read the Draft AloudRevise in StepsAddress Instructor Feedback (when it comes)Peer Review
  11. 11. SETTING ASIDE YOUR FIRST DRAFTTake more than a few minutesWait until the next dayRead again from an impartial standpointSet aside time to re-read
  12. 12. PRINTED TEXT (OR TRACK CHANGES)Allows an impartial stanceGrants ability to leave markupTrack changes – saves paper, leaves markup
  13. 13. READ THE DRAFT ALOUDHelps with the impartial stanceNot in public
  14. 14. REVISION IN STEPSOverall meaning and structureParagraph developmentSentences and Words
  15. 15. INSTRUCTOR FEEDBACKI promise you’ll get feedback soon – by ThursdayRefer to it as a building blockPay attention to the revision process
  16. 16. PEER REVIEWCommon practiceFind someone to helpSomeone honest
  17. 17. OVERALL MEANINGDoes the piece flow?Do the paragraphs makes sense in sequence?
  18. 18. PARAGRAPH DEVELOPMENTDoes each paragraph have a topic?Do the paragraphs fully explore their point?Are they the correct length for their topics?
  19. 19. FULLY DEVELOPED PARAGRAPHSOne weekend, I tried to grade a mess load of papers (mess load being a technical term). I put all the papers out on my desk, sat in front of my computer, and proceeded to fail at grading. Sure, I marked up some of the papers. I made comments where they were needed. But I still haven’t finished the lot of them.I could have lied about the whole affair. I could have claimed that my papers were stolen by an academically minded thief, or a very selective fire broke out in my house. In the end, though, I felt it more important to own up and say tell everyone that they’d receive their papers on Thursday. So that’s what I did.
  20. 20. BREAK IT DOWNWhat were the topic sentences?Did the paragraphs fully explore their topics?Was the transition strong?Were the paragraphs too long or too short?Between these two paragraphs, could you reasonably tell what the paper was about?
  21. 21. TRACK CHANGESOpen Up Microsoft Word – or if you can’t log in to the computers, look over someone’s shoulder.Follow along with me!
  22. 22. OPEN SOURCEOpenOffice and LibreOffice are free versions of the Microsoft Office pack.Available for any systemFulfill many of the same functionsDifferent placement in the program. But look around.
  23. 23. GOOGLE DOCSGoogle Docs are now a part of Google DriveFar be it from me to tell you what to do, but the Docs are the best free collaborative writing software available.Try out GmailFollow along
  24. 24. WORDPRESSShould have an email sent already.If you haven’t, I haven’t received your Wordpress information.Make sure if you haven’t sent your Wordpress account information that you do so by midnight tonight.If you’re having trouble, let’s talk about it during the conference period.
  25. 25. CONFERENCESStatus check.How is your proposal coming along?If you aren’t conferencing, you should be working on the writing assignment for the day.
  26. 26. WRITING ASSIGNMENTWrite a short proposal (introduction, problem, objectives) concerning a problem in your everyday life that you’d like to fix. It can be as simple as needing to fix the sink or as large as finding out what you’re doing with your life on a cosmic level.Type this proposal or write it by hand. When you’re done, pair up, then email it (or hand over the handwritten copy) to one of your peers. That peer should then email (or hand over their handwritten copy) to you.Revise the proposal on a structural level using track changes. Do the paragraphs flow? Is the purpose of the piece clear? Leave comments and markup in the final piece.Save the file and email it to me with both partners’ names on it. If you handwrote it, hand revised copy to me.