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  • Also, for open space one can have bike shops and restaurants for people who want to rest and hang out while other pedestrians and vehicles can move around easier.
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  1. 1. Professor King
  2. 2.  Geury Delacruz Manli Xu Shadeen Dixon
  3. 3. Nature of Open Spaces:Patterns of Open SpacesSocial and HistoricalHierarchy of spaces from Private to Public
  4. 4. Brooklyn Bridge Fulton Ferry Transmitter Park Park Landing - graphite steps -ice-cream parlor -Private open spaces -kids playground -docks -wooden seats -rocks and water - anchors -trees -trees -bollards -gravels stones -old buildings -gravel -art work bike lanes and - -Janes carousel -stones walking paths -bollards -wooden benches -water - cobble stone. -no alot of trees water collectors -trains - view of Manhattan -artwork - open water -noise -Historical site - bikes -
  5. 5. Brooklyn Bridge Fulton Ferry Transmitter Park Park Landing - graphite steps -ice-cream parlor -wooden seats -kids playground -docks -trees -rocks and water - anchors -gravels stones -trees -bollards -art work bike lanes and - -old buildings -wooden benches walking paths -Janes carousel - view of Manhattan -water -bollards - open water water collectors - cobble stone. -Historical site -artwork -noise - bikes
  6. 6. Brooklyn Fulton Ferry Transmitter Park Bridge Park Landing -Private open spaces - cobble stone. -gravel -gravels stones -trains -stones -noise -no a lot of trees 1)No direct connection or direction from downtown or public transportation to the water front 2. Not enough parking space for people with vehicles and bikes 3. Isolated area surrounded by Highway and bridges 4. Not enough publication to advertise the park 5. Too much vehicle traffic to access the high way and bridges 6. Noisy
  7. 7. Brooklyn Bridge Park1.) the first space we examine was the space underneath and beside the Brooklyn Bridge are both Public spaces. The plaza beside theBrooklyn bridge is good sitting area for people especially students, tourist to rest and occupy. the Plaza should be named the Brooklynbridge plaza so that tourist and people could be more aware that they are beside the Brooklyn bridge.2.) The space underneath and along the Brooklyn bridge is an open space that is occupied by traffic including bikes, however the directionsfor bikers and pedestrian are not clear so . Our group suggested to add traffic signs , paint the bike lanes a different color and add twopedestrian crossing to occupy the space .Fulton Ferry Landing1) There is an open space at the entrance of the Fulton Ferry Landing. During the summer, when the sun is hot the circulation is restricted to the side walk with the trees . Our group suggested to adding a overhang in front of the entrance and more trees.Transmitter Park1. Golf Car/Bike Rental to tour around the area with direction & Maps2. More Resting Area under Manhattan Bridge3. Convert exiting vacant building to parking space4. Provide wider street and pedestrian walkway5. Provide Pedestrian over path bridge from Cadman plaza park to water front with multiple exits
  8. 8. Adding better bike lane and walkways to move around within the park withouthaving to cross the streets
  9. 9. The Parks and Open spaces are beneficial to the water front micro-climate because :1) It consist of trees and materials such as graphite that the water helps keep cool during the day. These materials help change the micro- climate to make people comfortable when it is hot.2)During the fall and winter, the trees lost its leave and help to keep the area warm. Also by using synthetic turf can also heat the open spaces up during the colder seasons.
  10. 10. -The next step in our research isresearching how to make theParks and Open Spacessustainable and easier tofind, Also making a bettercirculation for tourist to get fromDowntown Brooklyn to thewaterfront.
  11. 11. Develop the existing spaceInto a public swimming pool
  12. 12. Parking Space*Utilize the existingspace for additionalpark parking
  13. 13. Transformation from the Government workshop& storage  Public Resting Area
  14. 14. Enjoy the view, listening to the wave, fresh airLunch in the park…..