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How can market leaders expand total market and defend market share?


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The slide presents different strategies Market leaders like Microsoft should adopt to either expand or defend their position in the market.

Submitted by: Prakhar Singh

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How can market leaders expand total market and defend market share?

  1. 1. New Customers A. Market Penetration Strategy: delivering products to customers who might use it but do not B. New-Market Segment strategy: delivering products to customers who has never used the product C. Geographical-Expansion Strategy: delivering products to customers who live in a different geographical location
  2. 2. More Usage A. Additional opportunities to use the brand: inform the consumer about replacing the product after a specific time B. New ways to use the brand: communicate different uses of the same product
  3. 3. Proactive marketing  Be proactive instead of responsive  Anticipate and Create customer needs like Sony in case of Walkman  Innovate continuously  Have a vision of the future and of investing in it  Redesign relationships within an Industry like Toyota
  4. 4. Defensive marketing A. Position Defence: occupying the most desirable market space in consumers’ mind B. Flank Defence: create protections to support a weak brand or avoid a counter-attack C. Pre-Emptive Defence: Pre-announcements, guerrilla action across market, achieve broad market envelopment to signal the competitor to back-off
  5. 5. Defensive marketing D. Counteroffensive Defence: Subsidizing lower prices, attacking Head-On, announce product upgrades so that customers don’t switch E. Mobile Defence: i. Market Broadening- shifts the company’s focus from current product to generic need ii. Market diversification- shifts company’s focus into unrelated industries