A Squeaky Clean Renaissance Dramatis Personae


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You can't tell the players without a scorecard.

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A Squeaky Clean Renaissance Dramatis Personae

  1. 1. Squeaky Clean Renaissance Dramatis Personae You Can’t Tell The Players Without A Scorecard
  2. 2. Monarch: Cecil Goodytwoshoes, aka. Cecil The First, King of PuritaniaEmigrant from The Squeaky Clean LegacyTraits: Dedicated, Fun-lovingFatal Flaw: HubrisLegendary Trait: Guild Connections
  3. 3. Knight: Redcrosse GeorgeTraits: Good, Whale Ate My ParentsFatal Flaw: Insecure
  4. 4. Peteran Priest: Una DeSpenserTraits: Chivalrous, GoodFatal Flaw: Puny
  5. 5. Jacoban Priest: Duessa ErrorTraits: Adventurous, EloquentFatal Flaw: Licentious
  6. 6. Spy: Nicola MichalettoTraits: Evil, SolitaryFatal Flaw: Cruel
  7. 7. Bard: Tarleton SomersetTraits: Eloquent, Fun-lovingFatal Flaw: Cowardly
  8. 8. Physician: Robert GalenusTraits: Earthy, Creative CookFatal Flaw: Cursed
  9. 9. Wizard: Busyrane SubtleTraits: Jokester, ScholarlyFatal Flaw: Fool
  10. 10. Blacksmith: Fortis MulciberaTraits: Dedicated, ChivalrousFatal Flaw: Compulsive Gambler
  11. 11. Merchant: Lucretzia VanottiTraits: Haggler, Hopeful OrphanFatal Flaw: Weak Constitution
  12. 12. Jacoban Priest: Archimago ZealTraits: Eloquent, EvilFatal Flaw: Hubris
  13. 13. Bubbles The Executioner
  14. 14. Ermintrude the Pit Beast (female)
  15. 15. Oswald the Pit Beast (male)
  16. 16. Christopher the Squire
  17. 17. The Lovely Fiona
  18. 18. Medieval Assistant Democritus
  19. 19. Subdeacon Ambrose
  20. 20. Prnce Rupert The Charming